Angels and Adama: We Are Watching Over You

adama of telos eraoflightdotcomWe are the angels. We see humanity struggling with these upheavals of change. We would like to remind you that you are lovingly surrounded in every moment by many helping hands, should you allow. We are always here for you. The close calls, the near misses, we are always working to ensure your success. Won’t you talk with us? For we are all around you.

We are the angels. We are hard workers behind the scenes, carrying the light, as are you, ground team. Many of you feel under appreciated. Appreciation for the tasks that you do behind the scenes in secret, in the dark as you illuminate it – it is unimaginable to you the amount of impact that you are having. It is in the stillness that this is best achieved. We see that more and more of you are discovering your own inner still point where the Christ child lives. It is imperative that you seek the stillness more regularly, more fully, for that and that alone will assist you in the coming days ahead.

We are the angels. We love you so much. We send you our tremendous appreciation for the love and joy that you are sharing. Many of you are processing old wounds for yourselves and for the collective. For this we thank you. And we remind you that you are never alone. You are continuously surrounded by the light of the Christ, of the all. You are always surrounded by us, as we continuously collaborate with Source to best assist you. But you must be open and think to ask. Think to pray, think to be still and feel the difference. The solstice is approaching, the still point, the balance. Find your own inner balance and be still, be comforted. The the greatest gift that you can give yourselves is the forethought of inner peace, of the inner stillness.

We are the angels. We surround you with a warm blanket of love this day. Be at peace and be comforted. Be assured that you are making an enormous difference and you have the full support of the angelic realm. We send light and love into your being now. Refreshing, uplifting energies into your form.

Greetings, this is Adama of Telos. Greetings, family of the light. Your inner earth family within Telos sends you love and encouragement this day. We can feel the inner shift of Gaia and we have felt her shift quite a lot lately, which tells us that our reunions are close at hand, and this gives us great cause for excitement and thanksgiving. We know you are weary. The amount of light that you, light team, have grounded lately, is staggering, unprecedented. Much more is to come, but you have help, should you allow it. Many of you have felt alone. This need not be the case, for you are surrounded by family and friends sending your their etheric and galactic support. You are not alone.

I am Adama of Telos. Many of you visit here in your dream state, enjoying the beauty of the inner earth cities and sanctuaries. Gaia is to be a paradise once again. She has remained so in the inner plane. The surface world will be restored once again. We see that the ground team needs to be restored a bit, for these shifts have taken a toll on your morale. Friends, you are not alone. I place my hand over your heart space. (I am seeing crystal light that is alive and spinning, singing). I am placing my hand in your heart, my child. I am placing my other hand on your forehead. (I am feeling this crystal light move inside my head, spinning the energies. The crystal spaces in my head and heart become merged. My body is now filled with this sparkling crystal light). The days of the lone warrior are past. The days of reunification with tribes of days gone by is at hand. Many of you are rejoining us as you slumber, for joy and for celebration. The celebration will soon be made manifest in your surface realm. But carry this celebration in your heart space, carry this inner peace with you and it will be more easily made manifest.

I am Adama of Telos, high priest and big brother. We are your caring family. Gaia’s surface and inner realms will be pristine and beautiful once again. But this pristine beauty may begin within your heart spaces now. See, I have given you a little energetic upgrade. These energies of joy and peace are all around. Allow this higher light, this 5 and 6 D light to rework your inner thought patterns that need to ascend as well. See the word “isolation” and put it in front of you in an orb. Fill the orb with crystal light and see the word change to “community.” Your inner earth community surrounds you with light. You are no longer alone, you need not feel that you are.

I am Adama of Telos. Our healing chambers are always open to serve the surface team of light. You are always welcome within our gates. Only the pure of heart may enter. Many of us (citizens of Telos) are timidly venturing out for a view and experience of the surface world. It is not a place for the faint of heart. We hold you in high respect and honor for the cleansing work, for the bravery that you continually show by holding the light so admirably. Be encouraged and be comforted. This inner light work that we have done together is encoded with Nova Gaia energies with the frequency of Telos. It will be easier for you to connect with your friends and family here or there, whichever makes most sense to you. But know that here or there is irrelevant for it is all within you. Nova Gaia is a state of being, as well as a place. We dwell in this still point of being and you will be carrying with you this state of being, state of mind, state of the heart, wherever you go and you will be a calling card, a beacon of the higher ascended realms wherever you go. Do not concern yourselves with lower vibrational realms and realities. Other combat teams are dealing with this. They have their assignments and are doing it excellently. Your assignment, ground team, is to have the faith and the fortitude and the endurance enough to keep going, to keep loving, to keep shining your light. And in so doing you are bridging realities, weaving them together vibrationally.

I am Adama of Telos, high priest. Many of you have been priests and priestesses in days gone by. We weave the light with you. Just as Inner Earth is weaving its energies with outer earth so your inner realities must be woven with your outer realm so that your inner peace is made manifest on the outer. Live your days within this oasis of peace and be comforted. All is most well. I am Adama of Telos. I kiss your forehead with brotherly affection, igniting the codes further. Feel the love that is available for you, ground team. Feel the light spin within. You are not alone. Feel this call of Inner Earth, carrying you home, and realize it is within you and has been in away all along. Your soul, the voice of your soul is calling you home. This has been a brutal road for many. The experiment fell too far and too many outside interferences were involved. They are being removed. All is in good hands. Ground the light. Ground the peace. Be the joy of heaven within the form of the human body and rewrite your future. For the future is not what you have been told it would be. (I am seeing collapsing old timelines of armageddons, of traumatic ends). These are no more. The crystal heart of Nova Gaia pulses with life, with hope, with trust, with new beginnings. She is trusting in Mother and Father. Will you? I am Adama of Telos. Until we meet again. Peace, brothers and sisters. Peace.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl