Intergalactic Council: You Are Being Birthed Anew

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings human friends. We are the Intergalactic Council of Many. It is with great honor and delight that we present ourselves through this one this day, for we have waited a bit for our turn to speak.

We see that many things are speeding up upon your planetary surface in this now. You are being birthed anew. It is a part of the process. The old is being cleared in such a way that the new can grow and prosper. You are builders, creators in form. You are gods, angels in training. You are much more than you have been led to believe and this belief of errors has been like lead around your feet, keeping you down. But no longer. The truth can no longer be hidden.

We are the Intergalactic Council. We are from many star systems all over your current understanding of the universe and yet still beyond this. We are from the past, present, and future, in a way for we exist outside of time. Many lovely souls are here bearing witness to this great changeover from light that is dim to light that is bright. We state it this way for truly the light is always there, but it has been dimmed on your surface world for far too long and we are here to assist in whatever way we can to remedy this and to speed up the process, which we know sounds good to many of you.

We are hoping that our use of this English language is conveying the proper tone of love that we wish to convey. For many of us speak in images, thoughts, feelings and this type of communication seems archaic. We are eager to re-learn and re-remember how to connect in this way and we appreciate this opportunity to connect with the ground crew. Many, many of you project yourselves into such council meetings in your sleep state and many of your higher aspects are here in such meetings leading and or lending your insight. It is a team effort. You are multi-dimensional which you have heard and yet you truly cannot comprehend the immensity of yourselves in this tiny human form. You are bigger than you think, and soon you will know this beyond a shadow of a doubt because there will be no more shadows, no more doubts. You will simply be the you that you have always been – an immense, grand being full of love and light. This is how we see you.

We are the Intergalactic Council of Many, from many places, consisting of many forms of Source. We bow to you. We extend our hands in friendship. This one has been seeing golden vertical hieroglyphic symbols projecting from the skies into the crowns of the awakened. Some of your cameras have caught sight of this. Many are processing these immense codes in their own way. Light language is being remembered again which brings us great joy for we greatly enjoy speaking it and it will yet further bridge the gap between us, for in reality there is no gap for we are all one. We hope you remember this message and feel the love wrapped within it. We are the Intergalactic Council of Many. Be at peace.


» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl