Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, Council of Radiant Light: The Spaciousness of a Vaster Identity

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The light within you grows and grows. Your capacities in embodiment are expanding! This is true for all beings in your world; for you are connected energetically, and as new capacities for humanity come online, all have access.

If one’s way of being is habitual and patterned, if one does not have a relationship with intuition, inner knowing, or their own consciousness, these new opportunities for embodied expression may go undetected. But these changes occur simultaneously within all – for this is how Life Itself is expressing and each of you flows from the vast unified wholeness of All.

So… Life Itself is opening up for you new forms of expression. The momentum of your experience is ripening. You can feel it. What serves you now might surprise you. One of the most powerful things you can bring to your lives right now, is a willingness to allow for more wide open space.

This could be space within you, or space within your sense of self – it could be a softening or loosening of your hold on how you think things will be, or are. It could be space in your physical lives – your home, your work, your relationships. And by space, we also mean spaciousness; a willingness to be softer, to be open to the possibilities that things are not exactly what they seem.

There have been and will continue to be challenges as you reach for new experiences. As you expand, and become more aware of your wholeness, you naturally change. This is the nature of this realm – continual expansion and reclaiming of your true Self and the challenges need not be unpleasant, and in fact they can be great adventures; and provide you with experiential journeys that bring you to new levels of expression, fulfillment and confidence in yourself.

How you cultivate your mindset, create your space and your lives, can help you to continually open more and allow your inner knowing to move you into new expression. With that approach you may discover you very much enjoy the challenges as they arise! Deliberate choosing and creating arrangements, patterns and forms for expression and being that honor you, feel harmonious for you, feel beautiful, nourishing, natural and sweet to you, these intentional choices will serve you in the unfolding of your life here.

Challenges, friends are natural. So many people think if their life is challenging they aren’t doing something right. In truth, your humanity thrives on being in new experiences and discovering and allowing greater capacity for expression, being, doing, and receiving. Challenges orient you to your presence here in ways that allow you, and call you into more whole awareness and presence. Think on that for a moment.

Most of what you want is continuously coming into your awareness as a way of upleveling; going into a more fulfilling experience. This requires you to flow. To let go of what-is. To be willing to expand and (drumroll) to be willing to CHANGE!

One thing we see in you that we would like to highlight is a tendency to over-identify with the personality of your localized humanity.

A great potential for awakening, and aware humans is to realize that your specific identity in this life is a form for expression and presence; temporary and NOT who you truly are.

Who you are is SOUL. You can know this, but even more than knowing it, you can relate to your life as if this were true – for it is. Your life can be changed more easily when you’re less merged with this localized identity and see if as who you are. When you take hold of your Greater Self, recognizing and embracing that expression as your Source and the Real You, then that expanded awareness can move through your embodiment and elevate your life with more grace and ease.

As you embrace and identify with your own Greater Self, you allow your humanity to fill in, and refine. You become, through this way of knowing yourself, less attached to the particulars of this life and in that relationship of softness and greater allowing, life can more easily evolve. You can more easily, be fulfilled!

Conscious evolution of your lives is rooted in an accurate identity. Giving up the need to pretend you do not know yourself as SOUL is an important first step. Being willing to make inner harmony with your own wholeness the priority is another key.

Most people worry a great deal about what others think of them. Some of you, despite your best efforts still want to be seen as “right,” or “smart,” or “beautiful,” or even “a good person.” The problem with these aspirations is that they orient you transactionally to the world around you and to other people. This orientation diminishes your ability to clearly hear and flow with your own Inner Self, the greater you, the soul that is in sync with All Life. Ironically when you allow your Inner Self to guide you and matter most in terms of accord, your life will shine.

The planetary field at this time is expanding enormously. Although this isn’t visually noticeable as there being “more space” on the planet, what is happening is that as human beings awaken, they begin to vibrate faster and in doing so, the space within your presence, increases. Higher vibrating particles spread out. You begin energetically to connect with other high vibrational fields and to influence the world as a whole, simply through presence. Your choices change. Your focus refines. Your sense of purpose becomes, as you evolve in awareness and allow your own wholeness to present, your sense of purpose becomes unconditional. You begin to want to be here as you, fully and clearly and truly know that is your greatest contribution. You begin to live in beyond ideas of right or wrong, and find you are open and curious about what Your Life is meant to be. You learn bit by bit to give up needing to control things and instead open and flow.

Fundamentally, the truth of Life becomes real to you as experience. Life is abundant. You are abundant. Life is eternal, perpetual. You are eternal, perpetual. This form and focus is temporary.

We suggest you love this form and focus, and enjoy it as an expression of you. We also encourage you to contemplate the impermanence of it, deeply, until it is real to you.

Seeing your humanity and this world, your experience in this body and all around you as fluid, changing and impermanent is the path of allowing. This understanding will unleash you from all forms of bondage and bring you into greater harmony with the Greater Self.

Life Itself is here for you. Within you and all around you. You are within Life Itself and this world – even though it seems only conceptual to consider – is actually all within your own wholeness. Everything about your experience is taking place within you and emanating into experiences you can discern perceptually, because form naturally emanates from All Life. It is, how it is.

Let go more. Make more space.

The days and energies right now are moving into an emergent newness. A lot is restructuring and your own Soul knows how to keep you current and open you up to more fulfillment as Life on Earth expands. Open up more to who you feel yourself to be within. Spend more time talking with and communicating with your own soul, your higher Self. Realize this relationship with You & YOU is the key to everything and the way you become who you truly are here.

Doorways and thresholds abound for all of you, always, but especially now. Step into the future you wish to live – there is nothing that need change for you to be the real you, here, now – except, perhaps your willingness to engage in your own inner consciousness and build the relationship with your vaster Self in a very real and connected way.

Walk away from what is old, stale, and no longer fits. Freely give of yourself in whatever ways you wish, and be aware of when fear, doubt or a sense of unworthiness are driving your actions. When you notice this, stop, pause and open within. Invite the Greater Self, the Real You, to help you feel and know your own value.

You are significant. You matter. All of Life knows this about you. You can know this too.

The Solstice energies offer vast potential for coming into greater harmony with your planet and to living life here, in greater harmony with All that is Earth – the timeless, eternalness of this aspirational form.

With feeling, listen within. Tap into your innate knowing. Let what comes to you, come. Allow the ways your Life can express now in your humanity in forms and flows which facilitate the expansion of Life, to be your deepest desire. Listen to your hearts. The answers and all that you need, always, are here for you…in that space you consider to be “within.” Get to know it. Go there often.

Let yourself be held by your own Inner Divine, by Life Itself; let yourself be loved. If you do not feel this immense warmth and caring that is here for you ask your higher Self to make that real to you. To draw close to you and help you to feel and trust your Life and All Life.

When you know this as real, then you’ll find that you can easily and openly step into what calls to you, for your awareness will be more grounded in your eternalness than in the localized life here. This is skillful embodiment – the accurate and clear relating to human experience and with that liberating understanding, comes tremendous openness and great joy.

Knowing this? Life is fun.

We love you very much. We are complete. 
I AM Archangel Michael with Sanat Kumara and the Council of Radiant Light. We bid you, good day.

» Source » Channel: Ailia Mira