November Energies: Patience And Trust As We Move Through Uncharted Territory

we are one love eraoflightTranslating the recent codes we have been receiving has given a super expansive view of how the month of November and the following months are going to unfold and to say we are about to receive more light than ever before would on the one hand be obvious, we are of course evolving which means we exist within an ever increasing spiral of love, but on the other hand I am aware there will be many hitting the WOW frequencies, how that wow transpires of course is dependent on your current octave and what mirrors are required to be seen, I love witnessing the wow spectrum, the low octaves are a “wow, are you serious” as freak twists and turns appear and then there are those who experience the wow frequency in the higher octaves as they begin to see what they perceive as more aligned experiences coming forward, and once the wow spectrum has been spent we move into the “ah yes” space where there is zero reaction as we flow in a peaceful joyous frequency and we respond, through choice.

I spent many years of the awakening in the WOW spectrum and would always jump in, led by dreams and what I believed to be guidance however I realise now it was resonance to my true frequency, the core frequency, the frequency that hides behind ALL and anchors the beliefs and programming firmly in, which is always different to the frequency we THINK ourselves in, but this vast spectrum and the many years spent here has taught a lot, it shares the keys to attachments and it shares the keys to understanding the language of the body and for this half life experience we are so grateful as the realisation and release creates an expansion in our field, an expansion I am to share within the SOUL-AR Alignment Course as the Key is about to be birthed.

Birthing is something we can expect to be experiencing this month, galactic light babies are ready, the contractions have started and many of you who have been focused on the light path may well be experiencing nesting, bloating and contractions, this is entirely normal, check in with the physical and see if there is any language coming up in the discomfort, in other words does it relate to the reality or the programming you are identifying/validating/releasing. When we have these experiences there is a vital key, unconscious thinking will get disgruntled with the uncomfortableness, the conscious being will take the self love to a deeper level and provide the perfect space and environment for the birth/release, this process is the same when we move through the clearing phases, there must be no defense and no judgement of the symbolic messages the body shows/speaks, we also stop using words of suffering and sickness and we fully align to releases, purges, or perhaps its new conversation as you learn to understand, pay attention and action the requests of the body.

With the ever increasing light this month we often experience heaviness and restriction which is often perceived as pain, especially in those, like myself, who continue to do when I know I need to be, even when we reach peaceful, restful, attentive states of awareness there is still more to learn, more fine tuning and you may notice the stress points getting busy, jaw, head, neck, shoulders and stomach act like big batteries that store the tension, and the tension as I said will only be your resistance to the light speed, that’s the thing, as everything speeds up we must learn to slow down the physical, even though the energy will be coursing through, ok so slow down isn’t the right words here, although it is, I feel soften is a better way to describe the surf.

That’s the thing, November is going to be a mixed bag, enough to get many more waking up to how this actually works and seeking out lighthouses with the brightest lights and the safest passage and the first couple of weeks are likely to be the most transformational as we are surfing through the new moon opposing Uranus energies and adding to this all changing energy we now move into a Mars square Pluto stream, which acts like the rubber stamp…..ENTRY – NO ENTRY.

But of course there is always entry, there are the new energy portals we can enter and then there are the looping ones that always look different until you learn to see the patterns and programming, until you are able to own the true frequency, knowing that what will be attracted will be the mirror until the patterns are learned and even with these phases many say well I must need to mirror to attract the mirror and the answer to that is, no, that too is self sacrificing and holds no point, you see once you are aware of the programming and once you understand what is a conscious choice and what is an unconscious choice, where you are being led into peace, joy and a carefree space or where you are exploding in excitement, need, want, and holding the “if I do this” expectation malarkey, then the need for mirrors becomes an unconscious choice, and whilst this may sound complicated its actually so very simple, the first sacred field you enter is that of peace, utter peace, and nothing but peace…..find it.

Patience is something that is becoming topical, patience is a virtue they say, many people pride themselves on being patient but this word needs a little more investigation because patience can also be attachment and expectation, it can also be linked in with enabling and avoidance. Patience with self, that’s a given, however there is often a root into the ego and self avoidance or enabling, slowing the process down unnecessarily highlights the fear of change, the key here is to keep the flow, we are under heavy Capricorn energies, powered by Saturn, our Lord of Time, and he teaches FLOW, his highest octave is Divine Time and he requests we keep this show on the road, nice and steady, progression, and as I keep saying THINK GOAT, tiny goat steps up this steep mountain face we are climbing. Patience out there, well that needs some looking at, lets not forget to wait is to weight and to try again is to lie again and all of this will be felt as the light speed increases, some request to experience Life Force at full speed, I certainly did as the resistance I held to love was huge, of course I was unaware, like most I had been programmed to experience attachment as love and it was a seed grown from lack, it’s a story we all hold and it’s the story we are all erasing, some wake up and complete the process in this lifetime and all else continues the loop until it awakens or is purged by the planet itself, but that’s a whole different conversation.

The Pluto and Mars square will have the wise ready and prepared to release or scrap the old, this could well be a going back to the drawing board energy especially with Mercury in Retrograde however if this is the wave you surf hold these words within, with every wave there is a ripple, a crest and then the most beautiful part when it returns back to the All, meaning there is a process and the quicker this is realised the sooner the reality will provide its reward, let it go, let it transform and watch what comes next, and with these energies intensifying it could well appear as shocking, highlighting the attachment through the high emotional reaction, the moment it enters allow it to dissolve, hold trust, stay patient with self and experience the emotional release and all the data it holds and watch how it evolves into something so much more purposeful, if this materialises as the deprogramming of attachment you may be thinking and feeling some incredible depths but hold the trust, bliss exists in detachment, peace resides in the fields of acceptance and love will grow widely when you ensure the soil is PH Aligned.

If we take the focus that the first half of November will be much adjusting, allowing, accepting, learning to adapt to the frequencies at super fast rates, then the galactic babies we are about to birth by mid to end of the month are going to be big, bouncy and incredibly healthy and this is the magic within this month, in fact I would highly suggest we move the holiday season to the last two weeks of November, take note of this because come December 25th and the eclipses you will no doubt be surfing the WOW spectrum I mentioned earlier, there is going to be so much coming up, attachments, expectations, HUGE insights to prepare for the Tsunami Surf Event of 2020.

This month requires the focus, requires the understanding of how this is all working and fully aligning.

The codes from our Galactic Future Self are entering through the portal that Jupiter is now opening, we begin this year as he passes the galactic centre according to tropical astrology and we receive the highest of octaves next year as he then travels through the constellation of Sagittarius according to Sidereal astrology. As Sagittarius is his home sign this makes this a super happy galactic return to Jupiter, the planet of reward, luck, expansion and he propels from within us the opportunity to spread our wings further and wider, he is the planet of MORE and again there are of course octaves, so perhaps make the use of the time and be more proactive otherwise we could perhaps see the spread appear more like a midriff muffin, laziness is a lower octave mirror.

Asides from the fun, this is again important work, and this requires focus, as I mentioned in a recent report Mercury in Retrograde is playing around in the field next door, he is going to be shouting some controversial comments over the hedge, things that are likely to bring in some self doubt, a pull back to the old ways, letting dreams slip by for another trip on the loop, but if you look closely you are going to see his tongue in cheek. The Galactic Codes are being channelled through our inner Jupiter, then Venus activates in a conjunction, this is pure Divine Galactic Love, this is creation energy, this is your green light to go and Mercury will support you, you will find, hear, receive the inner communication, your inner Mercury will begin to show what it is like to truly align to that inner voice and we are opened wide, more wide than before and we create the next level to the NewBuild we have been working on.

This month is set to be a wonderful transition and the guidance is to embrace everything that comes into your field, the incoming galactic energies hold purpose and to not hold the respect for this would be pure ignorance to the Ancient Future Self, the Unified version of you, being me, being Us as One. Take Self into the most softest spaces, allow the sensitivity to heighten and pay attention to the touch, taste, smell, sight and sound and notice how it feels, peace is the path, excitement or nervousness is the mirror, connect with the body and listen clearly to its needs and wants and realise where it is addicted to out there and return to those spaces and fill it with your loving energy, finding new ways to support those neglected areas and allowing the attachments to dissolve. Jupiter will bring forward a huge influx of light and we now prepare using the transformative energies of Pluto that begin this month, the physical body vibration must be priority and for every release mentally there too must be a physical upgrade which will require underpinning until the new has stabilised, this pattern of expansion takes effort at first but because the codes are that of unconditional love, unconditional doing for self, they stabilise quickly and become the new version or experience, understanding and aligning to how this works is necessary to stop the learning how this works which is a looping effect, why learn something that is already in the awareness, it holds no purpose.


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