Athena: Missions

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomI’m Aurora Athena. Who are you? It’s time to remember now Man. It is time to remember your origin, your origin. You undertook a mission at Gaia because you just wanted to be part of this journey. Remember Yourself Human!

If you are a woman, remember the warm and strong, the safe and deeply loving – the Divine Feminina – that you brought with you to Gaia. You deeply grounded your loving Motherhood in the elements of Mother Earth. You had contact with the forces of Urmodern. During your life as a man you have tried to have power over others, to decide on women and children, perhaps to kill. Remember that in your role that you have also been given your own strength, to use your power to stand up for your opinions, to defend your loved one, your offspring, your family or your people with love. Use the experience of the Divine Masculine power to use in this life – in the passage of time – this power to stand up for yourself, for the strong I AM that you are. The combination of the Divine Masculine Force and the Divine Feminine Force is exactly who YOU ​​ARE. You are not either or – you are both and in your origin and so have always been.

If you are a man in this incarnation – then do not be intimidated by the woman’s Divine Feminine power but take lessons from it, remember the powerlessness you may have sometimes experienced in incarnations as a woman. Also remember the strength, the power of love / the power of bearing and the birth of a child, the intimate contact with Urkällan / Urmodern. Do you remember that even you have that power within you. In combination with your Divine Masculine power you have everything within you.

When Man and Woman now both find the balance within themselves, the New World arises. A world where everyone, without exception, can be respected and loved as the creature it is inside. The shell that many have worn as protection against the environment can now be dissolved. The fear of the fellow human beings, the animals, the failure or the darkness was all just an illusion which you now see People. The material; career, status symbols, power, money have played their part – you can see through the illusion – all this was worthless. Maybe life feels empty or pointless for a moment when the veil falls, but leave it at that. Listen to your inner, your heart. In time you will get inspiration from You Yourself. While waiting for it, try to enjoy the moment, the present, the beautiful moment of nature that is constantly changing, the children’s play, the proximity of the animals. Give yourself time to rest, time to catch up and remember who you are.

I love you all. I am Aurora Athena.

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