Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Nurturing the Soul, Healing of the Distorted Feminine and Masculine, Massive Wake Up Calls

super moon eraoflightdotcomOn January 10/11th, the Moon, which rules: our emotions, soul and inner compass, becomes Full at 20 degrees of Cancer. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, represents: the home, the mother, comfort, security and nourishment. We have now entered into another eclipse cycle. Lunar Eclipses, are full moons with 10x the intensity and power of regular full moons. They herald: massive completions, endings and manifestations. This is even stronger as the Moon is at home, as she is the natural ruler of the sign of Cancer. Brace yourself;this baby is going to be the most emotional Lunar event of the year!

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is here to awaken a desire to bring nourishment and comfort to our lives. There is a softening that wants to be established, and this could feel rather emotional and full of intensity. Our soul is wanting connection to source and the themes of: security, mothering and safety are huge with this Lunar eclipse. Major dynamics around the home and family are highlighted with La Luna in the sign of the crab. Due to the fact that this is an Eclipse, which signals: changes and shifts, we could feel that some aspect of our soul and emotional states must alter and transform. Endings and final chapters are being acknowledged with this moon. We might want to hide from the depth of our emotions but the lesson of this Lunar Eclipse is to face our feelings and step forward with integrity and honor. Embracing our feminine and masculine polarities with peace and reverence will be major themes at this time.

The magnitude of energy of this Lunar Eclipse is also being felt by the aspects La Luna is making to her other planetary friends. Both Saturn and Pluto are opposing this moon at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn, is the planet of: karma, restriction, obligation and the patriarch. Pluto, is the planet of: transformation, power, death/rebirth. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: order, structure, destiny, responsibility and mastery. The Lunar Eclipse opposing Saturn will create a push and pull between our emotions and obligations. Its as though we want to go to the depths, but our inner masculine wants to resist the pull to be too emotionally driven. The Lunar Eclipse opposing Pluto, will set up a power struggle between our security vs. our evolution to change. The dynamic between both will set us up for some extremely emotional and karmic situations to play out, perhaps with much struggle and intensity. The healing of the feminine and masculine sides of our identity is huge with this moon cycle. We will need to deal with the distortion of both if we are to bring such healing to both sides. Surrender is a huge theme and something must be faced once and for all. We can’t hide from the disconnect; we must walk towards both sides with: humility, honesty and courage.

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is here to honor the depth of our feelings and the beauty of our deepest emotions. No other sign can be in the depths of their feelings as a Moon in Cancer ( I know as I am one). There is an opportunity with this Lunar Eclipse to place old traumas connected to our mother or inner feminine to rest. The yearning to embrace and accept our divine nature will be strong at this time. Remember if things are falling apart, it is essential to still care and protect yourself with the love of your inner momma.

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is here to bring finality and endings to our inner struggles of neglect and lack. La Luna home in her sign of the crab is here to: awaken our inner nourishment, balance out the feminine and masculine polarity and create a sense of inner peace and hope. If you have any inner planets or points/angles in/or around 20 degrees of Cancer, then this Lunar Eclipse will be particularly powerful and life altering for you.


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