Anshar from Agartha: We Are Among You

we are one love eraoflightThe ascent for humans and for GAIA has risen with rocket speed in recent months. We really see this with pleasure in the inner realms of the Earth. We have begun to notice that more and more people have seen us up on the Earth’s surface and we are moving more and more among you. We are your cousins ​​you can say and we are so happy if we can get in touch more and more the higher you people rise in frequency. We come from the ninth dimension and you need a little more of a higher frequency to see and hear us, but some of you who ascend a little more can actually see us.

It is an amazing time we are living in right now and although there are still some disturbances of things that have to come to the surface to be sent to light, the joy of this time is so great among us in the inner realms. We are delighted with our beloved GAIA that everything is going exactly as it is intended and many people have started to see the Earth in a different way, a brighter way for easier existence.

Our realms in the inner Earth are so full of amazing colors. They are a little deeper than they are on the Earth’s surface and we enjoy every day the beautiful trees, the flowers we have. Soon you will be able to visit us in our kingdoms and we are really looking forward to it. We have our own Universe you can say with our own sun, moon, sea and lakes. High mountains and deep valleys, much like the Earth’s surface. What sets us apart from your world is the lack of stress and accomplishments. We create what we need without it having to cost anything and we also take our food from nature, everything is there.

Humans will also be able to do this when the Earth has gone completely into the fifth dimension. Humans have had to wait a long time in this way to live with everything that is already in nature and to create their life with everything it involves themselves with their own power and consciousness. Everything is possible.

People will discover how much easier life will be to live when all knowledge will be given to people with the help of energy and other necessary needs for the environment, for example.

We are glad that we have been able to speak through this channel and give people announcements of how far they have come in their ascent from the third dimension to the fifth dimension and everything is going at a furious pace.

Anshar with love

Many thanks…. In love I earn…. I AM.

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