Era of Light Report For 10/26/2019: Activations, U.S, Psychedelics

the future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings! From heart to heart with great love in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

Today we begin by asking the independent web media to stop feeding the negative timelines. Major false flag attacks will not be allowed to take place, period. Those days are gone. The Cabal is no longer in control.

The Alliance, yes this includes the lightworkers as well, are in control of this new reality. Clean up your act and know your role.

It is now a time of peace and prosperity for the whole world. Mother Earth herself will not permit any action on her thrown that even slightly alters negatively the 5D frequency reality.

This week more SOLar waves are hitting the Earth. For some this energy will be used for deeper cleansing and releasing the last vestiges of the old.

For others it will trigger their “divine” memory, and activations of their High Heart and the Soul Star Chakra. Thus begins the true awakening of the Starseeds. As we shared in a previous article, the activation of the 144,000.

144,000 Activations

There is also another exciting time arriving. The day quickly approaches, the moment when the 144,000 are fully activated. In turn, the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth increases multi fold. » Source

Mike Quinsey: In Transition

A solitary life is not necessarily one without needed experiences and offers much time for contemplation, and certainly those quiet periods in your life are opportunities to clear the clutter from your mind. » Source

All Federal Agencies To Cancel NY Times, Washington Post Subscriptions

The White House on Thursday followed up its plan to cancel its subscriptions to the New York Times and the Washington Post by  urging all federal agencies to do the same thing. » Source

Sun and Mercury in Scorpio; Time for Deep Healing

There are so many huge shifts taking place currently behind-the-scenes at the moment on a collective level that it may seem as though The Dismantling of the old 3D matrix is taking a very long amount of time, but it is important to know that there is a very important reason for this, and this is because if humanity was to truly grasp…» Source

US Sending Tanks and Troops Into Syria to ‘Protect’ Oil, Pentagon Confirms

Capping off a week of widely criticized comments from members of the Trump administration about emerging White House plans to use U.S. troops to control oil fields in northeastern Syria, Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirmed Friday that the Pentagon is working to “strengthen” U.S. military presence in the region. » Source

Maha Cohan: Ascension is in Full Swing

Life after life you strive for experiences and thirst for knowledge. Understanding the deeper meaning of your life and realizing your individual tasks are at the core of all your endeavors. » Source

Psychedelics Could Revive People From Vegetative States

Neuroscientist Adrian Owen has dedicated his career to studying consciousness in patients with disorders of consciousness (DoC), who are typically believed to be entirely unaware of their surroundings. » Source

Mother Mary: Old Energies Coming Up to Be Released

It is because the current energies which are being brought up to the surface for the release purpose. What you see is the reflection of what is being released. The old energies are being brought up and released. » Source

5 Targeted Individuals Expose Shocking Electronic Harassment and Torture

This is the new form of 21st century mind control. Some targeted individuals have connections to the military (e.g. come from a military family) but others do not. Many are not activists or whistleblowers, but have had to become one just to survive. » Source

Sun in Scorpio: The Catalyst of Transformation

The Sun in Scorpio will bring to light the darker forces that are ready to be exposed and transformed. The Sun will join his other planetary friends, Mercury and Venus, who are already swimming in the Scorpion’s deep terrain. » Source