Judas Iskariot: Faith, Hope And Love

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and my visit today will include three things. The first is your faith. Belief in yourselves, belief in a higher purpose, belief in an Almighty God consisting only of love. If you can see beyond this world then you understand that love is all there is. It is love that drives you and the Earth forward in its development. Life develops through love, it is in your attacks that suffering arises. Deep within you is this belief and you know it to be true.

Faith gives birth to hope and it is number two of the things I want to talk about today. Have you met someone who has lost hope, then you understand what I mean when I say that without hope, the world collapses. For that, it feels for the person who has given up hope and thus life in the reality in which he / she is in. Life feels heavy and the courage has dropped in where it is difficult to find it again. Such a person needs help to see the flashes of light, see and understand that after a time of difficulties the sun will shine again, where you have instead turned your difficulties into insight and strength. The fashion has returned and you can with better confidence take on life and its lessons. Belief that things will get better and hope for a brighter future are necessary to achieve balance in life.

Faith, hope and love have always existed in man in eternal times. They have helped people at their various stages in life. Steps that have constantly led them forward in their evolution on Earth. No, dear friends, you are not going backwards in your development, development is constantly moving forward. However, there are great lessons for humanity to learn now.

Now we have arrived at the third and most important lesson today… love. Yes, love, the beautiful unconditional love, it is the one who will now grow and grow in the hearts of men. It is the one that is the biggest building block of life, it is the one on which the entire universe rests. It is with unconditional love as a foundation that you will build your world. Faith and hope lead you to the kingdom of love. It is the element that exists in all living things and that leads you back to the light. The light that consists of love rays so intense and beautiful in the most amazing colors, so you first have to get used to them, because it can be too much to take in at once. Love, dear friends, it is the one who heralds in front of you. Love for yourself, for you, for you, for everything you encounter on your way. It is a long way to go, for some it is a long way to go. Now you can understand that you are at different levels, that the love in your heart determines what level you are at. It shows you the way you need to go to find peace and harmony in your life. Although it may not look like it, humanity is on its way into the realm of love, the golden kingdom that has been sung for many years. A door has been opened, the light is pouring in and being caught by people who seek and have long sought the love of their lives.

The candles of love have light wings and fly from heart to heart to remind you that the time is here, for you to re-enter the kingdom you came from. Feel the longing within you, feel the desire for light and love. The wait is over, it’s time to step in through the light’s gate. It’s time to wake up to their own truth, the truth about yourself as the love child you’ve always been.

Love is life. Life is love, love is all that is. The only solid building block in the universe.

Great love



» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg