Yeshua: You are Becoming a Teacher

yeshua eraoflightdotcomDear friends,

I am Jeshua. My heart is filled with joy from sharing this day with you. It is like a meeting with old friends. We are connected from the heart and we share a mission. I want you to recognize me as your brother, as an equal and a friend.

I am here to celebrate with you that you are becoming a teacher. You are going through a transition; you are entering a new stage of your soul’s path. Feel this in your heart, you are ready to move on. I am greeting you as my equals and not as my pupils. I am here to hand to you the torch of light you are meant to spread across the world. You have looked up to me and to other teachers for guidance, for answers, but you now carry the torch of light and wisdom in your own hearts. Of course, you still have questions; you still have issues to solve. You are a human being and you will go through ups and downs for your entire life. But

there is a part of you that already has gone beyond those ups and downs. There is a part of you that knows all the ups and downs there are from living on Earth as a human being. And I ask you to now connect with this part, and more consciously. It is a quiet and wise part of you.

I ask you to enter that part of yourself by imagining that you are a very old man or woman. Look into the eyes of this man or woman. These eyes have such depth, they have seen so much. Feel the heart of this wise old woman or man that you are. You have compassion, you know how to look at things from both sides, and you are able to let go and forgive, so recognize this part of you. And recognize, also, that we are gathered here today with like-minded souls, like-minded people. You all are on the same path, and though you are by yourself, alone in the sense that you are unique and individual, you all are also connected. Feel the strength of your soul-family. You are connected to a group of souls who all are going through the same transition as are you. You are never alone.

I ask one thing of you. I want you to imagine that you hold the torch of light that is you, and that you take a step forward. I am asking you to become more visible in this world. I know that many of you are dealing with old fears about this. Sharing your light, your true knowledge and wisdom, is not an easy thing for you to do. It takes courage! Sometimes you identify too much with being a victim, with being a sufferer. You feel overwhelmed by the lower energies in this world and you would rather escape and leave it all behind. But you are here to bring light, to bring change and a new awareness to Earth.

You have a mission to fulfill, and I understand your fear, but I am asking you, as an act of compassion, to step forward and to show the world who you are, although, in a way, you do not have to do this. You can remain focused on yourself, on healing and living your own life. There is no karmic obligation to step out into the world, but I am calling on your love and compassion for humanity. There is great suffering in this world. Many people feel lost in their pain, they drown in their suffering and see no way out. And although you carry your own burdens, you have also entered another level of awareness inside yourself: you are able to alleviate the suffering of others.

It is because you are aware of your own pain that your compassion has grown and you have no judgement about other people. Your own pain can act as a bridge between you and others. And when you give of yourself, when you share your light, your soul’s energy, this will bring healing to you as well. As you share your energy, and give the best of yourself to humanity, you will feel ever more deeply connected with humanity.

So I am asking you to do what I tried to do over 2000 years ago, because we are the same. Please let go of doubts and insecurities about who you really are, about your capabilities. Imagine yourself in your everyday life and that you carry the torch of light in your heart, brightly; you do not veil or hide it. Feel for yourself what would change if you do that.

I want to also tell you that it is safe to shine your light, to show it to others. This world is in a transition. When I lived on Earth, there were only a few beginnings of change, but consciousness has grown in the meantime and the world and humanity are now ready for change. You are welcome here as the teacher that you are; you will no longer be punished or crucified for doing so.

You are also here, now in this lifetime, to complete your own journey on Earth. To experience what it is like to have peace and quiet joy living on Earth. So when I ask you to share yourself and to shine your light in the world, I am not asking you to become a warrior. You do not have to convince people of anything. It is your vibration, your energy, that brings change, if you do not hide it. It is your compassion, your warm heart, your caring, that makes a difference.

And sometimes, shining your light means that you make firm decisions in your life. You might leave a relationship or a job, or move. Allowing your soul’s energy into your life can bring great change. But if you trust the flow, you will see that the Universe and life will support you, will help you. This lifetime is not about fighting and struggling, it is about receiving the grace of living according to your soul.

So finally, connect again with this old person inside you and see the Christ-energy in his or her eyes. Notice, also, that you can see the eternal in their eyes, that their eyes are not old, they are eternal.

Thank you for being here.

» Source » Channel: Pamela Kribbe