The Team: The Illusion of Being Powerless

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomWe are here, supporting you in your ever increasing expansion. We are inviting you to begin to notice any restriction or contraction of energy in your body, mind or life experiences. This is a time in which the celestials and galactic energies are activating your codes to expand more fully into your divine knowing that you are the creator of your experiences in this dense dimension.

In the coming days we invite you to begin to notice where and when you hold, speak or feel some form of limitation. Just notice without judgment. Become aware of these thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Once there is an awareness there is an opportunity to shift, transform or release these patterns and replace them with a more expanded point of view.

Allow yourself to gently flow into the possibilities. Do not get caught in the illusion of being powerless.

You will find the perfect way to observe these habits, these daily patterns of routine thinking and being. One simple process is to begin to change one pattern per day. This practice of changing a familiar action or patterns will reset the pathways in your brain. Little by little you will begin to recognize when you have set a limited reality.

You are operating in an energy field of unconscious limitation. It is easy to energetically match that field of unconscious limitation and become trapped in the illusion of being powerless. Empathy leads you always to match the energy of those around you, notice how you are feeling to understand, when you are in a limited state of mind.

The key as so many of you know is to engage with practices that encourage you to stay conscious of the moment. We observe that most earthwalkers toggle between regrets of the past or fear and worry of the future. It is just takes a moment’s notice for you to recognize that pattern within yourself.

The invitation is to become aware and awake to your own personal power. You are unlimited. Begin to step into the possibilities of your unlimited potential.

The quantum field is always reflecting energy patterns that are offered by those dwelling in that energy field. There are personal energy patterns and there are collective energy patterns. These energy patterns always offer an opportunity for transformation, once they are recognized.

Celestials and galactic frequencies are always being offered to humanity, triggering code, inspirations, awakenings, and divine understandings. There are times when these gifted frequencies are more powerful to more individuals. However, they are available to all those who open up to the possibilities.

Each day is the opportunity for expansion of consciousness. You can begin to ask for signs when you realize that the universe is always communicating with you, in you sleep, in your daily activities, in conversations, with epiphanies and synchronicities. Begin to pay attention.

You are creating at every moment of your life. So begin to ask the question, is what I am saying, claiming, and focusing upon something that I want to experience? The emotions of worry or fear are strong emotional energies that often propel a limited belief or pattern to manifest.

There are several tools we would remind you to use and engage with. The most important tool you can use in your conscious expansion and conscious creating is the coherent emotion and vibration of gratitude generated in the heart. When you, as an individual, practice the feeling of genuine gratitude, joy or appreciation it will reset your personal energy field to be more receptive. These coherent vibrations will also reset the chemistry in the body, the tone of the muscles, and the sense of total well-being.

Another tool is your imagination. Practice at some point each day, with eyes closed, creating a reality you want to experience. This does not have to take a long time out of your day. It is simply a clear focus, feeling a sense of satisfaction and gratitude for that event to unfold. Stay consistent with this.

Energize your goals with coherent vibrations. Imagine the best and feel the gratitude and joy of that reality manifesting.

You know all this. We are not sharing anything new. We are inviting you to use the celestial energies bathing your planet to upgrade, reset and expand your consciousness. Play with this, be gentle with yourself. Shake off any limitation. Be creative with your imagination.

Look for ways that you can heal or transform personal trauma, stored negative or misqualified emotions and memories. We continue to remind you that your voice and the use of your voice is one of the most powerful abilities to create, to heal and to honor who you are.

First, consider that your voice through your words offers energetic patterns to the quantum field for creation. Observe your words and ask yourself, “Are these words limiting my experience or expanding my experience?”

You voice when used with clear intention is a healing force. When you focus on a negative emotion or memory and allow that negative emotion to be expressed as a sound, you are doing the healing work of a master. Remember, when you clear any negative emotion or pattern with intention, always call forth a more coherent emotion or feeling with sound. This is the work of a true alchemist, transforming energy through the caldron of the human body.

There is information and activation available when you are open and invite that reality. You will call forth the tools and remembrances that assist you in your own personal style and understanding.

We invite you to be aware of how the galactic community respects and honors you. This 3D and 4D energy field is a place to remember who you are and your willingness to assist and support the ascendance of this planet. You are a master who simply has dropped into the illusion of being powerless.

We acknowledge and surround you with our deep respect and gratitude for your willingness to be embodied into this dense limited reality with the intention of transforming all that you encounter. Great progress has been and is being achieved. Know this in your heart of hearts, even in the appearance of the opposite.

Know that you are not alone in the powerful work of awakening and transforming energy. Join with others of like mind, invite us and other non-physical beings to support and witness you in your abilities and gifts to anchor more conscious light and shift the vibrations to the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond.

We acknowledge you and welcome your call for support. the ‘team’.

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