11/11/19 Will Be The Most Powerful Manifesting Day Of The Year

1111 portal eraoflightdotcomAn ultra-rare astrological event is over the horizon, set to occur on the serendipitous day of 11/11/2019 during the Mercury Retrograde. It’s the equivalent of a Solar Eclipse, except Mercury is the center of the equation.

On November 11, Mercury will move backward in retrograde motion to perfectly, precisely conjoin the Sun: so precisely, it’s technically an occultation.

A perfect conjunction or occultation with Mercury such as this happens only about 13 times in a century, according to ABC.

An occultation is when two celestial bodies not only conjoin (align), but the alignment is so precise that one body literally passes over the other from Earth’s perspective.

An example of an occultation is for instance when the Moon perfectly passes over the bright blue star Regulus at the end of the constellation Leo.

Since Regulus is the closest bright star to the ecliptic plane, the belt of all planets, on rare occasions it’s possible to watch the Moon fully conjoin it and form an occultation, to the point where the Moon fully blocks the view of the star.

Next Monday, many regions of the world including the Americas, western Asia, Africa, and Europe will have an opportunity to witness Mercury passing directly between the Earth and the Sun.

The last occultation of Mercury occurred on November 8, 2006, and the next one won’t happen until November 13, 2032.

Astrological interpretation

In astrology, the heliocentric nodes are the locations on the ecliptic in which a planet always perfectly meets the belt of the zodiac.

Technically, most of the time every planet is ever so slightly off of the belt of the zodiac, just a little bit north or south of the belt that all planets travel on. Each planet has a point where they perfectly meet the belt of the zodiac.

The points in the zodiac at which a planet meets the ecliptic perfectly, the heliocentric nodes, are thought to express a certain meaning of the planet, revealing its true flavors and hidden energetic undertones.

This table below shows the location of each planet’s heliocentric nodes.

Because the heliocentric nodes of Mercury are located at 17 degrees Scorpio and 17 degrees Taurus, we can be certain that all occultations of Mercury will occur in November: Scorpio season.

What does it mean, that the astrological body representing the conscious mind, the logical brain, surface thought processes, finds home in Scorpio/Taurus?

It means that the nature of the mind is to drill down into things, to uncover what is hidden and leave no stone unturned in the routine cleaning of the consciousness.

Scorpio is energy that pierces and drills down into emotions or thoughts, and really digs down into the heart of the truth no matter what the challenge.

During this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, while the body of our collective mental state, surface thinking, and homeostasis marinate in the emotionally intense, passionate, purgative and drilling energy of this sign, we’re being asked to reflect on what we have not yet had the will to face.

You’re probably thinking, seriously, more purging and facing built up emotions? This year has been all about that with the central aspect Saturn conjunct Pluto, and here we are, fatefully receiving more of it.

Fate is calling us to thoroughly, repeatedly face our inner emotions, confront what has been built up or neglected within ourselves, and truly be cleansed and molded into a state of being free of fear or anxiety.

The result of continuous emotional release, facing what is typically set aside, is often a state of feeling cleansed, free of fear, alleviated of such things as anxiety or a tangled subconscious.

Due to all the events of this year, people probably don’t have a whole lot more to release in this regard.

Whatever people have managed to ignore or avoid facing, this Scorpio season provides us with another opportunity (or fateful imposition) to be cleansed of fear.

So what should a perfect occultation of Mercury and the Sun literally do to us?

Well, as an eclipse cements energy in the collective consciousness for several weeks after, setting in motion a delayed reaction type of persistent, reverberating effect, this event is likely to crystallize and cement energy in our collective mental state, whereas eclipses crystallize energy in our collective emotional, subconscious direction.

Mercury is not subconscious, but the opposite: fully surface-level conscious, and so the effects of this should be extremely noticeable in the general tone of the day.

This is the chart for the occultation of Mercury.

What energy might be crystallized in our collective surface mental state, reverberating in effect for days or weeks? Well, it’s that emotionally intense, hard truth-facing Scorpio energy of course.

Better yet, an element of the equation is distinctly soothing, imaginative, relaxed and contented in general: Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, the blessing continuously in the air between 2011 and 2026.

Thankfully, a massively positive configuration is set in the sky during this crystallization of energy into the collective consciousness: the Sun and Mercury form a positive trine, 120-degree angle to Neptune in Pisces.

A pondering, spiritual, imaginative, music-loving and generally relaxed vibe will likely be cemented in the atmosphere along with the Scorpionic willingness to face emotions that most people put off.

At the same time, the Sun and Mercury also form a positive aspect to Scorpio’s planet, Pluto during the event, even more distinctly emphasizing that this year is about emotional purging and facing the hard truth.

If you get a chance to witness the celestial event (during the daytime) on November 11, you’ll be sure to enjoy it.


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