Divine Mother God: The Changes That Are Coming

quan yin eraoflightdotcomIt has been a whopping week in terms of the Divine changes dear heart. Your Divine Father and I are currently working on the upcoming times. We have it all planned out and the level of detail is amazing. We want to make sure that everything goes according to the Divine plan so that we, the Divine won’t have surprises.

That being said, realistically, I know that human beings tend to be changeable, and that is almost second nature. We, the Divine are being very real about it and we have designed all sorts of scenarios to handle the human conditions and changes. The process is quite interesting. I am happy and content that your Father God has all the knowledge about the planet and human race. That makes the process so much easier and revealing. Your Father and I are extremely excited about the upcoming time dear ones. We are indeed happy for the planet and humanity.

It is time for the changes. The changes will liberate the light workers and humanity. And the changes will bring Gaia and Mother Earth the peace which is so needed right now. We literally cannot wait for the moment to come dear heart. And the changes you are waiting for are indeed coming. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear angels.


» Source » Channel: Linda Li