Restoring Energetic Balance Through Sacred Source Geometrics

blue ray collective eraoflightWith Planetary Ascension we are building a New Earth in this physical realm. This is a new holographic reality for all. The creation of a holographic reality at any level of Creation has to do with energy. For many years on this planet, energy has been looked at as a consumptive commodity. As in one must consume energy to live, in the form of food; one must consume energy to drive, in the form of gasoline etc. This form of consuming energy has created an imbalance on this planet. This energetic imbalance lends toward an entropic system which ends in self annihilation if allowed to continue toward that trajectory. Due to the mind control and manipulation on this planet, many believe that this entropic and consumptive use of energy is the way Creation works. This is not the case beloveds. Energy is eternal! We were never created to strictly consume. We were created to receive and give energy, to be a Source of energy that is eternal and not entropic.

Creation works in a self feedback loop system that always replenishes and regenerates itself from the Source through a phasing of energy. It does not consume energy from a finite supply as has been the case in our phased lock system. Instead it is designed to bring in energy and give back more than what was brought in by always returning to the Source and expanding out by multiplication. This is the premise for “free energy” and this is the way energy is used and created on New Earth. For the sake of explanation and understanding, let us look at the current use, misuse and imbalance of energy on this planet as well as it’s effects on our planet, individual life and the trajectory of our species.

Currently upon our planet, many individuals and the collective use energy in a purely consumptive manner. Meaning we are not regenerating energy and are merely consuming what is available or recycling existing energy from a finite supply. Basically this is what creates what we know as life and death cycles and is entropic in nature. If we look at this from a planetary standpoint, we can see that we are consuming natural resources for energy to feed ourselves, our live stock, heat or cool our homes, power our vehicles, manufacture goods etc. This has been done through plundering the planet of energy via oil, natural gas, minerals, trees, industrial agriculture etc. Because we are not regenerating a an equal or surplus of energy to counter what we are taking, this method of consumption is entropic in nature and would eventually lead to our extinction as a species. This would be a life and death cycle of a species.

If we look at this on an individual level we can see the life and death cycle of a human is based on energy consumption and depletion. Currently, most humans consume energy in the form of food in order to sustain life in a carbon based body. These bodies are densely packed forms of energy with slow sub atomic particle spins that have been “cut off” from the Source (God as many would say). Because of this the body is only a consumptive vehicle of energy and does not produce, create or regenerate energy from the Source. This too is entropic in nature and finite which causes life and death cycles for humans. These cycles are incarnation traps for souls incarnated on this planet.

The cause for the current life and death cycles or energy consumption method of this planet is complex and deeper than this writing is intended to deliver. This entropic system exists because the planet and all inhabitants were unknowingly disconnected from Source in what is called “the fall”. On the highest level, this entropic system manifested as physical realities because of the distorted light geometries used to create the holographic realities. This is no longer the case on our planet. With the planetary ascension well underway, Gaia and many humans (souls) have reconnected to Source and changed the trajectory for our planet and species. Through much energetic clearing and rebalancing, the organic light geometrics that connect us with the Universal and Galactic time matrices have been restored and a pure connection with Source as Source has been reestablished on this planet and within many HUmans. The days of entropy are coming to an end on Gaia.

We have shifted from the old dualistic, finite energy, life and death geometrics to the original design of Creation which is eternal life, energy geometrics. Through the process of ascension, one clears old distorted dense energy from the physical vessel allowing the body to reconstruct itself from a carbon based molecular structure into a silicon crystalline based structure. In simple terms, the body becomes like a crystal receiver and transmitter of light – light is energy! Through stargate ascension, one reconnects to Source to eventually become Source embodied in a physical vessel. This is a gradual process that involves massive physical and physiological changes. There is a complete breakdown of the old seven chakra system into the energetically balanced twelve chakra system of the Diamond Sun body. The merkabah gives way to the stargate system during physical body ascension as well. The stargate becomes your very own portal to Source and is the wellspring of eternal energy that frees the human body from life and death cycles.

This is the key to an eternal energy model versus an entropic consumptive model. The addition of Pure Source energy to a balanced energy system changes the dualistic or bi-wave model to the tri-wave model – the trinity! This means that we no longer consume enery in the same way. Instead, we become generators of energy – constantly adding energy to our creation from the eternal suppy of Source. There is no more aging or dying as there was before on this planet. The physical vessel becomes eternal until the time comes for a soul to relinquish the body. Disease, sickness etc. go as well.

Due to the suppression of this information we have been locked into an entropic system. Ascension changed this and now the truth shall be revealed to all. Everything in Creation is energy. A magnetic female energy and an electric male energy that must be in balance and connected to Source to create an eternal geometric light structure that allows for physical realities to manifest in certain dimensions. In order to understand this, one must be willing to discard all previously understood science, sacred geometry, physics, scripture, dogma and nearly every book ever written on this planet. Those that are ready will feel the truth in their heart. Below are some very well known and common symbols many are used to seeing. These represent a finite or entropic. energy system. There are also the symbols that represent the eternal energy structures. We will see how each contributes to a very different reality.

Flower of Life

Lotus of Life or Eternal Source Spiral

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The first symbol above is the Flower of Life and has long been understood to be the basic building block of physical reality. This symbol illustrates no connection with Source. It is a finite energy supply creating life and death cycles, trapping consciousness in incarnation patterns until eventual self annihilation via implosion. The outer circle represents consciousness, the inner geometrics represent a finite amount of energy that is trapped and recycling itself – hence life and death cycles.

The second symbol above is the Lotus of Life or Eternal Source Spiral. It is not a well known geometric thus a common name does not yet exist. This is the true organic patterning for consciousness to manifest eternal realities. Here we see there is no outer ring or “trap” for consciousness, allowing it to create and expand eternally. The middle represents Source energy the creates organic eternal life versus inorganic finite life. With this truly Sacred Geometry, we have the connection with the eternal Source (the white hole) and the physical world of matter (the black hole) accessed via the Sacred Breath. The contraction and expansion of the breath through the heart portal to Source creates an everflowing exchange of energy. This allows for the eternal expansion of consciousness versus the trapped consciousness that undergoes life and death cycles. Looking at this geometry, one can literally feel the energy fields around expanding. Feel it!!

Vesica Pisces (Bi-wave) and Trinitized Tri-Wave

Tube Torus

The next symbol is the vesica pisces or bi-wave geometry that has been understood by many as the foundationl geometry needed to create energetic balance. This design taken from the Flower of Life geometry creates a tube torus field as illustrated in the green image above. A tube torus is a closed loop energy system. Again illustrating how there is a recycling of finite energy creating life and death cycles.

To the right of the vesica pisces is the tri-wave geometry that is taken from the Lotus of Life geometry. This geometry represents the trinity. The symbol represents the presence of Source energy in combination with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balanced energy. This trinitized structure allows for eternal energy to create physical realities and represents a true energetic balance with ALL of Creation.

Fibonnaci Sequence or Spiral

The geometric structures of the Flower of Life and Vesica Pisces are dualistic patterns that have been used to create our collective hologaphic realities for thousands of years. As a result of creating with these dualistic, finite energy light geometries, we have mathematical equations and formulas that have been derived to explain the formation of life on this planet. One is known as the Fibonacci Spiral and has been used in science and mathematics since the 12th century. This formula explains that a new pattern is replicated using the sum of the two previous patterns. This is another example of an energy consuming, finite geometry. In order to expand, the pattern must consume the previous two patterns. There is no connection back to the starting or zero point (Source). This is a closed loop energy cycle that creates life and death to continue.

Krystal Spiral

The spiral above represents an eternal spiral. This is known as the Krystal Spiral and unlike the Fibonacci, this patterning always returns to the Source before expanding out. It does not consume the previous two patterns for the energy to create the next as the Fibonacci does. The Krystal Spiral and the mathematical sequence it contains comes directly from the zero point. The Krystal Spiral is a living spiral because there is in-flow and out-flow just as the Sacred Breath. There is a gift from Source and there is a gift of back flow giving back, and then there is a gift of back flow return. It is a constant give and take (or phasing) of energy between Source and a living matrix. The Krystal architecture is self perpetuating and inner sustaining, its math is represented by including zero point or Zero in its numerical sequence: 0, 1, 1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc., through doubling each numerical value. Each of the numerical values is derived though returning to Zero and adding all of the numbers together to get to the next highest value in its sequence or multiplication. This is the meaning of the phrase “Out of the ONE come the many” This organic patterning is eternal and created with the energy supply from the Source – never consuming the old energy to create new patterns.

As we continue our planetary ascension it is important to deepen our understanding of energy and how it is used to create realities. Restoring energetic balance through organic light geometries is what Ascension is all about. When all is in perfect balance the trinitized light geomtries are created. These geometries are eternal and align us with the Galactic and Universal grids. This inturn allows for New Earth multidimensional realities to manifest on our planet. Restoration of the organic trinitized geometrics also frees us from the finite trapped cycles of life and death into an eternal life system. The true bonds of energetic slavery are released for humanity on and off this planet. The HUman species is able to evolve and create as true Creator Beings that we have always been. We are energy beloveds. When energy is free, we are FREE.

This writing barely scratches the surface of much that was touched on. It would take a while to discuss each in depth and is the intent. I encourage each reader to meditate and contemplate on what was delivered here. Your heart knows truth beloveds, let it guide you. Trust you have the power to free yourself. You are supported beyond measure. The energies available for ascension are for ALL. We are eternal beloveds! We are light! We are love! We are free! The collective ascension is in full acceleration. Together we rise! EnJoY the journey. I love you all so very much!


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