The Pleiadians: The Quantum Awakening

the pleiadians eraoflightdotcomWe come to escort you into an entrance of the many mirrors of self, of the past, and of the future.  you each sit at the crossroads of your life.  What this means is that as the time tracks change in the upcoming period, it is important to view your life from a new vantage point.

For too long now you have endured what you were suppose to endure, have done what you were suppose to do.  You have come to a point now where you must either remain upon the cross of old or free yourself.  It is time to release your “suppose to’s” and your “should haves” and gain entrance into the highways and the byways of your future.

Each of you plant many thought seeds per day.  Thoughts that you know for certain will not bloom.  Thoughts that you wish would bloom, and thoughts that you sit upon to keep from blooming.  It is time as the farmer of your life, to take responsibility for the seeds you plant.

It is not a time of wishful thinking.  Wishful thinking is like throwing seeds upon a hill during a rain shower.  Hoping and wishing that the seeds would take root upon that hill, but knowing they will run as the water flows.  Many of you throw seeds in your life planting in the hills and the dales of confusion.

Between now and November 11th, it is important that you pay attention to what you plant via every thought and intention.  Many of you are settling for.  It is as sitting in an old comfy chair made of stickers and nettles, one can get use to anything.  Life has been so hard you are beginning to get comfortable with all those thorns.

Change is full frontal on the planet earth at this time. it is demanding,  pushing and  prodding everyone out of there comfort zone. As 2019 comes to an end You will come into clarity why so many circumstances and people, pushed you to make choices that you were not comfortable making.  These were life and soul choices part of the grand design.

The peoples in your life, are your teachers.  Acknowledge them as such.  Many of you are in relationships that your soul is demanding to let go of but your humanness is not comfortable in doing such as yet.   so you hold on as riding a wild horse not wanting to let go because that would hurt more, but staying on for the ride of your life.  It is either a time of accelerating to higher love or a time of letting go of what is.  You are finding much aggravation within your self, within your life, within your businesses.  Everything on Earth is upping the wattage in vibration.  There is no way that anything can stay still in this frequency.

These powerful energies come to show you that all that you have dreamt all that you have held close in your heart, and all that you have yearned for has been there all the time, under the surface of a cloudy world filled with illusion.  These words were necessary to help you understand that it is time to keep holding on.  Many of you are about to give up.   We ask you to hold on, what is dear to your heart and dear to your life,  hold on just a little bit longer.  Do not toss your life by the wayside like a paper cup.  Hold onto what you dream and what you know to be truth in your heart.

People are becoming more of themselves than they have ever have.  People are standing strong in their personalities and strong in their belief systems not swaying, as they have in the past  One that is truly strong in their spirit will not be influenced or swayed or bothered by the opinions, of another.  You are given this time as for a rest as the time of the eclipses enter.  Allow yourself to take time for self in these upcoming months.  Do for you!  Do not wait for another to be in agreement with you.  Do not wait for another’s day off. Do not wait for another’s okay to come into yourself You are opening new doorways for yourselves.  You are not waiting for others to open it for you any longer.  You see the door.  You see the handle.  And you are brave enough to walk through.  Do not be as a big oak tree and stay planted where you are and expect the rest of the world to walk by you.  Very little of the world passes by the oak tree.  So the oak must learn to walk and go forward, to merge and mingle with other trees and other energies.

The time doorways of prosperity that have been closed for a very long time, begin to awaken and reopen.  You have been trained by life to expect less, to take less, to be less.  Now it is time to be trained in wealth and abundance.  For each of you there is a secret panel in your soul.  It is an energy that has not been activated.  It is a part of you that you do not even know about.  That secret panel will be opening up inside of you, for you to see something about yourself that you never knew.  This will be of a joyous knowing.  Humans hold the contract on fear.  Most people are very afraid of many things from spiders to sharks, to alligators, to each other.  These words were groomed for your ears only. We are the Pleiadians and we go.


» Source » Channel: Gillian MacBeth-Louthan