Mother Mary: It’s Happening

mary magdalene eraoflightMother Mary says that it is true that the 3D timeline has shifted. Now the timeline is swinging back and forth. It is going to take a little time for the shift to be anchored on the 5D realm. Once that happens, the entire operation will begin. The planet earth will be permanently leaving the old and anchored in the 5th dimension.

Currently, we, the Divine are extremely careful about what the planet is doing. We want the planet to be stabilized and functioning normally, and that is the goal for now. We are working extremely diligently to get the planet stable. Our light workers, who have participated in this particular operation, have been called to keep working. No breaks yet dear heart. We need you. Let’s keep the eye on our planet, and let’s make sure this shift is permanent. We have it and it is almost there.

I love you dear heart. I am Mother Mary. The end is so near and you can smell it dear ones. Let’s keep the spirit high and keep the momentum going. We are almost there. And victory is ours dear ones. I love you. And so it is.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li