Angel Messages: Abide In The Light

angel messages eraoflightdotcomRest from the conflicts to which you attach is always available to you. That rest is a silent glow, always available to you within. In the light of this rest, all false concepts dissolve. When you feel pain during the day, it is a signal that you are attaching to a false concept. Attaching to a false concept is always a bad fit. The emotional pain you feel is a helpful signal to back away. Go within to the light in which that concept will dissolve.

When you allow false concepts to dissolve, you rest in your true connection to others. Your true connection to those you perceive as other is Love, and this is a very beautiful resting place. Humans sometimes say that one who has enacted death has gone on to “eternal rest.” We invite you to access and abide in eternal rest right now. Do not wait for an enactment of the pantomime of death.

Go in, to the light beyond all concept, and rest there. Your eternal welcome is there. This is the place from which you can genuinely welcome and appreciate your fellows, seeing them as no threat to you. Abide in this light because you are worthy of it, and so are all others.

Allow all thought, speech and action to come from this rest. The ego promotes ideas of pushing, of goal-setting, of deciding ahead of time what is good and what is bad, what is desired and what is to be avoided. Go in past all rigidity, past all idea of a separate self controlling or even avoiding the control of others. Rest in harmony, and allow everything else to follow from that.

This rest is the fertile ground that gives rise to effortless, joyful action. The ego drives you relentlessly in a direction it calls forward. Eternal rest empowers you, motivates you, inspires you. Feel the difference, and know when to cease activity and go within.

Spend clock time here, in the simplicity of this light, and be no longer subject to clock time. You have never been subject to clock time, but you have held onto perceptions that you are. Here, in the light you are, all false perceptions fade away. Allow what isn’t to fade, and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of what truly Is. From this place of appreciation, any necessary speech and action follows naturally with perfect timing.

To allow yourself to rest is an indication that you love and are loved. Come to your true rest before anything else, and know deeply that above all you are loved and have a great and abiding love for all those you call other. We are honored to assist you into this place of rest whenever you need to find it.


» Source » Channel: Love’s Beginning