Full Moon in Gemini; Peace for Humanity

super moon eraoflightdotcomThe Full Moon in Gemini takes place tonight at 9:12pm PST, so we build toward it all day, and will be fully in its wake tomorrow. I write from the perspective of my time zone, PST, as I live in Los Angeles. This Full Moon hits today for me here in the west, but just past midnight for my compatriots in the east. The further east you go, the more this land squarely on the 12th, so truly, this Full Moon – and the increased sensation of energy and intensity – will be felt by us all for a full two days, today and tomorrow, no matter where on the planet you call home.

There are four powerful threads that all knit together in this lunation, and it starts with the archetypes involved. Gemini is where we learned what an idea was in the first place, and how to have language to describe our existence. Sagittarius is where we take those ideas, explore and expand them, and turn them into belief systems, bother personal and collective. All polarities work in this way, bring two ends of a continuum together in order that some new integration is created. With Sagittarius and Gemini, this is all about how we consider the truth, what that means for us as individuals, and how we incorporate and integrate what we know, into an ever-expanding sense of integrated self. Meaning, as we learn more about who we are, our sense of identity expands and increases. We learned this with Gemini and Sagittarius, and so such is the nature of this Full Moon.

All Full Moons are an opportunity to express gratitude for what we have already created, and to dive into releasing anything that no longer serves us at our current level of development. It is a never-ending, relentless way that we grow through life. There is an angle in geometry that is perfectly designed for releasing the past; the 150-degree angle known as the Inconjunct, or sometimes called The Great Eliminator. There is a big one at play with this Full Moon.

If you have been following my posts for any time now, you are aware that the current gathering of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is where all of the action is. It is death and taxes time (Pluto and Saturn, respectively) this year and next; we are all being put into a position to do our mighty personal work of dropping obstacles of our own heart centered living, so that we might help lift up the planet through the collective. As more people on the planet drop their own attachment to personal wound, the transpersonal wounds of the Planetary Being can be healed more thoroughly.

Saturn and Pluto can’t really be personal, they are social and transpersonal, respectively. As Saturn moves, so does our experience of community and the world around us. Saturn says we must take responsibility for all that we are being confronted with. Pluto is transpersonal, and as he goes, the world around us is just dying and being reborn, over and over again, with great power and intensity. Put these together, and we still don’t have a truly personal touchstone into what is happening, until we consider that Venus is in the mix. Part of this Full Moon includes a Conjunction from Venus to both Saturn and Pluto. And the relationship of the Full Moon herself and this stelium in Capricorn forms this Great Eliminator angle, where letting go of the past is all that really matters.

As I keep driving home, this is how we create Peace for Humanity; one human at a time. Venus in Capricorn allows us to understand where the hard work is for us at this time, and may add the bit of love to make the work feel worth doing. Venus/Saturn says that our relationships and intimate connections need our attention. Venus/Pluto says that how we live in our hearts is ready to change, and change dramatically. The precise way this Full Moon creates this leave behind angle with Venus/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn makes this particular moment perfect for taking whatever wounded consciousness you are grappling with right now, and leave it behind for good.

There is help with this. One of the threads that is very precise during this Full Moon is a Trine between Mars and Neptune. This transit puts our marching orders (Mars) in direct alignment with our spiritual guidance (Neptune). This connection of decision making, with our higher spiritual nature, will offer the intuitive guidance necessary, and perhaps the courage of your convictions as well, to release the old mental habits with a rather alarming thoroughness. As we have moved into this Full Moon, Jupiter has Squared Chiron (triggering of wound at a deep and powerful level) but is also Trining Uranus, who brings a flash of lighting in a bottle such that miracles can happen, and the healing we seek is truly ready to be received instantly.

The next lunar cycle begins with a New Moon that is also an eclipse, and we start 2020 in the wormhole of change and transformation that comes every six months when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth enter their bi-yearly shadow dance. That will be the last New Moon of what has been a profoundly powerful year, and next year promises to be even more disruptive and challenging than this year has been. For guidance at this time, follow Mercury, for he has been pretty active in the days leading up to now. In this way, the wisdom is already coming to us through our thoughts, conversations, and interactions, so pay attention. Chiron has been very triggered this week, and as a result, we are diving back down into the depths of where we keep our wounds. Yesterday’s Trine between Mercury and Chiron is going to give us the exact notion of what old habits and patterns of thought (that have become belief systems) are ready to be dismantled. With so much Gemini energy, and Mercury activated, it may be challenging to hear the still small voice of the divine speaking to you right now, but if you get quiet enough; it’s in there.

» Source » Michael Lennox