The Divine Council of Overseers: Fasten Your Seatbelts

the pleiadains eraoflightdotcomWe are highly aware of the turbulence some of you are experiencing as you are rapidly transforming into being your evolved, transcended self ~ awareness.

We are communicating this through the being that is writing, you may understand this as channelling. It really is a merging of being on all levels with the vehicle writing this which is broadcasted to you, through these means.

It does not matter about us, however, in response to some of your curiosities, we will let you know we are from another universe, working closely with The Divine Council of Overseers.

The spark of this Universe, with its grand glorious Light, is a mega Light consciousness, breeding more of itself into its existing purpose.

Your ascension is the expansion into the varying levels of awareness to which you arrived as a sentinel being of Light, into the vehicle of form, called human.

You are the guardians of this spark, holding the torch of transference, as all beings watch on throughout the multiverse, in awe, of what is transposed, to be.

The echo impact of this expansion, in an instant, connects all beings everywhere, here and mega light years, away.

There is no distance with this spark of Light. It is the essence of all beings, choosing to go from the unified creation state, to being creators in a creative multiverse.

Here now, your evolution, we are present with you. In love.


» SourceSource » Channel: L’aura Pleiadian