Master Kuthumi: The Chakras Must Change, Part 1

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomKuthumi: Greetings. I am very excited about the opportunity to create this level of understanding about how the energetics work within the physical body, especially the chakra system. There is much information on your planet about the chakra system and the different ways of using it and viewing it. This is a little different today. We are incorporating the creative aspect of creation within the physical form, how that form operates, how the energetics of the body operate to change states of consciousness, and what that looks like from a third, fourth or a fifth dimensional view.

It stands to reason that the way the chakra system is configured must change to accommodate states of consciousness. The energetics then get used in a different way to hold or sustain that state of consciousness. I think this is a very important piece here that we are developing. We are asking the student to begin to create from these concepts and to see it and to experience it. Do you have any comments from your vantage point, since you are the one with a body?

Jim: What I’ve noticed is we’re starting with a concept that’s in the first chakra, expanding it creatively in the second, energizing and empowering it in the third, then flowing it within the fourth. This is really an escalation or stepping up. It holds quite a tremendous opening. That was very valuable for everyone in the class last week to see and experience. Then, being able to, from that platform, expand it again. You could go back through it and enhance it and expand it even more fully. This is a very rapid way to create a state of consciousness that has much of the hard work removed from it.

Kuthumi: Yes. I fully agree. There are two things that I find very important in this work that we are doing together. First, to begin to teach the student how to access their state of consciousness in regards to their infinite self. You could say their ‘unlimited’ self but here again, languaging on your planet is very confining. The word “unlimited” still embodies a concept of ‘limited’. This is a state of being that is in perfect resonance with the Divine Plan of Creation from its very first creative breath. The students are that. They are that expression. As we move into a state of consciousness, we show the way. We teach the concepts. We give the energetic initiations for that expression. It is important they begin to see that within themselves. It is important they see that they are that infinite expression brought into their awareness through the breath of Spirit.

That is one concept that needs to be brought into the mix here. The other concept that I find very important and which you have laid the foundation for in the last class was the concept of Love being more than a warm, fuzzy feeling. Love has great power and impetus to bring into form, through various energetic formats. It is more than the emotional body. Portions do reside there and reside in every piece of who you are as a Soul, as well as an embodied being.

Those two concepts are very key now in this process. It is key to have an understanding on a conceptual level and the powerful energetic usage of Love in the creative process.

Jim: I understand

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Kuthumi to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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