Energy Report 16th – 22nd December

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We begin where we end as we finalise the departure of all that is to be left behind, memories soon to be so distant they no longer have any hold, any power and the residual emotions start to purify into thoughts and words holding the vibration of gratitude and forgiveness.

We aren’t just finishing a year, this isn’t a normal year end as I am sure you are all feeling, we have completions of so many cycles and patterns, there are literally too many to mention, and all just so happen to be shifting during 2019.

The Age of Aquarius is entering, and we are the pioneers of an age not yet known, so if it is pressure and confusion you are feeling then congratulations you have now realised your place in humanity’s evolution.

You aren’t meant to know, you are meant to be figuring this all out and as for the pressure, we all know how diamonds are made.

The Age of Pisces, the age of Christianity and all the stories it held being unpicked for the truth to be realised and the separation experience to be dissolved as The Age of Aquarius brings forth the energy of Unity, our brothers and sisters begin to matter again, as we see the truth, we are One.

Each passing cycle brings humanity a new focus lasting around 2150 years, take yourself back before the stories of Christ appeared and you will find the historic symbology pointing at the Rams horns, the ways were different, the Gods were different, the reason and purpose all different. The Age of Pisces saw the fish as the symbol, the rise and fall of Christianity, and as we now transition it all becomes so crystal clear why within our lifetime we have realised in truth we do not heal, we rejuvenate and the rules to this all seem to be changing so rapidly, of course this is just part of living the illusion, which is why the sickness continued, we saw the loops, the quiet periods and labelled that as getting better, when in fact we were shown the loops, loops within a lifetime and loops within all past lifetimes, the Age of Aquarius shows us how this all works as it reveals the patterns for everyone to see should they care to experience the magic.

The old ways and beliefs, the old separated healing modalities all now become defunct, the collective unconscious is getting louder as we move, the stress builds and the dis-ease is seen on faces, now it gets real, now folk get sick and tired of the loops, the repeats and will become less and less likely to fool around with the jiggery pokery of the unhealed healers, tangible results will be required, comfort and “nice” become a thing of the past, another telling you about you will be a joke of the future as this incoming era connects us back to our hearts, our truth and we dissolve the gap of separation allowing us to dismantle the greatest conspiracy of All, when all learn that this entire trip has simply been a mirror and that living our life backwards, external to Self and reactive to our own creations, in effect being scare of our own shadows…..ENDS

But of course we know this is all energy, and it will move as quickly as we let go of the old ways, to a point, the light always increases in pressure for those stubborn areas and many are reporting this experience and so as everything speeds up and evolves and the old design crumbles, do not fear, we have the next 150 years to really get this going, but it is without doubt we have begun.

We will get to experience something like a power up in 2020, Saturn moves into Aquarius during March, he then takes a spin back in retrograde a few months later taking us back to complete some Capricorn work and then goes straight back into Aquarius with the Moon and Jupiter December 2020, I will of course be writing A LOT about this closer to the time but for now its something to be aware of, the Karmic Quest from our Lord Saturn will request we learn how to unify, we get to see what is dormant in its separation and for those now focused on healing the separation these planetary movements will bring forth the physical reality aligned to the work that has been completed, otherwise we learn the hard way, we learn through the old reactive ways that show where we take this precious gift, life, for granted and yet all is never lost as it is through the dis-ease that we find a way to re-ease, however each chooses to experience this pattern, and all must be accepted no matter how distressing, let us be clear here in that the incoming decade will release the One’s who do not support self, your motto moving forward should now only ever be “I can support you supporting self” anything other that this shows up in dis-ease, the imbalance of over supporting out there proves always to be under supporting self, distorting the unification so that you begin to manifest the experience to return the equilibrium. That’s the point with The Age of Aquarius, the theme of unity also brings accountability, responsibility and the utmost respect for HumanUnity, this means we all must show up, equally aligned and ready to shift our share.

This weeks energy really focuses us on the feeling of needing to tie everything up, bringing all we have learned from our 2019 trip and making those Promises to Self to ensure all is applied, those leaving the unsure spaces in which we learned to trust may well find “things” tend to spring up unexpectedly, and appear like a stream of agitation, flickers of chaos that bring the opportunity to See a more expanded view and dissolve the remnants of old octaves.

Practice makes perfect they say and one thing we do have is a vast space to continue the necessary advancements, slow and steady wins the race, the majority of our energy is circulated around The Cosmic Goat as the Capricorn vibe strengthens and the theme of getting to our goal heightens as we learn truly that patience is a virtue.

The Sun this week will travel over the Galactic Centre before it arrives at the point of Solstice on the weekend, a meeting with our Ancient Future Self to find out if we have reached the next level of initiation throughout our learning of this past year. The cosmic Eye is on each of us, whether we react or respond, whether we show up in the I Am presence with our thoughts and feelings aligned to our actions or whether we are trying to sneak through portals without doing the vibrational work, it will all be Seen and the codes exchanged will determine the experience from Solstice.

Harmonically stable is the VIP no need to queue just pass straight through ticket.

Everything else will require constant observation and action to get those harmonies sounding and stabilising.

How you pass the incoming Solstice portal counts, and so I highly recommend picking your flight path and manifesting the key codes required. Personally mine is labelled “freedom” and the theme of my Solstice celebration is exactly that, with a dash of unity, connection and undoubtable unconditional love as I am taken back to physically reunite with some incredibly special people, and its my first time away from my son since he became disabled.

Ah let me update you all, and once again send out a wave of love and gratitude who helped my son walk again, a miracle is unfolding before our eyes, he is now able to hobble with one crutch and fetch food, answer the door etc which means we are free again, all has been learned and through this we are watching a miracle recovery, we still have a long road, there still may be complications but we are no longer housebound and my son is mobile once again, none of this possible without those who helped us pay for the private hydrotherapy sessions at such a crucial point, you have literally given us freedom and movement again, you have given Reese his life back again and we both send so much love to each of you.

What has also been so out of this world amazing also, is that none of this, none of this healing would have been possible without the keys I have grounded within the reality, each one has played a vital unlocking, of course for my son to receive the keys and apply them I had to change the language to suit him, but he has begun recognising his programming, he has realised areas within him where he just accepted as is now require validation and we talk, a lot and we clear a lot and I am watching a young teenager grow into a wise, proactive, self-caring responsible man.

I have witnessed the keys transform my life, I have witnessed the keys bring huge changes in the lives I share them with, but to change the language and then watch them heal my son, who was housebound and barely able to bend from the waist down is nothing short of a miracle.

And it wont be long until I am able to share the miracle world-wide, so that all who choose can experience the magic I have found, we are just a few steps away now from releasing the launch of the website

I am sending each and All so much love


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