Council of Overseers: Full Moon in Taurus on November 12th, 2019

full moon eraoflightdotcomThis powerful Full Moon in Taurus is on Tuesday November 12th at 9:34 am AST.

The Main aspect with this Sun opposite Moon (Full Moon) is Saturn sextile Neptune. This brings fortunate (for those attuned) CIRCUMSTANCES allowing dreams to become reality.

Now if someone has a powerful challenging aspect to this Full Moon, then this may become; with Mercury Retrograde, a very challenging experience.

Yet, what makes things challenging or not, is our willingness to look at the big picture or get caught up in the drama as if that is our true self and nature.

By focusing on the big picture and not the little things that need changing we can look deeper into the REASON for being here.  If the reason/life plan/ blueprint is for your evolution, then challenges may become exciting for you.

As one successfully flows with harmony through all experiences,  one aligns more and more with the present moment. With the heart and with their Eternal Presence. This is when and where the magic occurs, consciously.

AS the stepping out of the limitations and attachments, becomes the way of being. In that state, through the heart, miracles occur. Not in the wishing and the wanting that which is separate from us.

Reality is union. What exactly are you in union with? is the question.

Vibrational frequencies that we are aligning with, become us and become our reality. If fear is your constant companion as resistance, then more of that is on your plate. Likewise, if love and flow and union with The Light Body is how one is living moment to moment, then the magic flows, accordingly.

Now back to this Full Moon. The impact of inner focus becomes even greater for your successful flow with Mercury Retrograde. As Mercury (retrograde) is opposite the Full Moon. Full Moon alone is more impacting in its nature, as it lets loose all that is bottled up and ready to explode in the subconscious. Of course, to be loved.

With the Full Moon trine Saturn we may experience a strengthening in our loyalty and trust and we may feel the strength and energy to handle anything that does come up. With The Full Moon sextile Neptune we have heightened awareness to our feelings, with the Full Moon, to the subtleties of our subconscious and our heart.

With Saturn sextile Neptune, we have the opportunity (if this is in our life plan) to attune to complete mastery of form and experience an expansion and great evolution of our consciousness. With Full Moon trine Pluto, we have again an even greater increase of the potential to attune to greater levels of transformation. And with Mars sextile Jupiter, we when ready and aligned in frequency, have access to greater strength, greater success, greater energy and fortune.

So although Mercury Retrograde has an impact specifically on this Full Moon, be more aware and take your time with all things connected to communication, on all levels. The auspicious aspects are there and ready for those to attune.

We have tomorrow the 11:11 ~ Activation and then this The Full Moon, yet it is all now. You can access all things in any moment ~ when you are ready.

In this the eve of the 11th, we activate YOU, and in this The Powerful Full Moon frequencies, in love.


» Source » Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian