Collective Construction Of The Heaven on Earth Blueprint

anchoring paradise earth eraoflightdotcomFirst of all, welcome to the very first New Earth Report! I am very excited to announce that from this month onward I will be reporting to you live from the New Earth timelines…and as we enter 2020, predominantly so.  Stay tuned as the through-line shifts to ALL things new in the coming days/months/years while we begin the collective construction of the Heaven on Earth blueprint.

After moving thru and assimilating to what was arguably THE most important 8:8 gateway for starborns, we are now in position to bring all the efforts of the last three seasons to life. September is always a powerhouse month of endings & beginnings but this year many are bringing important closure to the metamorphosis journey as we simultaneously deliver the manifestations gestated thru this incredibly pivotal (universal 12/3) year focused on birthing our Trinity (GOD) consciousness.

In the scheme of things, this month is  m o n u m e n t a l in scope.  To begin with, September is a 9 vibration but also a universal 3 month, in a universal 3 year (→Trinitization)…which is like a condensed version (revision) of the last 8 months in one.  It offers us the endings (9) for the year’s themes (3) which means bringing all our 2019 learnings thus far to a much needed close in order to birth a new, higher expression of Self.  It is also our turning point month where we start feeling the theme of our next phase/year coming into play.

But this year there is an added layer…it is the moment/month when those spiritually, mentally & emotionally aligned are being called to step into our Temples, to enter the Kingdom, to receive the Trinity union with GOD at the physical level→ into our bodies and the body of Earth.  To achieve the unfathomable, these next couple weeks offer up the MOTHER of all calibrations…literally, as we align our entire body system with our Avatar Self to reveal the path of our Christ-level embodiment under the sun sign of the Virgin Mother.

To prep for the equanimity needed to facilitate the collective birth of the New Earth Template, we endured a long month of supercharged activations.  August, in general, felt like a bit of high wire act…in a lightening storm…with literally nowhere to turn but (unconditional) LOVE.  This was an essential initiation period, pushing those at the ready out of polarity and into complete neutrality (zero-point) to make our inevitable labor as painless as possible…and the 8:8 gateway provided us with all the transformation codes to achieve this.

The Lion’s Gate is when we get our new blueprints/imprints…our new-level missions, but also the physiological supports via new sacred geometry and patterns of light that help our bodies to sustain these higher and higher frequencies needed for embodiment.  Because we are welcoming the New Human-New Earth Template into the physical, the end of August (post 8:8) was necessarily nuclear in it’s eradicating energies, where this month we will settle deeper into the integration and assimilation of those (2020) energies which should feel much more calming to the cells and nervous system.

Everything is new-new-new here, but we are also still between two major cycles…the collapse of the old and the arrival of the ascended reality matrix…and so much of the emphasis thru the summer months and eclipse season especially has been on relinquishing all the expired patterns and habits thru the in-depth multilayered process of “dissolution”→ dissolving old conditioning, disabling old programming, and dismantling the old template structures.  This month we still have some cleaning out to do, but it feels more like sweeping out the debris from the last 8 months in preparation for the 1 month of October (10 (1+0)=1) where we meet the energies of 2020 more fully.

As we continue to settle up the last of our karmic debts we are also being sworn into our new oaths with the divine…ascertaining the real reason we are here and what’s next on our course to arrive there.  The wheel of destiny is starting to turn and those “sealed servants of GOD”…the feminine & masculine Christs among us…are no doubt being primed for something major on the horizon.

This is a month to prepare for the unpreparable.


» Source » By Lauren C Corgo