Era of Light Report For 9/28/2019: Donald Trump, Super New Moon, Whistleblowers

the future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings! As always, from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

What do we call a man that goes thousands of miles across the world to fight in a war in the name of freedom and defending ones country from terrorism, but in reality they’re just serving their masters? A soldier? A man of service? A hero? Perhaps we should find another term for this.

What can we call a man that PREVENTS such wars? Wars and attacks based on lies? One who truly cares for his country and its citizens. A man who is trying to restore a nation to what it was destined to be.

I call him Donald Trump.

This is not about a party or even one country, this is about the fate of the world and humanity.

This being known as Donald Trump is not a leader just for America, he is a leader for the world. He has truly changed the direction in which this world is going. It is because of him that other nations have also chosen to take a stand against the cabal.

In many other countries such as Germany, Albania, France, Italy, England and others, the people want a leader like Trump. Why? Do they know something more?

All nations are about to be set free. But the fight gained momentum in America with the election of Donald Trump in 2016. And now we move towards world peace, creating equality for all nations.

I previously said watch and listen. Turn away from your mainstream media. Seek the truth. Gather your information and come up with your own conclusion. This man is fighting and working for the freedom of the entire planet. And he is not going at it alone.

The president has the support of “Higher Dimensional Beings” or Galactics, a more familiar term. Who are able to see all situations from a higher vantage point. Not only that, but who also have the ability to influence if needed an entity or more, or other things towards creating a positive outcome.

The current president of America is not only aware but was contacted and has met with these Higher Dimensional Beings, to their request of course.

The outcome of this entire “play” is world peace, GUARANTEED.

No other reality will be accepted or allowed to manifest on this planet. Only peace and prosperity. And anyone who wishes or takes action towards creating something negative, will be removed by any means necessary.

Your leaders and former leaders, in all the worlds’ governments are being “removed” as we speak. This includes Bushes, Clintons, Pelosis, Bidens, Blairs, Royals of England, the rest of Europe and beyond.

While “others” continue to rely on the mainstream media for their news, the internet is ablaze with independent sources. So you can look the other way for now and be a strong headed sleepwalker if you so choose, based on the mainstream media lies. But sooner rather than later you too shall realize the truth.

The collapse of the shadow government is nearly complete. Clearing is occurring on all levels. The time has arrived.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj.

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11 Replies to “Era of Light Report For 9/28/2019: Donald Trump, Super New Moon, Whistleblowers”

  1. Max

    I agree! President Trump is making positive changes and should be commended for his accomplishments despite all the false and malicious targeting by the opposition and mainstream media.

    We need to have discernment when looking at media reports (together with the opposition) which really is trying to remove President Trump by their reporting and portrayals which have proven to be false!

    I think because of President Trump there have been positive world wide changes.

    He is moving to create Peace. North Korea is now looking at unifying with South Korea etc.

    Well done President Trump. I don’t even live in the USA and I can see his achievements. Keep up the good work!

    Let us hope all leaders of countries around the world serve the people of their countries like President Trump!

    I understand that President Trump is being overlighted by Ascended Master St Germain. So, he is under some great guidance!

    Moving forward changes that ALL we lightworkers, working together with the galactics, archangels etc and Father Mother God will ALL create PEACE, PROSPERITY and changes to Mother Earth that will take us all to 5D! It is a JOINT EFFORT! Everyone playing their part!

    Thank you.

  2. Barry

    I find it hard to believe a personality and the actions of Trump is that of a world leader. He does not behave or speak in love.

  3. EK

    My own opinion, solely based on my understanding of what I read, see, and hear:

    It could just as well have been somebody else. It did not have to be Donald Trump. Is he perfect? Who is?
    I seriously think if she had won, it would be pretty much over for the America we know. I read of a sixteen year plan to destroy this country. Obama was the first half.
    Starting with the 60-70 million people that voted for him, who are so sick and tired of all of the BS that’s been going on for the last how many years, when they got wind that Trump was an outsider, they were all over him. Even though he officially ran as a Republican, he belongs to no party.
    He was asked to run, by the military and other groups.
    I admit I had my WT… moments in some of the statements he made, until I understood why. Combine 5D chess with the book Art Of War, it makes perfect sense. Playing weak, when he is actually strong, which he had to do to successfully bring down the Deep State. Moves and countermoves.
    Last I saw, we have already won, and they lost, they know it, and now they’re panicking with all their last desperate moves (impeachment included), which just adds to the rope being given to them to hang themselves with.
    I would be very impressed when this is all said and done if the Democratic Party as a whole is still standing.
    It is not about Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative, Right vs Left. It’s about Good vs Evil, not just for this country, but the world.
    The depth, size, and magnitude of the Deep state corruption is beyond comprehension, imagination, understanding. Is it that bad? Worse…much worse.
    As QAnon always said, trust the plan. It’s not happening overnight. I am as ready as anyone for it to be all over.

  4. EK

    I read from another site that Biden in the last debate was a clone, or a double. Do you believe that is true with all of them?
    The real ones have already left, what we’re seeing now are their doubles/clones.
    Saw some convincing evidence that Hillary was a clone/double.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings EK!

      Most if not all the elitists have had more than one clone on standby. For the past few years they have been using them a lot. But now their clones are breaking because of the increased light energy.

  5. Cheri

    Yes! Thanks KejRaj! He is in his mission like the rest of us! But he is on the world stage and most visible to other world leaders as an example. Because I am connected to the creator within to do this work clearing the universal time matrix, I know what you say is true. You should have seen what they had planned, just pure hell and suffering! I have never witnessed a finer President in my lifetime fighting some of the worse corruption known to man and standing up for we the people in this pivotal moment when the direction of this country was going south. I give him huge credit and support for what he does every day on our behalf and tackling the problems here in 3d. Our military, law enforcement and the white hat allied forces deserve great credit for their part in the divine plan as this corruption is so deep and endemic in every part of our government and culture. If you could see what I have in these timelines you would love him like I do because of the great personal sacrifice he made for our country. The lightworkers, starseeds and truth tellers changed the energetic structure. We are all one but to follow the creator within takes great courage! I admire Donald Trump for his accomplishments and setting the example for other less powerful nations to get on board with peace and prosperity, not the war and mayhem of the past.

    I can clearly see the creator in him which is like looking in a mirror! 😘

  6. Peter H Jones

    What was the alternative—-LOCK HER UP? Right—endless wars—constant corruption—I am not allowed to vote—being a legal alien —but—the results speak for themselves—do they not? GOD BLESS TO ALL—PJ

  7. macourt60

    All I can say is wow. I totally disagree regarding Trump; however, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Trump came along and not spilt our country apart and yet brought many people together to see how racism and class now longer works. I believe he is a menace to our society and caused grave damage. But again, that’s my opinion. Fake news is his go to phrase when he can’t explain what deceit he has committed. I just hope all this ends soon.

  8. John

    Hey dude, I am in total agreement with you about world peace; however I’m still not comfortable with Donald Trump being perceived as the savior of humanity. Proclaiming any individual as the messiah basically invalidates the voices of the rest of the world’s inhabitants, and as we all should know by now, all voices matter! There is no one other than us, and we are all one. Any soul who hasn’t yet grasped that simple fact is probably going to have a very difficult time during this impending new era of change!

    1. EraOfLight Post author


      No one single entity can save a world. It has never happened and never will. Perhaps you misunderstand. With the awakened peoples support, and that of the Galactics help, Trump is doing all he can to bring world wide peace. Based on observation and intel he has all ready done more than any other previous US president. I do not support any party, they are mostly crooks in both parties(Rep and Dem). However, I support Trump as a human being, for I know deep within, his intentions are pure. It is those that hate America and humanity that demonize him, because he(Trump) loves America and humanity, and not only was he chosen but also accepted to be of service in these times of great change.

      From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!

      1. John

        I apologize if I came across too strongly in my previous message. Like you, I am not inclined to hate or judge anyone, including Donald Trump. I think he is doing what he perceives to be right. However, many of his actions and comments seem, to me at least, misguided. I understand he’s kind of like a bull in a china shop politically, and that’s probably why he comes across as a raving lunatic on many occasions. I do give him credit for working to keep us from engaging in any more pointless wars…God knows we’ve endured far too many of those throughout history. He is my president and therefore deserves my respect, because that is probably the most difficult job in the world. If anyone doesn’t believe that, all they have to do is look in the rearview mirror to see what Trump’s predecessor had to endure!