Serapis Bey: How Close Are You To Enlightenment?

serapis bey eraoflightdotcomDo not fight for yourself!

Prepare yourself not for your own demons and for your resurrection. If you want to let this light out in the light, then it is for a moment to awaken to life and to expand or expand with it.

Healing can happen as soon as you are ready to accept everything, was elevated, felt deep in the inner, and was long hidden.

This confrontation with yourself – with the pain and injuries you have been assigned and the one you have been experiencing – is the essential component of any healing. Just davor for you most people!

Daher: Don’t fight! Without any clarification or revelation of darkness, it welcomes the light to enter and enlighten everything.
Where is the enlightenment?

The condition, the many endeavors to seek and which is in every mouth?

Enlightenment is called to stand, even in the light, to be in the light itself, and to have all that light has in it. Enlightenment reads, the liberation of all treasures, is the salvation of all spirits and demons and means: You stand in the light – whole, complete and absolute! Nothing about you is unknown, every angle is illuminated and you almost embrace yourself unconditionally.

To seek this state of mind is the ONE, therefore, to restore everything, it is a very different one. Here you empty the spiritual soul of your spiritual soul so high, as it actually corresponds to your inner drive. Then, if you expect everything, but you are not prepared to put everything into it, you will only experience frustration, misunderstanding and further inner conflicts.

A look at your Inneres. Considered very judgmental and vigilant, you were truly prepared to add and add to your “enlightenment”. Then all that determines if you reach that goal too.

Transformation is not equal transformation

Here, there are many different stages and planes. But I tell you: if your path to healing and your will for transformation is unimaginable, you will be successful in achieving your stated goal.

For some, years and years may pass away, as they may step by step, for some people, the Day of Light is ever closer, if they think it for themselves.

Suddenly and unabashedly light became visible on all planes and nothing, was in this world band, had more significance.

Are you a congregation, beloved people, that you follow this transmission?

Yes, if you are willing to give everything for the merger with God, if you are willing to admit any risk, then you are communion.

All people who cannot live this Absoluteness find halt and guidance in the will, God wants to come closer.

Unmistakable is the way you go on light trails – no matter how fast or fast.

The Spirit of God leads you to the goal that your soul has predetermined. The more space you provide for the Spirit of God in you, the more compelling is this journey back to you and the light.

Don’t stop! Neither before this light nor before this treasure.

Greet everything and you will enter the deep inner peace, the suburban enlightenment.


Listen to the white-golden flame of purity and ascent.

I love you infinitely.


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl