Energetic Navigation for 21st-27th October

meteor shower eraoflightdotcomA week of action is ahead as the pace begins to increase and we receive some interesting reverberations in our field, in preparation for an incredible New Moon on the 28th here in the UK.

This year, this frequency, this period feels ultimately incredibly different to any other experienced, simply because the normal human feelings of settling down and preparing for winter, that slow down feeling isn’t here, in fact quite the opposite, it feels busy, important and intricate and there is a ridiculous amount of goings on around.

The priority is the physical, preparing, strengthening, cleansing, enhancing, giving more to be able to hold these incoming streams of incredible light and this has now become a daily practice, as something is noticed and expanded upon the next upgrade is immediately insight to begin bringing into the experience and learning or relearning how to BE-COME the new version, and it gets easier and easier, whilst becoming more and more exquisitely Divine as the reality instantly reflects back the new vibrational experience. Things appear like magic, and the days of getting super excited when receiving, which was only just another emotional reaction from the higher octaves of the lack programming begin to disperse and a peaceful feeling replaces the spike, a feeling that perhaps I can only describe as an expectation of the highest octave, an inner knowing that this is simply how it works now.

All of this is easily achieved when you understand how it all works, how the processes move through their three tier phases such as feel, deal and heal or realise, release and renew…..yes I am changing the word from recalibration to renew because I have realised the loop in recalibration, perfect for the beginning phases of learning to see and deal with the reality presentations however at some point on this journey there is no “re” anything because it becomes so brand new.
Last week we moved through an incredible data dump as our Sun passed over the fixed stars Spica and Arcturus, such high frequency portals require an almighty shift to pass and whilst this began a release for many of us, mostly of the watery kind as this is a super quick way to release a lot of data, hence why many get colds, experience night sweats or simply get emotional, water holds a ridiculous amount of data and so when the call to vibrate higher, to receive more, to integrate more comes in, generally created by a crack in the old programming and a reality distortion, the cellular body begins to light up and expand in all ways, the process of transformation into the crystalline body begins and so signals the quickest release available.

What you will notice is this release will be relating to some core programming, mostly being seen through lack but the root is deeply embedded in the collective Fear Database, therefore this is not personal and the sooner you can rise to a viewpoint that sees all as a reflection the sooner the detachment from the programming can begin, one small program clear from one human is a giant frequency shift for humankind, do not underestimate the most smallest of steps, the most smallest of shift, because each and everyone of you are responsible for our grid on so many levels, and when we are of light, we know that one more photon increases the frequency.

Currently the way this works is the baseline frequency you are holding must now continue to be dropped out the bottom of your spectrum, this means that where you can identify a looping program or an old belief system and take it through the healing/clearing process you rapidly create new baseline frequencies for us to be operating from. It sounds so obvious however check in to see whether this is knowledge being held in the “know bank” or is it actually being made the experience, being proactive and making these transitions a priority.

How to see these are simple, where are you plugging in, what is your feed, is it conscious feed/material or is it unconscious, does it expand you or does it lower you, the body will be talking to you and yet as we have now identified in the SOUL-AR Alignment space many are ignoring the most basic requirements of the physical body, never acting immediately and always waiting or rather weighting, putting off or trying to avoid and with these basic needs being ignored the connection, the alignment, the light experiences are never going to materialise until unconditional love for self is stabilised within, but when you do listen, when you do act, the feelings of gratitude surface and the language of self begins to open in more ways than can be imagined.

So when we release the old way, the old belief, it then becomes crucial to hold the awareness that all memories that play from the old recorder must leave too, there is now a new memory to recall from, the one that now knows it was merely a program running through and it no longer has power to create future timelines associated to its frequency, the new realisation and experience begins to create new higher trajectory fields to experience and continue this ever expanding process energetically, from the release and rapid renew experienced last week we now move into more action and more creation, saying this, lets not forget the spectrum of creation looks like chaos within the unconscious view point, a reflection of resistance, once viewed easily released through the keys of observation and choice.

Today and tomorrow the Orionids peak, the energy of these shooting through our fields creates disturbances, much like a warbling effect which allows the unconscious to be seen, the collective unconscious becomes tetchy, a theme that will carry us through to the New Moon and dominated by the Mars energies entering more powerfully this week specifically.

Our fields have already become slightly more magnetised as we prepare for some incoming solar energy due to make contact on the 24th, anticipation rises naturally with the magnetised field, its only slight so the solar plexus may begin to activate slightly higher giving a warm sensation however those restricting their sensitivity experience the lower octaves and move into an uncomfortable hypersensitivity which most often manifests as being highly excited or highly nervous and anxious, so where are you avoiding self, where is the guidance not being received and acted upon, where is the attachment to the physical out there, bring it all within and the answers will make themselves known, the trick to release from this is to listen and move accordingly to the instruction.

This activity begins to pull forward the next available experience into the reality and with our Mars energy being the dominator there is going to be much to see.
This energy is like our internal wild stallion, he may look like a crazy out of control horse but he knows exactly where he is heading, there is always purpose, even if it is to run wild and free. This energy requires harnessing, and this period will be teaching us how to ride with this incredible powerful force.

Mars begins the week exactly square to the moons nodes, whilst you may have been feeling this energy building over the past week and whilst it is exact on Monday this really sets the tone for the entire week ahead. He has just recently passed over the fixed star Vindermiatrix which will have highlighted the distortion and falsities within a current timelines playing out, fields get tightened as the field constantly requests higher levels of respect and responsibility, in all ways. The square to the nodes being such a karmic change point for those leaving the duality frequencies means an opportunity to action something so very deeply ingrained that will bring in the energies of balance and expand the awareness beyond the current field, taking all into a completely new uncharted space, and in the higher octaves the more tweaks that can be realised and experienced will continue this incredibly fast paced thermal spiralling we find ourselves playing in.

Creation is the focus, creating everything from the most super conscious space and not for the purpose of out there, it’s all about creating from the inside because it is from the inside that the outside is formed, therefore a healthFILLED you creates a healthFULL experience and Mars will be increasing the power for the experience to be magnified.

As Mars represents the ego and drive what many may well experience here especially where lack can be found is a flaw in the motivation areas, two of the most common flippant expansion blocks are “I cant be bothered” and “I don’t care” begin listening to when these play out either externally or internally because these spells create huge stagnant pools to experience until we learn that we can absolutely be bothered and that we care about everything within our field, it’s the keys of respect and responsibility making themselves available for experience.

There are a couple of recent videos in the SOUL-AR Alignment group where we cover this, approximately 5hrs of attunements for those who wish to understand more and if you would like to be a part of the space please send an email to agiftfromgaia1@gmail.com

What we do have coming through to assist on the same day is the Mercury Pallas conjunction, which if you are choosing to speak from an open heart, if you are able to dissolve any victim as it surfaces what will be experienced is a wonderful opportunity to renew or expand upon. There has been a constant stripping energy that has been running through for quite some time now and yet there are always super incredible streams that give extra light once you surrender and allow the energy the passage to be free. This Scorpio energy runs so deep and therefore the ability to communicate at these levels can be so incredibly expansive, the ego will try lip service, the lies may rise but if you can constantly realise and release as you move the experience can open up something truly deep and incredible.

Towards the end of the week we begin to feel some beautiful nourishing energies of Jupiter conjunct Ceres, Jupiter being the great expander and Ceres doing nothing but wanting to nourish self all the more, so this energy will really magnify the amazingness learned through the week of the Mars push….before the next Mars aspect dropping in on Sunday 27th, the day before the New Moon, just a Saturn sized karmic cut ready to begin the new phase of the following week.
This transit manifests in the lower octaves as restriction however if you have been learning to surf alongside Mars this week you will no doubt feel the ability to flow through whilst still holding the loving energies of Jupiter and Ceres, home is where the heart is and by connecting fully within will allow the noise circulating around to become rather irrelevant.

A power packed week ahead, the out there world stage is likely to look disruptive and at times violent as voices are feeling the need to be heard, voices of the victim and of the rebellion play out and is being witnessed in the many protests and resistance we are seeing in the world news.

One day we all will learn that change comes from within, but until then we surf the experience of learning with the All.

I will be back midweek to report the predicted G1 solar storm but until then have a super transformative time.

Sending much love to ALL

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