Stretching Into Your Full Height

lightworker eraoflightdotcomI have seen some interesting themes coming up this week. The opening into the Infinite Self means change. I have seen a lot of release around emotion and a continuance of new boundaries. This week has felt like a settling-in of the July eclipse energies, which feels like a foundation of strength and connection.

Over the past few years, Areon has been saying that we would see a lot more polarization than perhaps typical. This settling-in feels like a new connection from that polarization. It doesn’t mean the end of polarization. As polarization occurs, it creates a new vantage point of clarity. Have you felt the ah-ha moments or clarity lately? From that clarity, new choice is available.

This quarter of “new identity” energy, opening more to the Infinite Self, is supporting you into more heart flow. It begins with loving the Self enough to honor your needs, nurture and replenish as possible, and create an environment of safety. Just as one would ideally nurture a child to be an empowered sovereign in the future.

Are you treating yourself as the sacred being you are? You were born deserving it.

The other theme I’ve seen coming up is what this week’s LightBlast is about. Flexibility. Change is constant in the physical world, and willingness to change is important as we move through Ascension.

I’ve noticed a lot of change in grounding, boundaries, focus and especially allowing. I have been using the “I surrender my (human) will to (my) divine will” exercise more often this week. It opens up more allowing and soothes the brain into supporting the wisdom of the heart that isn’t obvious to the brain yet.

I’m very glad to see the shift toward “building” as the momentum of Love gains ground(ing) in the chaos of change. Thank you for your service to Love!

Have a great week!

Much Love,


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