Mary Magdalene: I Want To Inspire You

mary magdalene eraoflightI am dedicated, I want to inspire you, not to think about the ascent from 3D to 5D. Don’t think about ascent, think about enlargement instead. That’s how I see it. There will be a difference in the room, the shape and the color for you to change the energy plateau.

Imagine that you are in the physical room you are in. In that room, the walls open up and the room expands, becomes larger, eventually infinite. That’s how I want to see this energy change you go through. You were flooded with an atmosphere you did not remember existed. There will be air flow on air stream of light, clear crystalline atmosphere that you can breathe more freely than before. It’s like an air filled with more oxygen. You take a deep breath and feel that you hover a bit over the floorboards, you grasp the boundaries that were there in the past in the form of walls, emotions, background and shape. They are no longer there. You grope a little blindly because you now don’t know what to identify with. The old way is passé. Even in your image of others, it is so past, the old approach.

Your bracket is changing. Your root. This is the energy extension I want to talk about. It is not simple and easy to cover in any way. It is a total change, it is a transformation. A change of time and space. You’ve got glimpses of it. You have all felt the feeling that time will cease to exist for a while. You look at the clock, it has been two hours but it felt like an absolute eternity. How was that possible? Well, you got a glimpse of this expansion of the room and thus the time.

It’s fantastic, beloved. Immensely. You are stretched. Your atoms extend in a plastic way and the space time changes. Like a snake bell, you are back in the old strong room to integrate and absorb the new. Then you are thrown out again. And slowly, slowly, slowly you stay longer and longer in the timeless room dimension.

In the name of truth it will be that people who come after you, you who walk in the van sometimes cannot perceive you. They cannot perceive you when your energy is too high for you are then not in their frequency. So you have to go back to the room to retrieve them, just as you are now developing. This may not be as clear as a movie, that is, you become invisible, but somehow the creatures of the old room cannot really see you with the right eyes. You become a stranger to them. It’s like they don’t know you, or know who you are. You become “shady” (laughter). This can be frightening and you meet with resistance. You want to draw you back to the famous you, sometimes in the most brutal way. So here are the conditions and struggles of this world.

Dear beloved, allow yourself to be shady. A foam eye has its gaze in several dimensions. In several rooms. She can see through the walls, but she can also see the walls. A breathtaking thought.

You become far-sighted friends. You get the light in the distance and make it one in Nuet.

Yes, now enough for this time, dear. Read what you need to read, take in what you are drawn to and absorb it, make it yours … sleep on the thing and breathe the new light into your lungs.

I am your sister and your best friend and my voice is just the beginning, on the journey we make together.


» Source » Channel: Beatrice Madesn