Captain XIA from Sirius: Gaia Is All Ready In 5D

star family eraoflightdotcomIt is with great pleasure that we can announce that the ascent and awakening of the people has increased significantly. Everything is going according to plan. The Divine Plan that we are all part of.

We on the ships are continuously working to help GAIA and the people with the ascent to higher frequencies. GAIA has already lifted to a higher frequency to the fifth dimension and she wants people to follow. Everyone should follow, but the work must be done by the people themselves.

The galaxies located outside the atmosphere help to send light to the people on Earth, but the light workers also contribute their light to the people as well as to the galaxies in the atmosphere.

The strong love light that constantly radiates over the Earth is constantly increasing in strength and even the radiation from the sun is very intense right now. They have been raised when the autumn equinox occurred and they are something that everyone can enjoy.

The ascent symptoms can be various severe or mild. It depends on what frequency you are in. Try to just be in the present and accept these symptoms and be assured that they will get better the more the body becomes more attuned to the light of love.

It gets brighter on Earth and everyone will feel a great joy as the frequency has become higher but before that it can become more turbulent in society and feel as if it is only getting darker instead. Some of the darkness must come up to the light to be cleared away and to allow the light to take the place it is intended. The light will prevail no matter how dark and difficult it is.

We are very excited about this channel that is forwarding our messages on the ascension of people.

Live in love with yourself and each other as the light carriers you are.

Captain XIA with crew

Big thanks … In love I earn … I AM.


» Source » Channel: Inger