A Spectrum, the Evolution from One Age to the Next

earth the one eraoflightdotcomRiding the crests of waves, the constant movement in the field is incredible and we haven’t yet stepped out of the very first month of this incredible year, although in truth once the linear world vanishes these references just become a way of connecting, all is just a language, picked and used through the ability to speak multi dimensional frequencies.

The beginning of this year? According to which man made tool? What month? All now just merges into the bigger picture, a bigger design as we move through Ages.

This is the most incredible experience, to be conscious in such “times” of change. We hold the ability to slow it down, speed it up as a personal experience, through our frequ1ncy changes, views, gradients of unconscious to conscious, avoidance to awareness and yet the speed, in truth, never changes, it’s a constant whizzing as we witness the end of the chain, in a reflective world spin out of control. As the establishments begin to change hands, from no care to full care, will be the experience for us all.

All is a pattern

A pattern that changes from this now moment to the next, from one portal to another and this is where Divine Detachment is so crucial in this Master 22 year, we created this design, we requested that in this year of our man made created calendar that we will awaken, through our chosen means, of chaos, of reaction, through to magic and accountability

A spectrum, the evolution from one Age to the next

Constant, no end, no beginning, and we learn to love getting lost in time, losing all track to find the path of light to lead each through…one way, or another.

The tension now arising, causing mental blocks, rapid looping, exhaustion, confusion and stagnation, atoms spinning in a collider, soon to smash and open the portal to the new.

In the beginning it’s rough, as each moves through clearing these loops the experiences proves to be super valuable, the wisdom and the expansion they bring, far lighter and brighter than holding onto the old, so the more that are brought into the awareness the quicker The Quickening can be experienced, and loved, embraced filling life with gratitude.

The clearing is the most healing experience, it brings rejuvenation, it brings constant peace

This new moon is going to be a surge of energy, a gush of Divine light, filled with data, only this time round you have the time, to clear the channel, so that as it moves through it guides you with it, through the clear channel you prepared with respect and responsibility. The alternative is to get caught up in the debris, taken for granted, can’t be bothered, WEIGHT and see’s all bobbing around just waiting to catch you and slow down your surf.

It is a choice, the voice within is speaking.
But is the wounded masculine ready to come home, or is he going to have one more round fighting off the very thing the heart is desiring. Such separation, such avoidance, such arrogance of that Masculine force…holding on to old commands, old beliefs, old rule, out there, fighting it all by himself whilst the feminine within sits calling to no avail….

Such a sad pattern, a war time love affair? A damsel in distress, the conscious calling the unconscious back to be loved into wholeness.

All is simply a pattern and the sooner this is identified the sooner the emotions can release, Divine Detachment is a gift of freedom, a gift to have only a baseline frequency of unconditional love, nothing else need exist as that spectrum of old has all been surfed and spent

Those old octaves of anger, bitterness, had purpose, it is data, to be understood, and once understood, and validated, what more is there to experience, there is no requirement to repeat, and so it can rest, fade, and go on standby, to eventually lay dormant.

Conscious choices are made, unconsious cannot slip back in, energy simply doesn’t work like that.

So angels, use this time, expand the awareness, exist in the purpose, of this super amazing process of change we are in, and move, operate, decide, be guided from this expanded state, and allow the Divine Detachment to lead you closer into The Alignment

Sharing my love with All to assist in seeing shadows.

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