Clearing the Throat Chakra; Access to Higher Portals

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomMore on throat chakra: The throat chakra works with communication, and with the expression of what is deep inside of us. It links directly with the neck and cranium, where the whole powerhouse, or the most important higher communication systems in our energy body and physical form are housed. Not only is the brain or mind housed there, but also the third eye, and crown chakras.

It is here that the pineal, pituitary glands are which not only produce the life hormone, but also are the higher transmission centers, and when all of these, plus the causal, soul and stellar gateway chakras are opened up, where we can receive direct transmissions cosmically, and therefore also tap into the Super-consciousness fields.

However, when mankind lost its ability to communicate telepathically, and therefore every else could read your mind and intentions (therefore no lies nor cover ups), and sound became expression, via the throat chakra and speaking etc., that is when the throat chakra became clogged up.

In Atlantis those who wished to control the whole population and therefore to make them into robots and puppets, they planted control boxes in the throat area, in order to control expression of speech, and block the energy flow to the upper chakras, therefore closing down the ability to receive transmissions.

When mankind lost telepathy it started to invent lies. Every single lie has an intent to hide the truth, and this forms black snakes which clogs up the whole energy center in the throat area – and clogs up the ability to receive cosmic transmission and therefore the higher transmissions of truth and light.

It also clogs up the third eye and crown chakras and blocks the energy flow to the heart and solar plexus area, where the upper downward pyramid moves into our bodies, connecting us with the Divine and with the Super-consciousness fields.

In the last few years the Cosmic Hierarchy have been upgrading our energy systems systematically as the new crystalline body is formed. Therefore there is much work on the throat chakra – as mankind cannot move into the higher states of being, when lies block this area, and other can control what is expressed via this energy centre.

Therefore clearing of the throat chakra is one of the most important ways to clear up the higher portals, as all channel through the upper pyramid, to form intense transmission centers. When the throat is clogged up, the third eye cannot receive the higher truths and this is what those in Atlantis very much knew when they blocked this area. For since that happened humanity fell into the 3D world, and lost its ability to receive cosmic transmissions and tap into the higher states of consciousness.

» Source » By Judith Kusel