Ivo of Vega: Creating Abundance, Lack MIndset

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomA conversation between the channel Sharon Stewart and Ivo of Vega.

Me: Ivo, since I’m tightening up on my sugar consumption and on compulsive spending, I’d like to talk about this please.

Ivo: A good subject.

Me: I think we could do a hundred videos on this subject. There’s no lack of anything to discuss.

(he’s laughing).

Ivo: So you see there is abundance and we have been impressing upon you the fact that your world is abundant. When you have a mindset of lack, that there is not enough, that you are not enough, you must understand some basic things. Your lower mind does not perceive any difference between who you are and what you have. Your lower mind sees your stuff as you call it, as an extension of yourself. Everything from your Etch-a-Sketch to your Slinky as a child, to your book library now, my dear, you see as an extension of yourself because you have expressed your preferences in the purchase of these items. So they are very personal to you. However as they are want to say upon your planet, “You can’t take it with you when you go,” and this is a good rule of thumb to remember when you become attached to items – they are not you. They are not an extension of you. They are simply physical implements that you have used in order to improve or entertain the you that you truly are. Your lower mind cannot perceive the difference between your physical and your spiritual needs.

Me: So that’s why there’s problems with addictive behaviours like compulsive shopping – buying of things – as well as addictive substances. We see them as ourselves, in effect.

Ivo: Your lower mind does, your ego does.

Me: Aha.

Ivo: As for your sugar consumption, you use it and have done so in the past, to raise your mood artificially. In your search for love and connection to your source, you have used sugar to feel as if you are connected, my love. So many people do. However, this is no connection and actually reduces the vibrational frequency of your body to increase disconnection. True connection must be sought and you have this now with Athena.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: You have made some headway with your lack mentality that we will discuss now for the viewers. First of all, you realized that the more you spend, the more you want. When you only buy what is necessary and perhaps the book on alchemy that you are considering for next month, you are more at peace than you are when you are writing lists of things you require.

Me: I don’t really need much anymore. I have all the furniture I need and my lamp wasn’t actually broken, it was just the bulb, I could use a better computer but it still works and so does my Windows 7 one….

Ivo: And so you do not focus on what you lack. You feel more content. You are magnetizing the income you desire in order to pay off your charge card and otherwise giving it no thought. This is the best way to go about this. Do the necessary work to receive what you need, and honour the fact that universal divine energies are at play to provide you with what you require, and otherwise go about your day being content. Do not worry about it and do not obsess about what you lack otherwise you will continue to lack. What you focus on grows, so focus on the increased income you desire and know that it will come to you.

What you must understand as well, when you go through this withdrawal phase, more of the behaviours that you do not wish to indulge in will come to the surface. Your awareness grows but also the dark will make attempts to get you back under its control again and will turn up the volume on what you consider to be your negative flaws. Do not listen. Do not indulge them and let it all go. Do not empower the dark to create negativity even in this small way. They are attempting to entrap you again. Do not fall for it. Yes, it is irritating, but smile and laugh because you know what it is doing.

Me: Yes, I keep thinking of what Terese Zumi said and I’ll paraphrase: “There are billions of reptilians just waiting to eff up your ascension process.” I’m underscoring billions. Yes, billions of them. There are only 7 billion people on this planet and one third aren’t even human. So 5 billion, let’s say. There’s at least one reptile for each of us.

Ivo: You have known a few.

Me: And they still can’t win. LOL

Ivo: So do not let them win now. You are doing well in your new life of not eating sugar, and reducing your spending. You are looking for the gold nuggets in new awarenesses. You realize that is why Athena came through yesterday, do you not?

Me: No.

Ivo: With your now more clear mind, she could access you more easily.

Me: Oh. I see. Didn’t think of that.

Ivo: It was important for the controllers on your earth to create a lack mindset for you because that way they can control you. There is the disparity between the have’s and the have not’s, and then there is the control that keeping you in lack or debt has on you – so many complain they do not have the time for a spiritual life because they are living a life of attempting to eat, pay bills and just to live a physical life. This is all done by design.

So many now are complaining that they cannot afford Christmas. What I suggest to our viewers is that the cabal is shooting itself in the foot by making these things acceptable but also making them unaffordable. They are turning people against the system they have created to enslave you. And this is good.

You must all be aware, as Sharon has become again… yes, you knew it in your Debtors Anonymous days yet forgot: buying things in the external – the search for the right blouse, or the shoes you want, is a replacement for the inner search for self. In the same way telephone has substituted for telepathy, the automobile has substituted for teleportation, your search in the shopping malls is substituting for your inner search.

You must be firm on your boundaries to understand that you have physical needs and you have spiritual needs. And it is wise to understand which are which and not to confuse them as your society is doing now. You cannot replace your inner self with a new wardrobe any more than you could replace a lost loved one. The material will never substitute for the spiritual and your people must learn this.

You live in a world of abundance, yes you do. If you question that, go outside and look at the houses on your street. How many millions of dollars worth of homes are within your viewing capacity? This is all afforded by somebody. There is abundance on your planet. If you doubt this, then take your bike or your automobile and drive, look around and see. Go to the store and see the goods laid out for your purchase. There are many many things. So if there is so much abundance, why do you have a lack mentality?

Because this is superimposed upon you. You do not lack. Prime creator would not banish you to earth and then not provide for your needs. It is that you have a lack mentality that you cannot have what you desire. Your life’s purpose of inner search has been subverted into an outer search for your physical needs. Your controllers understand the spiritual search that all physical humans conduct in order to ascend and they have subverted this need into searching for your physical needs, and then making them rich to boot. The corresponding lack of income that many suffer from to meet their physical needs further enslaves one to this mindset of lack. Know that your world is abundant and you can create this abundance for yourself by changing your mind.

Sharon has discovered that she has had a perception that earth will not provide for her wants and needs and this she has had from childhood. As I said, your people confuse spiritual needs with material needs and Sharon’s need for love was replaced with a need to purchase in order to seek fulfillment.

You are spiritual beings having a physical experience, however there are rules that separate the two. Your boundaries must be clear on how you must fulfill spiritual needs and what you must do to fulfill physical needs. Yes, sex has become sex and is separated from the state of love, from the heart. In our worlds, the two are one. There is no separation. This too has been done to you.

Why would you have a lack mentality when clearly there is so much stuff in your stores? Everybody owns so much stuff. Too many things in actuality. Yes you suffer from lack. This is because of the inner state of the person which is caused by disconnection with the soul. Reconnect and feel fulfilled again.

Your state of lack will disappear as you learn to change your attitudes and understand that you are provided for always. You are powerful beings who can manifest as long as the creative laws are observed.

Me: People steal stuff.

Ivo: Yes, this is true. They do. But they must rebalance those acts, most likely by being stolen from in turn. This sets in motion a loop that they often cannot break from.

Me: Yeah, my neighbour keeps complaining about that but they’ve been taking stuff from my garden without asking.

Ivo: And you are caught up in their bad karma, so to speak. It all requires healing, my love, which you are capable of.

Me: Yeah.

Ivo: People steal because they see others as having more. Such as the fable of Robin Hood. He stole from the rich to give to the poor. This is also incorrect. Stealing is stealing. Your controllers steal from you but to steal from them in turn is wrong. It only creates such a loop. Walk away. Become fiscally independent.

Your people can manifest their own good. You can, my love. You realize you have done it so many times before.

Manifestation is one way to bring the kingdom of Heaven to earth, which is the job of the lightworker. I ask all lightworkers now to learn to manifest their own good instead of relying upon your system. You can live independently of your earth’s systems because you are not from here. You are of higher consciousness and manifestation is a question of aligning with your higher energies. It can be done, quite easily.

Yes, everything you are is within you and should come out to the earth, not the opposite. You cannot take from the earth’s material to fulfill you when you are disconnected from soul. It will not work.

Me: I’m having deja vu.

Ivo: Then this message is being created in many timelines.

As for your controllers, who continue to squeeze out the middle class, they are attempting to create a welfare state.

Me: What would they have to gain by putting everyone on the dole? But yeah, I’ve noticed that here in my town. So many people working and still collecting. They have cut down full time jobs to hiring more part timers too.

Ivo: Control. They would be able to dictate.

Me: Like the way the homeless were made to clean up the nuclear waste at Fukushima?

Ivo: Yes, like that. They provide for your basic needs, which is what the recipient gets, correct?

Me: Yes.

Ivo: And then they begin to dictate how you spend your day. Would you argue that employment is voluntary?
Me: No, it’s not anymore. It’s mandatory. They enforce getting jobs like a bunch of ……..

Ivo: Your cost of living rises but the wages do not rise to meet this increase. I rest my case. They are attempting to create a welfare state where only the privileged work and can create their own careers. Those who cannot find work, who cannot have the expensive education or cannot because they are not intelligent enough, are the first victims of the Orwellian state they are attempting to create.

Me: Wow!

Ivo: Yes. There will be the lower class slaves who will do what is dictated to them, the higher class workers who still get to choose, and the upper class who remain in the background, benefiting from this all.

When you manifest your own good, you will be free of this. My dear, your lower class income makes you a potential slave to the system.

Me: Gross. I know you warned me before.

Ivo: And now we are a few years closer. So you must manifest your entire income. Learn how to do it, my love.

Me: Got it! This will help and hopefully it will wake up others.

Ivo: My love, thank you for your perseverance.

Me: Ivo, thank you for being you. Kiss kiss

P.S. For those waiting for the RV to save us from this Orwellian state, what do you think you’re supposed to manifest? Waiting for the RV will only delay it because you’re continually putting it in the future. You need to bring it into the Now by manifesting your good NOW.


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