Yeshua: The Days Go By

yeshua eraoflightdotcomThe days go by, and they go by without the crowd waking up!

We are getting closer to the “event”, and the crowd isn’t getting any closer to heaven. The big shift is happening, only the crowd remains unchanged.

Nevertheless, the streams of divine grace are released incessantly, and until the very last moment, everybody gets their chance for turning back.

Beloved human beings,

Continue to walk your path of love and light unflinchingly. Even if you are laughed at, made fun of, misunderstood or attacked: continue to follow in God’s footsteps. Stay true to your choice, stand firmly even against the wind, and recognize opportunities for your personal growth in the challenges of this time.

You are being forged – like iron is forged into a sword. You are being shaped – like a pot that gets its beauty only by the hands of a potter.

The crowd knows little of all this – and even if individuals awaken in an impressive number, the majority of the crowd is still in a state of deep sleep.

It turns out that for most people this phase will continue, and that they will experience the shifts only to a very limited extent.

Their dependence on the matrix is too grave to let their horizon expand and the spiritual wings spread. They can’t see the divine, neither in the world nor in their own hearts. How can God show himself to the blind, and how can the deaf hear God’s call?

It is the time of final decisions. Even though each individual gets a chance for turning back until the last minute, only very few will be able to take that chance, because they have been neglecting the necessary preparatory work.

Someone who avoids even the slightest changes in their lives and consciousness won’t be able to hop on the train into the New Age. A minimum of courage, risk and readiness to change oneself and one’s life is required in order to be able to recognize the signs of the final days.

It is necessary to have developed a certain level of inner clarity in order to be able to distinguish between the God’s call and the calls of false prophets when the end of time comes.

So this world, along with humanity, is facing the final processes – every human being with their own baggage and their own story.

Blessed are those who have rid themselves of their baggage and are light because they are travelling without their story.

Don’t delude yourself that at this unique time all human beings will embark on their journey home. However, be assured that you will, that is if you continue to devotedly serve God and shine like a light in dark days for other people – and so it is essentially all about giving your undivided attention to yourself.

Heal yourself!

You can only be of service to other people if you know yourself. Helping others should never supersede your own transformation.

Your own healing comes first, then the healing of others and then the healing of Mother Earth.

All is done once you bring harmony, peace and divine order into yourself and all your affairs. Then your divine inner light shines, and that way people find you without you needing to call attention to yourself.

Look ahead and keep going. Don’t freeze when you look back! The crowd is still sleeping and will be awakened at another time.

Rejoice, because an entire world is elevated – with all human beings whose longing for God is great and whose YES to ascension is more than just lip service.

By preparing yourself you have done all you can do. No one else can change for you, and no one else will turn back in your stead.

Celestial trumpets will herald the end and the beginning. Blessed are those who listen, because the same way they recognize, they are being recognized.


» Source » channel: Jahn J Kassl