Our World in 2020: Opportunities For A Mega Shift

luminous world eraoflightdotcomThe year 2020 marks a key juncture for all of us and our world. We’re headed into an incredible year, marking the start of a decade of unprecedented changes and opportunities. Continue reading to better grasp the magnitude of these moments and learn about doorways that will open for us to walk through.


It’s important to stay grounded and in our hearts as we enter 2020. We must not buy into doom-and-gloom or allow naysayers to stir fears within us. We are conditioned to dislike – and even fight – change. It’s not comfortable and there are so many unknowns as we venture into new territories. That said, our true nature is fluid and ever-changing. No part of us remains stagnant, even if we think we’re stuck and making no progress. Indeed all of life is ever-changing and in motion. Deep within our being we understand this fully. However, in these years of radical revolutionary change, we are witnessing and experiencing the most profound changes we’ve ever had in one lifetime. We may sometimes think it’s too much all at once – like we can’t keep up.

Relax, we’re ready for this. We may forget on a conscious level, but we’re here purposefully for this mega shift.

You in 2020

The times of mega societal restructuring you were born to help facilitate are unfolding now. The pace of this overhaul will quicken exponentially in 2020 and throughout the 2020s.

It’s not just our outside world, it’s the way we personally live – however we’ve structured our lives to work is up for a dramatic overhaul. Ready or not, “life” will show us through happenstance what we need to shift on a personal level. It won’t happen all at once. It will involve what I refer to a divine orchestration with divine timing. I’ll go into this more in my upcoming “Predictions 2020” eBook being prepared now.

Each of us will have rare opportunities to advance spiritually and clear lifetimes of dysfunctional DNA-level patterns that keep us stuck in a linear fear-based consciousness. As part of that, we will witness and experience abundant blessings because of being alive now on a path of awakening – conscious and open to evolving to a higher state of being. The beings around us will benefit from our growth, wisdom, ad presence – even if we don’t see ourselves as teachers.

Energies Involved in the Shift

As we move through the end of 2019 all of us will be increasingly influenced by the mega Saturn-Pluto conjunction that will set the tone of these times. We’ll have plenty of high-note moments, combined with some low ones, and many in between.

These are the times we were born to be a part of as divine changemakers. It is a rare opportunity for us to shine our light ever more brightly, help others navigating the chaos, and greatly accelerate our self-liberation.

The path ahead is unknown – aside from some things we can visibly see and intuit from the energies prevailing – we indeed are at the helm of creating a much different and more loving kind of world.

I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming times. Let me know what you want to better understand and specific topics you’d like to see addressed. Trust that your voice and energies matter, and that as you find increased inner strength and clarity, your mere presence in the world makes a big difference.


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