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higher self eraoflightdotcomHere we are again looking back on yet another year that seems to have passed so quickly and that has been the pattern for many years now. It is proof that time is still speeding up and if prophesies for this period are proved to be correct, we shall continue to experience many changes.

Some are undoubtedly brought about by the actions of mankind and not all are necessarily beneficial. However, there are great movements underway that can hardly be held back any longer and I believe that the year 2020 will at last see some positive changes that will move us away from strife and struggles into a more peaceful time.

The real changes that will benefit mankind have to commence sometime soon, as it is becoming harder and harder to hold them back. Obviously the dark Ones do not want you to know how very advanced they are, but they will eventually have to come clean and announce their intention to reveal a lot more of the truth about the great changes that are possible and already being enjoyed by them.

With the obvious speeding up of the climate changes and the resultant problems anticipated, ways of overcoming the threats they represent must be found and acted upon otherwise Mankind will suffer the results for many years to come. Yet secretly so many advances already made in technologies would help ease the problems they represent.

There is no doubt in my mind that in many instances we have the wrong people leading the way forward. They acknowledge that big changes are taking place, but will not dedicate their work to helping the people to be fully prepared for the extremes in weather that are already starting to be felt.

On the positive side many people are coming together to take action before it is too late to have any real impact to deal with the changes. Changes are all around us and some are threatening the very fabric of society so clearly action is needed sooner rather than later and the sooner the better.

I feel that we are looking at a very eventful New Year and that 2020 will prove to be a turning point, when many of the “right” people who know how to handle the coming changes will emerge into public life. It is already noticeable that the younger generations are stepping forward to take charge of many matters because they have the better understanding of what is needed to handle them.

I believe that if some people try to prevent them from gaining prominence, they will be removed by greater powers than those on Earth. Since the New Age we are no longer bound by edicts that prevented help from being given to us. It was never completely denied us depending on circumstances, and whether the outcome would prevent Man from following the path that had been ordained for him.

I would like to thank our team for their dedication to the cause and untiring work for Humanity, and I believe it is for souls to have their freedom returned. It is coming, but not fully until the influence of the dark Ones is totally removed. It is our destiny and the word of the Supreme Creator that cannot be challenged. So I will conclude by wishing everyone a wonderful time for the Christmas period, and an exciting and fulfilling New Year.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for your unending support. Mike Quinsey.

I shall be sending out the first message of the New Year for Friday the 10th January 2020.

Message from My Higher Self

If only you could see the beautiful energy you are giving out at the time of your celebrations. The clear beautiful colours come streaming out and lift you up so that the end of the year becomes a glorious example of what your love can achieve. Family problems can be set aside to bring them together for your special occasion regardless of whatever name you give it. It is a great time for overcoming your differences and starting anew.

Certainly your Guides will be well behind you giving every encouragement to bring about peace and goodwill. Sometimes big issues are involved but any time is a good one to overcome them, and forgiveness may be hard to come by, but with goodwill and determination anything can be achieved.

Dwelling upon the negative issues brings down your own vibrations and is ultimately likely to result in illness. Forgiveness is like standing in the Light of Love and it helps all of those involved, and happiness soon replaces gloom and despair.

Some souls feel so hurt by their experiences that they find it hard to forgive, but you cannot go on forever living at less than your true potential. Be assured that as soon as you decide to face your problems head on, you will be given every encouragement and help to succeed. Do you realise that if you hold onto the lower vibrations you will most likely experience some form of illness as they tend to poison the body. At a time of “goodwill” just see how good and well you feel when spreading love and kindness.

As you must by now be aware the vibrations are continuing to lift up, and they will give strength to those who seek to do good work in the name of love for their brothers and sisters who are also experiencing life in your material Universe. Look upon those around you as following in each other’s footsteps and learning by example as you all have something to offer that will enhance another souls experiences.

You have a wealth of experience from your many lives upon Earth, and although you have little if any recall of them they do nevertheless influence your thoughts and actions. You are the sum total of all of your lives and it influences your thoughts and actions, so be understanding of other souls when they may have a totally different view and response to life than yours. You have a saying that “variety is the spice of life” and it could not be truer.

I leave you with blessings of love and goodwill that forever pour out of the Godhead. May you achieve your life’s desires and fulfil your plan for further evolvement.

In Love and Light

Mike Quinsey.

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