Message from the Pleiades: The Still Being of Love

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomAncient wisdom about the new human being.

The most important thing we want to talk to you about today is every person’s Vedantic space that is in the depths of your soul. Many have called this room a still being of love. That’s exactly what it is too. The loving room of still life is where you have your hand on the solar plexus. You don’t have to remember every single word I say. But I want you to know every single word I say. It is about lifting the lid to the divine source in your interior, through the vibrating power of words. The most important thing to me is not what your brain says, but what your heart and soul say. Therefore, I ask you to close your eyes and feel every step in your body and soul.

Sit back and feel your seat. Feel how your body distributes the center of gravity on the chair. Feel every muscle in your back and shoulders relax. Feel your jaws hanging relaxed. If your heart were talking right now, it would be the same word you hear me speak. You have all the accumulated knowledge within you, and it’s time to dig deep to access the original words of wisdom that are yours. Your words are the words of truth, which will resonate in the world as you begin to speak them. You begin to speak them as you open the gate to the kingdom of words in your heart. This is where the original power of communication lies. The true words, are the most powerful words. Therefore, I want to accompany you to these words, which are your origin. You are created from these words, but you are also pronouncing these words. The question of the chicken and the egg is most relevant here.

You are both the chicken and the egg. It was when you decided to let your egg hatch that life could begin. That means the thought came first. Your thought is the foundation of all life. Therefore, I ask you to use your thought based on this knowledge, that it is the creator of all life. It is through your thought that all creation of life takes place. Now imagine for yourself how you sit inside a bubble of pure, divine light. Have your third eye activated to set the frequency in your bodily temple. Your third eye helps you to go beyond your ego, which wants to tell you that you should not believe that you are something. Your third eye is in contact with the nectar of life that impregnates your soul with divine sustenance. This nectar from paradise washes your eyes clean so you can see clearly. You can see your true Self, the child of life, being born where eternity has placed a platform for original and eternal life, within you. The platform is located in the solar plexus, the source of the springs, and is called the long flower of blue.

The knowledge that washes you clean from the fog of illusion will allow this flower to bear fruit. Therefore, take a deep breath and be guided by me, in peace and harmony with the eternal breath. Take another deep breath and feel the light you are enveloped by the shells of layers of walls and stones that you have placed around you for protection. Feel the light and nectar sweep through your body and clear away all the anxiety and strife that has been there behind the walls. Then take another sigh of relief, and feel how you are ready to receive the divine energies from Mother Earth.

See how your roots find their way into Mother Earth until you reach her crystal light realm. Let the roots wrap around the crystals and ground you. All the wisdom hidden within these crystals is now available to you. Let this creative power of wisdom rise through your bones, to land in your root chakra. When you have anchored yourself within Mother Earth, it’s time to revitalize your soul with playful and joyful water from the source in Mother Earth’s interior. Now let the sparkling water rise up along your roots and legs to land in your umbilical chakra. You have now taken your first step on the road to creating yourself in three days. You have become part of the great mother’s creative power. You have planted the seeds of your soul in good soil, and watered with good water. You are still standing on the ground.

It’s time to turn to your Father’s heaven. Breathe a sigh of relief, because the next step is the most important of all steps, in the present time. Take a sigh of relief and see for your inner how Wiracocha, the god of the sun and wind, puts a golden crown on your head. This crown is the hallmark of being ready to receive the key to your own inner kingdom of God. This crown is a sign that the children of life will soon be born within you, there in the eternal bed of solar plexus. This child is the symbol of your spiritual liberation. This child is the blessing it means to be human. Living in a physical body with its spiritual and eternal origins manifested within itself as a small child is a dear and great gift. You should know that this child is not only your divine Self, but it is also your twin soul. You have carried your twin soul within you as a small seed, and it is only when you grow this seed, into a flower, that it can bear fruit.

So to return to the eternal new.


» via email » Channel: Jennyli Gustavsson