Twin Soul Ascension Report: Saturn Goes Direct, Message For The Divine Feminine

twin flames eraoflightdotcomDearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this sacred moment of your time on the wings of the highly Potent and extremely auspicious equinox Gateway.

So many shifts are occurring for many of the 144000 first wave of Ascension Pioneers with regards to Saturn now stationing direct on its ecliptic path in the heavens, as well as us all collectively moving through the somewhat heavy intensity of the 9:9 portal.

Please know that for many of you who this message is specifically for, so much density and dross has been cleared from your energetic system and indeed from your timelines in this last coming few weeks after the intense light influx of the Lions Gate, many of you are reporting getting surges of bliss in their kundalini energy, as well as heightened crown chakra activation, tears of love, remembrance and alignment with source consciousness is occurring for many many first wavers at the moment.

It is very challenging for us to explain in human language what is occurring on an energetic level but we will do our best. In recent months, what has recently transpired is an unprecedented level of toxicity which has been laying dormant within the collective consciousness for eons, has now been entirely cleared from the Earth and indeed your own personal etheric fields. This is the reason why so many of you have been so challenged in the last few weeks and have felt pressure from practically every single area of your life, please know that this pressure is what is forming the tenacity and power that you as a lightworker must fully embody inorder to take your role as a leader in this ascension trajectory.

Many many divine unions are aligning now in this current energetic gateway, and this is largely due to the diligence and commitment so many of you have shown with regards to profound levels of courage in facing your shadow selves in order to alchemize these aspects and bring them back home to the Golden vibration of your Christed self.

We would like to take a moment now to speak specifically to the Divine feminines who are vibrationally drawn to these words. Please know beloved sisters that the time has come for you to fully take responsibility for your role as a spiritual leader in the realm of sexuality and entering and inviting your divine beloved into the sacred contract of the hieros gamos.

Beloveds, there is not a soul alive who has not been sexually traumatised by patriarchy. As sensitive Souls we are infinitely connected to all of the abuse that occurs whether that is happening on the other side of the world or indeed next door to our home, we are all connected, and all of us are carrying quite extensive levels of trauma in our sacred sexuality regions.

We are sending out this message to the Divine feminine that it is time now for you to step up as the spiritual leader with your divine masculine taking on your responsibility and indeed your duty as the spiritually Awakened one, to take your divine masculines hand and lead him into a sacred Space that has been created in order to assist him to heal and cleanse his sexuality template and sexual organs.

The time of waiting for the Divine masculine to take the lead in sexual healing has now finally completed and many many divine feminine are Awakening to the promise that they made to their divine masculines to initiate this level of spiritual Atonement and the profound healing.that ensues from that.

It is important that all of you who are reading these words understand that the current energetics are deeply supporting this, and this is a very strong call out to all the Divine feminines reading these words to step up now as the leaders, willing to take on this responsibility as medicine women, as priestesses as sacred healers.

Please know that as soon as you commit to this path of leadership and responsibility the universe will send you a vibrational match that you have made soul contract to work with and heal at this time.

It is very important that the Divine feminines reading these words fully embrace healing their own sexuality, connecting with their own yoni and sexuality space and fully activating the frequency of the rainbow rose in their womb space.

The rainbow rose is symbolic of one’s connection to one’s multidimensional sexuality and when we invoke this symbol we invoke the vibratory frequencies of our galactic over-self who holds the purity of our sexuality template entirely free of all 3d distortions.

Please know that in this current energetic climate, this is the most Potent tool for the divine feminine to work with, that she may cleanse and purify her personal womb space and clear all last residues of violation and trauma stored there on a personal, ancestral, karmic and collective level.

There is no way that the Divine feminine can step forward as a Medicine Woman, priestess sexuality healer, towards the Divine masculine, unless she has activated these codes of sacred sexuality and wholeness within her own field. but please know divine feminine that as soon as you step on the path of healing your own sexuality and upgrading your own womb space, very very quickly the universe will send you divine masculines or indeed Divine partners to practice this ancient art of sexuality Atonement and healing.

The energies are now building up for the equinox gateway please know that it is so important that all of us on the Ascension path come together in our Ascension groups on powerful and potent portal date such as this in Order to harness the potent frequencies that are pouring into the Earth on this date. (please see below for full details on how to book onto the equinox transmission)

Please know that in this transmission we will be working specifically with activating our 6th dimensional diamond Lightbody, again we will be working with our arcturian brothers and sisters who are the overseers of this particular planetary Ascension, they will be assisting us to go back to the time-line whereby our DNA was manipulated and diminished from its original 12 strands diamond form and placed into a 2 Strand side-by-side form. To do this work in an awakened group setting, exponentially increases the potency and acceleration of this work, and all those who come forward to be part of this transmission will receive an auspiciously powerful upgrade with regards to their own personal evolutionary trajectory.

Please see below for full details on how to book onto the Sisterhood of the rainbow Rose online initiation ceremony this work is so important for these times in terms of preparing and empowering Awakened divine feminines to step up as the spiritual leaders and healers that mother Father God created them to be

In love and eternal light jenji and the white wolf tribe.


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