The 9D Arcturian Council: Full E.T. Disclosure Is Coming

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have begun to investigate the possibility that you will be given certain key pieces of information about the existence of extra-terrestrials and which government leaders have known about their existence and kept it from you. We have seen the various timelines in which this type of evidence comes to light that would be unquestionable and from a very credible source, and what we can see is that most of humanity would not find themselves in a state of shock or rage. (I KejRaj have been thinking and saying this for years. The GFL underestimates humanities ability to adapt to new realities and situations. Hopefully now they begin to see things differently).

Most people would not begin building bunkers for themselves and their families. Most humans who are unaware of the cover-ups would be disappointed and want to point fingers at this, that, or the other political leader, but the existence of extra-terrestrials being made known to all of humanity would not have the effect of widespread panic.

This is what we are seeing right now. We are seeing a readiness within the majority of the population. The vast majority of the population is ready for the big reveal, for the disclosure event. But we see it playing out in such a way that the evidence is presented by a person, or a group, or a media outlet that has no political ties whatsoever.

If you have your full disclosure event presented to you by a government leader, the likelihood of that leader using disclosure to his or her advantage is extremely high. We are not talking about just photographic evidence or video. We are talking about much more than that being presented to the entire human population, and we see this is as a positive choice that humanity is going to make.

We see your higher selves debating about when the opportune time is for this disclosure event. We see that the people who would be freaking out the most are the ones delaying the entire process, and that’s to be expected. You cannot expect every human to be all right with the existence of extra-terrestrials when it goes against something they have held very dear to themselves, like a religion. There is also fear that is generated because of past life experiences that people have had with extra-terrestrials and the traumas they still hold from those experiences.

This is something that we continue to study and analyze, and every time that we bring it up to you, there is of course the truth that you are that much closer. You are closer now than you ever have been to everyone knowing without a doubt that e.t.s existence and that they have been in contact with humans for millions of years. This is the timing that you all wanted for this to occur in, regardless of what your ego and your mind is telling you. So if you are wondering why it didn’t happen thirty or forty years ago, it is because of the agreement you all had as a human collective consciousness.

Remember that everything will always happen in accordance with the greatest and highest good of all, and that includes full disclosure of extra-terrestrial life and the involvement of those e.t.s with your governments, your military officials, and a lot of the technology that you have on your planet right now. The time is coming, and those of you receiving this transmission will not be surprised, but you are the ones who can make it easier on those who will be.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton


3 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: Full E.T. Disclosure Is Coming”

  1. Doug James

    It is time for disclosure and our real history and how we have been controlled and manipulated by dark ERs and to an extent positive ETs right? The earth duality experiment went off the tracks and went down a path leading to our destruction if intervention hadn’t happened by our galactic friends and family. It’s time to let the world know the truth. Without the truth we cant move forward entropy continues.

  2. Neno

    If we could experience world war 1-2 we can do whatever we want ,, I truly do believe to cobra and toplet bombs (whatever is name of those bombs ) because it’s only logical ,,, nothing else fit in calculations ,, only that , but as he also say use your own feelings to know truth so I do that = I have left possibility that he is not telling truth ,,,

  3. geoffsari

    KejRaj, it’s more to do with switching timelines. We are at the better scenario collectively to face the our galactic family no more than ever.

    Either that or they just realized we are not as scare as they think we are. LOL. I leaning more towards an energetic reading of our collective consciousness, we may have just passed the marker for full disclosure.