Goddess of Creation: The Choices in Your Life

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomSomething we forget when get caught up in our lives is that we actually have choices at all times. This channel talks about how every time we are in a place to make decisions, we are actually making multiple choices at the same time. In this I’m speaking of the significant events that happen in life. When you are indecisive, you are already running multiple potentials through your mind. What actually happens is that your unconscious’ creates parallel lives or experiences. Have there been times when things felt familiar but unfinished? You are tapping into these alternatives when this happens.

During this channel the Goddess creates a space where you are able to look at your life and bring up a particular experience. What is interesting is that for almost everyone, whey did this, there were soooo many distractions! It was hard to see what the event truly was. So, the Goddess cleared out the distractions so that people could see. From there everyone had the potential to go back to the beginning and see the various potentials about this situation. As you gather this information, you are able to have a new understanding about life and you can create change.

Life is always fluid, step into the flow of movement.

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As you are here present upon this journey this evening you are taking the time out from everything else that may be going on within your life.

There may be distractions, there may be medical issues, there may be changes, transformations that are going on within and around you. No matter what it is, this is your moment for yourself, this is your moment that you allow your conscious focus to be anchored within you. Breathe in and breathe out.

During your time upon the earth you have many karmic agreements that are put forth prior to coming into this life. We have spoken about this on many of the different channels that we’ve had and I only bring it up out today because sometimes as you become caught up within your life, the busyness that you experience can be a distraction from what was your goal or your intention in this life. It can also be that you have a very clear understanding of what it is that is your life’s purpose or your goals and that you are exactly where you need to be so as to experience all the richness of your life.

These are somewhat the extremes and most likely the majority of you fall somewhere in the middle where you kind of have an idea that this was your purpose in life or you kind of have an idea that you want to be doing something different than what you are doing and what is happening right now is the distraction.

When you feel overwhelmed in life frequently it is a distraction. When you feel unsupported in life is a distraction. When you feel as if you have that understanding that just comes from somewhere within you, and even if you are very busy you know you have that alignment or that link within you, you are listening to your soul’s intention.

For most people coming into the earth plane was not intended to be, no let me rephrase that. There is such a wide variety of experiences that people choose to have during their lifetime. Sometimes it’s a rocky road from the beginning to the end. Sometimes there are the hills and the valleys. Sometimes you may struggle for a while and then once you hit a particular place it just evens out from there. There is of course no correct way in which to live your life. There is only the way that fully supports you. This is why sometimes the distractions are there to teach you lessons. Sometimes the distractions are there to pull you out of something which no longer serves you.

In the end in any situation as you are seeking to understand who you are, what is it about your life, every time that you go back within, realigning within your heart, feeling that flow into source, you are once again adding to or building that foundation that always supports you.

With that in mind become very aware as we do this breathing to anchor and to open. You breathe into your heart center creating a ball of light from within your heart and you send that down through your energy bodies. As you send it to your chakras and it goes down into the earth, feel as it stretches out in the many different directions.

Take this moment to feel Gaia. Take this moment to open up and feel the flow or the playfulness of the elementals allowing all of that to flow through you. It comes back up through that beam of light that you sent into the earth, anchoring you, reminding you of what is to be upon the earth.

You then send that energy, it goes up through your throat, your third eye, your head center and it goes all the way up until it aligns with your higher self. You need not analyze, “is this my higher self, is it not?” You automatically align with your higher self as you shift your focus outside of you in this physical body. From there the energies continue on. There is a thread of energy that cannot be broken and this is what connects your soul to you as the human. You follow that tiny little thread of energy and it takes you back into your soul. It takes you back into that which is you as God source, that which is you throughout your many lifetimes.

As you feel your consciousness merge there is a sense of expansion. It’s as if the two come together and then you become a part of this huge energy and it is huge because you are huge. You had multiple lifetimes. Sometimes upon the earth, sometimes out in the universe. These experiences create that flow and that expansion that is your soul.

If you have a sense of just relaxing, this consciousness that is you in this lifetime merges with the consciousness of your divinity. Whenever I say that you are supported by the divine, this is you as your divine and it flows through that thread of energy moving up and down into you the human and from this high light vibration.

Your Angels, your guides, the star people all of those various energies with whom you work flow through this space and down into you. Some of them will align with you at the space of your higher self and some will align within this space, some will align within the All That Is, however, everything comes from you as your soul or as source.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst all that are here. I merge my energies with you and as I do so we all shift until we move into the All That Is.

Take a moment to look around. Look at this space so that you may see not only what is here for you, but what might be some of the influences in your life.

Okay. As I said that I saw so many different distractions and things coming in. So it was overwhelming. I am going to clear that out ~ whew~ and instead we’re going to look at this in another way. I invite you to breathe within your energy, feel your consciousness expand into different directions.

As you do so, bring in as if we’re watching that big-screen again, we know we’ve done this many different times, sometimes it’s a TV, sometimes it’s a screen, sometimes it’s the clouds so, however you wish to envision it, have this perception of what your life is spread out in front of you.

As you open to this perception, I invite you to take note of whatever it is that seems to be most prevalent in your consciousness and in your life in this now moment. For most people, it is something that they are working through and therefore it envelopes a great deal of your thoughts and your emotions.

Here within this expanded state you have the ability to freeze frame any point within your life. You have the ability to receive perceptions that may be different than what you remembered as the human. We will begin with whatever it is that came first to your thoughts.

As you do so, open up and just take in whatever it is. For so many people I’m feeling as if there are all these different influences or influencers that are creating clutter. So, I’m going to clear that out ~whew~ and I invite you to just become very clear with yourself about what it is that is coming up for you in this now moment.

Okay, I now invite you to ask yourself what has led me to this point in my life? If you stretch out the timeline, needed there are certain things that pop up for you, or perhaps one thing that pops up. If it’s possible, ask to know if there is a defining moment that has led to where you are right now. I am hearing no one moment, just a bunch of little occurrences. From others I’m hearing it was when this happened to me. And others it was when something did not happen to them. I’m sure there are many, many, many different variations to these.

As you consider when you started noticing this trend that led to where you are right now, go back into that moment. With what you know now if there is anything that you can change, let us change it. Therefore, if you have made a different decision, made a different choice, had not gone somewhere or maybe get go somewhere then looked before you as if in a hologram what your life would be like with these alternatives. For some it is as if you become very frustrated, however, I ask you to take a breath in ~whew~ breathe out.

The reason that it is important to look at different alternatives is so that you will have perspective for where you are right now. If you had change something around the time that started what’s happening to you right now then here is another potential that is being experienced within your consciousness; we shall make it your unconsciousness.

There were also other potentials that you could have done, and I’m hearing people say that it is limitless; true. In truth with all the major experiences of your life you will presented with two to three opportunities in how you create that within your life. The reaction, the way it gets played out, if you make one choice it opens up the door, if you make another choice it opens up the door. So yes indeed, there are many different ways in which your life can be lived.

So, for this now moment, I wish you to once more go back to that moment in time and as you look at this alternative truly allow yourself to experience what would have been different within your life. There we go. It is not that this alternate life would be utopia, because it would lead to its own experiences. It is simply different.

The reason that I wanted you to experience this was for you to gain the knowledge from this experience that has unconsciously moved through your energy bodies.

Go back to that moment in time, ask to see if there was a third potential for some there is, for some there isn’t. If there is something that comes up for you then also allow your consciousness to move along that pathway looking at what that choice would give to you.

I invite you to then gather all that information from these alternate life experiences and bring them back into this now moment. As you have a sense of looking at what has happened your life; be it over the last days, months, years, whatever that length of time.

I invite you to now look at it with the conscious awareness of what it would have been for you. As if you take all that potential, gather into you, right now within your consciousness. As that happens, I can feel waves upon waves moving through everyone.

The solidity of your life is the most prominent experience that you have. In one dimension or another your unconscious was living those other potentials so as to bring in that knowledge and you have received it over time. Sometimes it comes in in such a way that you think “oh my goodness, I’m going to do this now”. Sometimes it just gets placed in your unconscious as an opportunity and you just go past it.

When you take an opportunity to very consciously not only look at your life but at alternatives you are opening to receive so much information and you can then integrate all of that into you in this now moment. For many of you I see things that were intense, softening out. For some, people that were looking around and looking around for the answers (they are) becoming focused.

For others I see you giving yourself a hard time for the choices that you made. So, if you are giving yourself a hard time, then look down within you to where ever it is and pull of those cores from wherever they may be. Bring them up, bring them up, bring them up and ~whew~ let them go.

Feel the love and compassion flow within you in this now moment; there you go. As all of this flows through you, and because you are consciously looking at it, those alternative lives of merging with yours. So that you may have the information that you need and that you may also much more fully, release any judgment against yourself and release any frustration that you may have.

Take a deep breath in whew~ breathe out.

Feel the essence and the love that washes over you, filling you from within this space. As I see you becoming a little more anchored and settled, I am going to clear out those filters that I had placed around you. So that you may now look at your life and all of those things that were distractions or that were perhaps thoughts that were pulling you down, whatever it may be, let it come in now so that you can look at your life from within this space.

Some of them have already disappeared, others of them you can look at and understand why you’ve had that experience; and then let it go. There are so many ways in which you can open, that you can understand who you are.

Perhaps in some of you I’m recognizing that those distractions are somewhat what keeps you on track. Sometimes you recognize that those distractions have been what’s keeping you from this deep soul to soul communication that you can have within you.

I invite you to affirm that the beginning, the middle, that and of whatever experiences you may be happening in your life; it begins with your alignment to soul, you experience it, and it completes all within that balance of your soul.

Putting forth that affirmation will then keep you from being pulled outside, or if you are pulled outside of that space, you can come back in more easily. Feel the essence of who you are.

From within the space have a sense of shifting almost as if you are turning around so that you now look at what is coming up in your life. As you have cleared and come to a new understanding of where you are, as you look towards what is coming up, is there anything now that you can let go? Is there something that you are in the midst of that no longer serves you, you let it go. Is there something that you have been seeking and felt that you didn’t have the tools to accomplish it or if it wasn’t the right timing; whatever that may be, connect with that vibration or that energy in this now moment.

Send the flow of energy and light through, that it may flow down into the potentials coming up for you. If you are stuck in something, look at that potential, make a change move in a different direction. There are always multiple ways in which to live your life.

As you breathe out into this now moment, clear out the clutter that is frequently a part of your life. Ask, from within your heart of hearts, to know what is in your best interest as you move forward in your life. Asking that may become very clear to you, it may be nonexistent, however, take this moment to breathe in, to let it go, and as you stand with the depth, the knowledge, the richness, the fullness of who you are; experience it in this now moment.

Okay, from within this space, within this strength within you, send forth the intention that your relationships, your work, your family, your living situation; whatever it may be, be in that space of self and send forth that ball of energy, that ball of light that it may roll through everything so that you manifest from that space of self.

Take a deep breath in, and breathe out. You are creating your future. You are creating in this now moment. You are looking at the potentials. I invite you to always choose the potential that most resonates with you. That is another way in which you remain in alignment with source. I felt another wave just move through.

I invite everyone to gather together and within the group, coming up within you is the hologram of the earth. As this hologram comes up within take a moment and infuse into it what it is to be very cognizant of yourself and your life, of having cleared out the distractions and integrated the potentials. As you infuse that into the earth, you are in fusing this space of strength, the space of balance, this space of expanded understanding for who you are and what your life is all about.

As all of that goes into the hologram it immediately begins to clear out any lower vibration that is out of balance. As the hologram integrates all of this energy you have that sense of shifting there is that part that goes out to the universe, and the remainder goes down into the earth.

As it comes into the physical earth it is clearing out the magnetic grid, it is clearing out the collective consciousness, clearing out even more that no longer serve humanity. It moves through into the center of the earth anchoring within the earth it then comes outward. It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees, the animals; it comes into the consciousness of the earth.

What is coming in, is the vibration of people knowing who they are, knowing that soul connection, understanding that any choice they make they are tapping into potentials. Through listening to their soul, they tap into the potentials that most resonate with them, that most to support them. You yourself have brought up your own transformation through that cord of light that was linking you into the earth.

As all of that integrate within you, feel as if your physical body is actually adjusting to this new vibration for this new consciousness. You bring back into you, the expanded consciousness from the All That Is. You move through the soul plane you come back through your higher self and you anchor it within your heart center.

Take a moment to just feel the wave upon wave of energy that moves through. Be who you are, open to the potentials around you, listen to your divinity through finding the path that most supports you in brings joy into your life.

As you are moving forth through the next days and weeks upon the earth, I invite you to just take various times during the day and ask yourself the question “what are my potentials in this now moment”? As you do so, you may find that you shifting gears very easily; that you follow that stream that the answers along beside you.

Recognize that no matter what is going on in your life, no matter what is happening, there are new and different potentials. If you are in a space that feels like everything is happy and in balance and in bliss, then continue to flow the energy and that emotion through you. Anything outside of that, recognize I’m here for a reason, let me learn it quickly, and come back to that state of balance.

You create your life. You have multiple options, so choose the options that help you to feel good and excited within your life.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you!



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