Everything is Energy

energy waves eraoflightdotcom09 Jan 2019, incoming energies commenced and are still ongoing on 10 January 2020. These incoming energies are multi light coded. A series on non stop pulses, patterns of vibration, sensations throughout the body, including the head. My sense is they will continue, that 12 January is significant culmination, followed by peaceful new integration of these light codes (for some). 13 January will be interesting, surprising…

Since 2015 we have been building our ability to withstand more and MORE incoming energy which ultimately assists the rise of our human energetic frequency, in this physicality. The conscious awareness of our physical and energetic fields working, merging as One energy.

Everything is energy. Every thought, word, action, interaction. It ripples out from within. It’s therefore wise to relax into these increased energies which would dissipate any physical muscular tension that can contort or go into temporary spasm. Physical pain experienced, can create mental imbalance and through mental thoughts, your energetic frequency lowers. If those lower frequency mental thoughts create words or actions, just bare in mind, that’s what we add to the collective frequency as One. Everything effects everything.

On the flip side, many can work with this incoming energy. Anchor it consciously. And are integrating it easily, with the effect of it increasing their energetic sensitivity and connectivity to themselves and connect increasingly to the higher energetic states of matter of the natural kingdoms. This conscious action will expand as we go. As ultimately some serve as bridges between the plant and animal kingdoms and Gaia. It will develop as we go, collectively. As the bigger storyline expands. Just to mention, some are galactic bridges too, but this current energetic activity IS a focus on human expansion of their human ability and raising of frequency FIRST.

We are increasing our ability to work with energy, and this stems from increasing our frequency, and consciously expanding our own connectivity to our own energetic field.

Incoming energies have increased in energetic patterning, pulsing, and vibration, increasing to all areas of the body, since our ability to detect and feel waves since 2015. It’s been incremental and continues to increase our internal human ability to WITHSTAND a larger energetic SURGE to come. Hence each ones awareness of incoming energy increases, where our response to incoming energy becomes more and more balanced, peaceful, or ecstasy SENSATION, and as non resistant. The more we surrender into these energetics designed for our ultimate transcendence, the easier it is, the more energetic FREQUENCY we can each absorb. Which serves our own growth and adds to the collective frequencies.

Humanity, plant and animal kingdoms, Gaia, are all receiving this energy and respond accordingly. We are seeing this.

Currently, as previously mentioned, there are still TWO STREAMS of human experience:

STREAM 1: those that have entered PHASE 2 of this lifetimes ascension. They are ‘born’ not ‘re-born’, as this time, they have born their Higher Self into this human conscious experience, So not like any previous RE-BIRTH experiences of updating the old version. This is NEW, and Stage 2. They are allowing their new human version to unfold one step at a time. All unfolding is from within. That is their power. Not the outer. They increase their energetic frequency, knowing how to, all from within. They observe their new human emerging, with light hearted memory of their previous version and previous reactions. The burdens are gone. The EMOTIONAL BODY is fully cleared. In many different ways for each, they blast through major constraints, such as the belief of linear time. The belief they have a future Self. The belief in PAST or past lifetimes being a previous experience (it’s all happening in the NOW). TIME is seen as beautiful, for we can now experience a slowed down experience of being in a physicality, YET, the belief of linear time limited us in many different ways. When we EMOBDY ‘NO TIME’, we still experience the human in slowed down motion of the exquisite physical realm, but we collapse LIMITATION. I’ll talk more on this in another post. We experience on going ‘aha’ moments with light hearted joy and laughter at what we previously went through as a human with limited beliefs. On going the connectivity increases and shall continue to. No rush, just observation of the dream illusion and continued development of new human as it unfolds. As previously said in October Live update, this stage is STEP by STEP, and gentle. It unfolds naturally. But there will come a timeline (activation WITHIN) when from this current state of NEW human, we step OUT of the human body. And experience from thereon, our consciousness OUTSIDE of the body. Not as a temporary state. But as this state of consciousness for our remaining life experience. That STEPPING OUT, will be sudden, in an instant. Not a fearful experience, but natural due to this current expanding period of experiencing our NEW human, in STAGE 2.

1] There are multiple humans in this stream.
Those that are finishing up clearing and dissolving the last mind patterns that contained us within 3D and 4D experience. As I’ve explained in December, many working now on remaining old patterns of behaviour, via CURRENT intense emotional experiences, do so, in order to finish up and experience their activation of ‘Solstice 2019 Light node’ that arrived and remains open since 21 December 2019 (so they enter, be activated as BIRTH of Higher Self in March 2020). Then they follow above route of experience (Stream 1, 2nd STAGE of our collective ascension).

2] More awaken into the Steam 1, and start their awaking process, but faster than we experienced it, due to the accumulating collective energies of human and energies presenting to Gaia. Support for these newly awakened is given by the awakened at various stages, but mainly the MENTAL and PHYSICAL support is given by those still in Stream 1. As those in Stream 2 focus on enhancing their energetic abilities for later use and changed (new) roles that unfold, working for the greatest good of the whole.

There are Souls, people who have chosen pre-incarnation to play specific role. To be the contrast for the polarity experiences we ascend from. They have always been, Beings of God’s creation, their divine Souls will either chose to continue on in the 3D experience and realm, or choose to leave the physical body for onward journey and soul evolution .

Will be increasingly experienced as we each become even MORE sensitive and interactive with them. Each have the inner power and ability to ride them, or alternatively, create resistance. You have the power to change any resistance felt in your physical body and mental activity. The easiest way to get through any incoming energy, is to flow, allow, BREATHE into the pulses and coded patterns of light that are being gifted. Or sleep if possible if they feel too overwhelming. Returning to the NOW MOMENT will ALWAYS bring peace and balance. To just remember, our own reaction, is energy WE GIVE OUT that is added to the collective frequency of ONE HUMANITY. So to observe ourselves in each moment, when anything arises…as we ARE creating our own individualised reality, and collective reality.

There is no rush. No pressure, except that rush and pressure we may choose to place on ourselves. There is no human less than or greater than another, except in a delusional experience of that. All are equal, all are of God’s creation as unique facets of light. No one has power over you unless you allow it. And those that feel they are more powerful, choosing to even now, at this hour, try and control either their own dream or others, are also having their perfect divine experience. Others are not our business. They are their business. Choose who and what to give your energy to. Let each be on their way, in their lane, allow all, their own experience, making your own choice whether to feed outside energies or not. There is no right or wrong choice. Each choice is an experience for each facet of consciousness, which is an experience for God to know ITSelf more. And why, God Created such diversity, uniqueness, that it may expand IT’s experience through every energy It created. BE YOU! Celebrate YOU! Allow YOU to unfold and shine sooooo bright, like a diamond, for YOU ARE already that diamond light, being realised.

NEVER has there been a more exciting outcome and unfoldment for us all. I celebrate YOU.

One Love
Amanda Lorence.

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