Mary Magdalene: Journey Through the Desert

mary magdalene eraoflightDear beautiful people,

I am Mary Magdalene. I belong with you, you are my soul family. I am here among equals, like-minded people, and you each have a purpose similar to mine. I am not the only one present here from my side, this room is filled with the exuberant energy of your guides and helpers. They want to embrace you. We want to create a channel here by which you may receive what you need: love, solace, encouragement.

Receive all of it with open arms, you so deserve it. Life for you is such a struggle. You are trying to survive and to hold your own in this world, a world that in many respects does not resonate with you, does not reflect the deepest stirrings of your soul. For many of you, life here on Earth is like an arduous trek through a barren desert. What is lacking is some direction, a clear path, a view of what lies ahead. You feel alone here, and I want to touch you, to feel your heart, and to remind you of who you are.

I just said my goal is the same as is yours. We all are here on Earth to help, support, and quicken the transformation processes in which humanity finds itself. You are the teachers of the new era and you wonder how you can help change the consciousness on Earth. Well, you do that by allowing the new consciousness to be born in you, that is how. You bring fertility to the desert; you tend the desert with your newly born consciousness. In this way, new life emerges on Earth.

New growth and flowering appears in a place where drought and barrenness have reigned. A place in which fear and power have prevailed for a long time, and where aliveness and inspiration in people have been banned. Do not think for a moment that I am sketching too bleak a picture of your history, because you do not know what it is like to experience lightness and true joy and fulfillment in life. You forget what it is to be a human child who feels safe while living between Heaven and Earth; what it is like to play in freedom, with the knowledge that you are borne by the elements of the Earth and are welcome here; how it feels to be led by Heaven and its energies that assist you from there. Now, that is true joy. That is what life on Earth is meant to be. Yet even then, there is much to learn, to discover, to experience in life, and, while doing so, to know you are being enveloped in safety. That is what many of you so desire: a life embedded in safety and security, in love and warmth. I see your longing for it and you can have that.

Do have a longing for that other world, for that level of vibration where you truly belong. Cherish that longing, because it is like a beacon that leads you. At the same time, I ask you to see what in you has not yet reached that far, those parts which are still stuck in the old, still attached, in a way, to the desert, to the barrenness and the drought. The truth is that there are parts in each of you which are still attached to the old, which are not yet able to let go and grow with the new. At this time, there is a massive change taking place in the hearts of people, a growth of consciousness taking place in the world. There is a growing desire in you to be natural and spontaneous, and as I have just described, should develop from a sense of security.

You are forerunners in this process, pioneers. Each of you carries the germ of being a teacher, a guide for others. At the same time, you are also thrown into the deepest abyss, in what you call “the dark night of the soul”. Precisely when you want to arrive at the new territory, when you want to mine new ground, you must first completely take your leave from the old place, with its entrenched energies of fear, pain, and judgement; a place to which you still adhere.

So right when you are a teacher, or in the process of becoming one, you are first thrown into the depths to discover all you need to release that connects you with the old. You will be literally hurled into the depths when you have completely become dedicated to opening your consciousness for the new. This is why we all are here with you: I, your guides, along with other teachers. We commend you for your courage, because you knew when you began this life on Earth that this would be a period of transformation during which you would have to face up to, and meet up with, the darkest parts in yourself. And doing that is the key to the gate of the new.

What makes you so brave is that you have ventured the jump without knowing exactly what depths awaited you. When you incarnate, when you take the plunge into a new earthly life, you lose the clarity and overview that you have as a soul in the realms beyond Earth. You immerse yourself in ignorance and oblivion, with the deep confidence that you will find the way back Home, that you will know what you have to do. This is a courageous act and I want you to praise yourself for doing that.

If you do not know how to proceed in your life, how to deal with very persistent patterns of fear or pain or gloom; if you have the feeling of being stuck, then realize, that you have taken on this journey with great courage, and from a great inspiration, in order to contribute to a new consciousness on Earth. In a sense, you sacrifice yourself by giving up everything in you that is old and anxious so you can taste the new, and in doing that, you can also be an example for others.

Now, it is important to understand the nature of this giving up. It is not so much a sacrifice you make for others or for the world. It is a bowing down deeply to your own core, to that which transcends your human knowing and your human will; it is a bowing down to your own greatness as a soul. In this lifetime, your goal is to truly give priority to the soul and its destiny, even though it sometimes makes you, as a human being, writhe in pain and, at times, fills you with disgust and despair. I therefore ask that you have respect for yourself and for others who are going through a similar process.

Do not judge, because the depth of one’s “dark night of the soul”, of the darkness that he or she is going through, says nothing about where that soul, that human being, is on the inner path. It is a sure sign of strength and courage to want to face, very deeply, parts of yourself, and this encounter sometimes seems to come from outside yourself. For example, someone has to deal with a serious illness, or with a huge setback on the human level, and you say: “I do not want this at all, I want to get rid of this and live in the light.” However, there are deeper layers in you that do say “yes” to that darkness, parts of you that feel and know that: “Somewhere in me, I need this experience of life. This darkness wants to be seen, it has meaning for me, and even though I yell and scream with pain and fear, I trust this process” That is your greatest challenge: to trust “the dark night of the soul”.

It is very human to lose confidence. What is needed is compassion and understanding when you lose your trust. When all the light disappears, compassion is the energy that holds on the longest and reaches the farthest. Thinking you know what is best for another, or giving well-meaning advice, is not the way you connect with others in distress, or even with yourself when you feel that way, but through compassion. To be next to someone and to really listen and understand; to surround the other with humanity, with reverence and respect, is the energy that brings the most healing to someone who is traveling through the “dark night of the soul”.

Often, you can not give yourself this compassion when you are at the lowest point in the “dark night of the soul”, when you are facing the darkest parts in you that you reject. You do not love yourself, and perhaps you even loathe yourself. You have preconceived notions about where you stand, where you should have been, what you should have done. You often wallow in prejudices and self-criticisms, in regrets and remorse, which make you stuck. That is the opposite of compassion for yourself.

These are the deepest layers in which human consciousness can sink; layers of fear, self-denial, anger, remorse, resistance, depression. The key is that you dare to reach out a hand to me from a sense of equality, because I understand you, I see you, I listen to you. To create that spaciousness for each other is what we can do for one another. Currently, there is much need for this. A human being who has reached the depths of the “dark night of the soul” is in some way alone, but it makes a huge difference when people support their fellow being without judgment and from a position of equality.

You see, that is also at the heart of the teacher’s profession in the new time. It is not by preaching from up on your soapbox, or from books full of wisdom, or from exalted knowledge with higher principles, but from really kneeling down next to someone and reaching out your hand to them in equality. Because you know from having experienced being in that depth, or from a sense that you might be there at some future time. If you can be in that space with another, and you can give acceptance and understanding to that person, then you stand with both feet in the new land. You have sacrificed your ego, that which “knows better” and wants to keep control.

At the level of spirituality, you can also have an ego full of high minded ideas, yet be too little rooted in being human and not be fluid and flexible: be too unyielding and rigid. What happens during the “dark night of the soul” is that you are asked, and challenged, to let go of all your rigid ideas and really go with what is alive, with what is actually going on. Another person can help you with this, but you must let go at your deepest level.

Believe that you are fine as you are, that you are an innocent child of life who does not have to defend itself; a child that is safe on Earth and under the Heavens. To feel that again is where the “dark night of the soul” wants to take you. Whatever is not yours, whatever is false, unyielding, and rigid – especially toward yourself – needs to be released. And that hurts, because you may be attached to rigidity and severity, which can somewhat give to you a false sense of certainty, but it is not alive, it is not real.

What you are is a vibrant source of light – flowing light. Imagine that this source of light is in your abdomen, and from there flows a vibrant energy to your heart and to the whole of your body. This energy is vital and new, it makes the Earth fertile. Feel that energy in the middle of your abdomen. It is an energy which comes directly from your soul, and is so powerful that it breaks down old trappings and structures you have cherished, so allow this energy to flow.

You have already achieved a great deal inwardly. Be proud of yourself, acknowledge your own greatness. Do not hesitate to give space to the light shining through you, and doing that has nothing to do with ego. It is about abandon, no longer holding back what would flow through you: joy, understanding, wisdom, compassion, and light – a very grounded light that does not judge.

I greet you all from my heart. Feel once more the energy of power and light. We would like to indulge you with a bath of energy, of light – just say “yes” to it. We love you and deeply respect who you are.

» Channel: Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

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