Babaji: Dictation of the Ego

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What was experienced at the time is a highway of feelings. While that light reality is ever-growing again, these entanglements seem to be getting more and more massive. Those One see then that others see – and no end in sight.

Where does the Journey go in these days? Davon is handling this message.

This world controls the final events with great speed. Planet Earth was also transformed into everything living on Earth and within Earth.

Basic shifts in all planes are emerging and a new humanity is emerging.

Until the Golden Age, of the many places that can be reasoned, can break into all beauty and dignity, all it was to remove was the way – and this progress is now in progress and will be accelerated in the next few months.

Today, they also see almost daily new lines of old systems. The more threatening you are to the controllers of feeling this matrix, the more radical the measures are to save themselves and your power. All Manipulations, which are ever stepping open and applied, must only win Dazu, a lost game.

In the universal spirit, it is revealed that this Planet ascends, that this humanity returns to parts in the next higher dimension of being. Thus, in all positions the precautions were taken.

People who are equipped with demented assignments work there and even if it sometimes seems, they stand for insoluble tasks or are given a power, so this is only a momentary capture and a conclusion.

Then, in the end, the light-hearted people will regain a luminous earth, and there will be those who choose that darkness and place self-interest over everything, to recover themselves.

For the individual, today, it is only a one-day-long task and one that is pursuing it with all devotion: Ending the dictatorship of the ego!

Whoever is governed by the ego cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. To rise again, there must be freedom from earthly bonds. It is the ego that endeavors with all its might to never lose your arrests.

That is why it comes right now, that – if you believe, you have to hold on to – let go, let everything go, everything can be done to you.

You can’t lose anything, but win everything. When you become aware of it, you have fully stepped into the light and the heavens are opened.

Love the people, love the life, love yourself – in freedom and the consciousness that this love is boundless and not limited to this life.

We know each other from eternity. Remember yourself.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl