Seeing Thru Time

power of the mind eraoflightdotcomThe light shines and reflects opening new angles of perception, intuition and understanding. The new angles of intuitive reflection that are birthed allow one to see through time, illusion and mirages. Everything has shifted to the next realm within the next Cog, within the Wheels of Time, allowing Humanity a New Perspective that is unfolding on a daily basis. Like a puzzle that has changed its framework, what we once pictured is no longer a living truth. Humanities abilities are stretching like Saran Wrap over a television. They are being forced to look at a different angle of time. The eyes reflect and deflect like a kaleidoscope, As the earthen six senses walk down the street of 6th dimensional perception.

Reflections of light vary in their high wire performance as they dance about the Earthly matrix. The sky shows new directions of herself that have been well hidden in clouds of the past. Mankind is lifted to the next level of knowledge, screaming and kicking all the way. Free will free will… he screams,the universe Just Smiles.

There are many of us around the world that hold a position of light, a column of light we have never deserted and always held high. Not because we were voted in, not because we have enough likes or hits. Those that are dedicated to the light are not just dating the ‘Light’ they are energetically and literally married to the Light.

We may be weather-beaten and ancient from one point of interpretation but from the universes point of view we shine brighter than a new baby star. The scars of the soul and the weathering of the humanness, force us to show our underbelly exposing it in faith, Exposing the vulnerable parts of self. We are stitched together within every fiber of our being with threads of hope, Grace, Courage, truth, wisdom and love. We hold a tapestry of what is destined to come.

We are here to remind you of the permanence of what is light. Like the voting system in America many think their votes do not count and their thoughts do not account for much either. Many think their prayers and heartfelt intentions are just dust in the wind And so it literally seems on many a day. Those that come forth in effort and revival of light do so as The Last Knights barricade, the singular grail knight that awaits. We all are the living standing stones with a breath, a heartbeat and a say so! We hold the stronghold in a place of fortitude and determination around the world.

We are all Guardians of the living Grail but the Quest for the Grail has changed in longitude and latitude and placements of time. Like a virtual game that has evolved the old rules no longer apply, the connection is not the same the input and output do not balance each other.


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