Sun in Aquarius; Your Tribe Will Always Honor Your Heart, Independence from Toxicity, Your Dreams Are Calling You

aquarius eraoflightdotcomOn January 20th, the Sun, which rules: the ego, vitality and life force, moves from the earthy sign of Capricorn, into the airy sign of Aquarius. Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, rules: the future, dreams, originality, independence and detachment. The Sun is technically in “detriment”in the sign of Aquarius, due to it ruling the opposing sign of Leo. This creates a bit of tension in the Sun’s total expression and freedom. Despite this, we are ready to move forward and fly free of the recent heavy planetary energies. After a very trying and intense Capricorn season, we are ready to claim our sovereignty and step forward into the light. The universe is calling you to reclaim your vision of the future and to protect your dreams and plans.

The Sun in Aquarius is here to help you light a spark of creative genius and interest in humanity. Aquarius energy represents the 11th house of: groups, friendships and hopes and wishes. Now is a perfect time to create a “power tribe” around you and focus on what lights up your soul. Aquarius, being an air sign, is very intellectual, and holds friendship in high regards. No other sign is as loyal within a friendship as a water bearer. At this time, you might attract new and vibrant connections that can help heal your heart and help you move forward with your goals and aspirations. It is time to think big and be willing to be your most ” original” and ” eccentric” self. Weirdness and originality are two of Aquarius’s favorite words.

Natives born under the sign of Aquarius are rebels with a heart of gold. They love to create utopia on earth and are often way ahead of their time. Sometimes they are accused of being cold or detached. Often it’s not that they don’t care, its just that they are so focused within another realm of existence, that they forget the normal earthy plane. They dream big and being a fixed sign, they can hold their vision with stubborn tenacity. Their mission is to unite the greater collective consciousness and to create heaven on earth among all people. They are loyal and kind and if they give you their trust, it is not done lightly. The desire to give love and spread peace is where they shine. Independence is huge for them and their ultimate goals are around: freedom to dream, freedom to be and freedom to be unique.

The Sun in Aquarius is here to lighten your load and bring vision to your grandest dreams. The Sun in the sign of the water bearer is giving you permission to be a little weird and wild. It is time to take those plans and projects from Capricorn time, and express them to the the world. It is time to find your tribe that will not only honor your heart, but will rise up with you and hold you accountable.

The Sun in Aquarius is a time to remember that you are me and I am you. We are one. The Sun in Aquarius wants you to honor yourself with total authenticity and truth. The season of the water bearer is here to bring: visions of the future to life, your kindred tribe home to greet you and the ability to create your wildest dreams! Happy birthday to all my fellow Aquarian loves!

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