Goddess of Creation: Be in the Flow of Love

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomWelcome to a new year with new vibrations!! This channel has a few changes from the Goddess’s usual channels. I’ve been channeling for these teleconferences for 17 years now and from time to time the Goddess will just change things up! This time is felt as if there a greater commitment from the community to shifting the vibration of all. What was interesting is those who chose not to open to change were shifted into a different vibration. Once this happened, the rest of the community raised in its vibration. It was as if everyone levitated!

This year is going to be one of ease. Most people have worked for quite some time on clearing their energies, creating changes and opening to potentials. It feels as if now people can be in the moment. I’m sure there will always be work to do, however a great deal of the foundation is complete and now we can be in the moment and enjoy life. This is a transformation from the past. and wonderful to see and experience.

Lastly, rather than work with a hologram of the earth, the Goddess showed everyone in the flow of this love vibration. This showed how there is a constant stream that goes from the universe (I imagine originating in the central sun, through the All That Is, down into the earth; she has spoken of this for years. Now, moving forward, rather than placing all the changes and energy into a hologram; we simply step into this flow. I believe that this is a different way of working with the energies and it will make it easier for people to understand and utilize.

It’s a new year, new energy and even greater flow of love!!

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out at this time to embrace you. You as the individual person that you are. You as all of humanity upon the Earth.

There is a massive transition that has completed. It is a cycle that has completed with the Solstice that just went past (Winter in the North and Summer in the South). With that Solstice and in the completion of that cycle it has opened up humanity into a potential of what they may step into. This potential is something that is going to affect you the people that are consciously listening, that are consciously tapping into the energy. It is also going to affect the rest of humanity that is just living their lives not thinking about Spirituality, not thinking about where their conscious thoughts come from.

It is moving into a space that will allow for everyone to have that deeper opening to their Divinity. It will be of course be directed through their Higher Self. But through this deeper opening you are going to hear people say; I have a sense, I have a feeling, my gut instinct, my intuition, and all of these things are what flow through an individual that is coming from their divine guidance.

It will be more readily available and with that increase in the flow of energy and light you as the human will benefit from that expansion.

There is Joy in the world. There is Love in the world. Love is the foundation for everything that has taken place. Love is the foundation for the 5th dimensional energies. Therefore, if you are living in a conscious manner through, or within the 5th Dimension, you are living in a space of love.

If there is anything at all that brings about confusion, frustration, or feeling as if you’ve gotten off-track come back to love. Come back to opening your heart center. Come back to recognizing that this lifetime is exactly that, a lifetime. You as the soul are way more than what this lifetime has been. Be open. Be accepting. Be in the flow.

Take a deep breath in where you send that breath of energy and light down into the Earth. As you send that energy into the Earth take a moment and open up your consciousness in such a way that you reach out to Gaia. I invite you to feel the pulsation of the Earth. I invite you to feel the love and the flow of Gaia and I invite you to understand that you are a part of the Earth.

Humanity are visitors upon the Earth. However, while humanity and the animal life and everything are visitors upon the Earth, when you seek to merge with Gaia in just such a way you understand that your energy, your heartbeat, your love nurtures Gaia from within supporting the earth in this way.

As you blend with Gaia you might also feel the Elementals, you might also feel the Devas, you might also feel all that is present helping Gaia so that you can create this alignment. It will also help you for the times that you benefit from greater grounding. Phew there was a surge that went through. It went through each one of you strengthening that alignment.

Allow that conscious flow to move up within you. It comes back within your heart center. Consciously integrate that anchoring with Gaia and then send it out. You send it up through your energy bodies and you send it up through the top of your head. As you do so it connects with your Higher Self.

As this energy aligns with your Higher Self, just as you took a moment to connect with Gaia, take this moment to really feel what this space is for you or we can just create your space. Your Higher Self is a vibration. It flows into a higher vibration and it comes down close to the Earth. You are repeatedly stepping up into it, in and out of it, in your daily life.

Therefore, create your space and I invite you to make sure there are no walls and no limitations. This we will call your Conscious Space within your Higher Self so that you just take a deep breath in and expand upward and you are there. As you are looking for an answer to a problem and you want to tap into that you are there.

The important part of this is to understand that there are many, many different places within your Higher Self where you have already been creating or working through a problem, or looking at a potential. So, if there’s something that has been completed, ~whew~ clear it out. You then recognize that this conscious intention, this space of consciousness, becomes more readily available to you. There we go.

Take a deep breath in opening that alignment so that flow moves easily from your Higher Self down into you. From there we send that stream-of-consciousness even further up. There is that thread of energy that links you in the human to your Soul and this thread takes you right into your Divinity.

As you take this moment to look around allow yourself to understand or feel what Divinity is for you. It’s your home. It is your unique Soul. It is the culmination of many, many, lifetimes out of the Universe and upon the Earth. It is even more than those lifetimes. There we go. I could feel a greater ease and it felt like a movement as people merge with their Divinity and that open flow began. It was as if everything just got bigger and lighter and it created this surge of energy.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach to embrace you the human and you as your Divinity. As our energies merge together it expands. We shift into the space of the All That Is and I ask you to look around because there’s been a transition that has taken place within this dimension. For some it may just look different to you. It may feel different. Just as the vibration of the Earth has risen so too is your access to the vibration out within the Universe. When you have access to a higher vibration within the All That Is you have access to greater potentials, you have access to greater love. There we go.

Let me give you a visual image of what I see when I am talking about this. Dimensions naturally flow one to the next, to the next, to the next. As you get to the higher dimension there is less delineation from one to the other. Therefore, as you look at that swirling energy, sometimes it looks like it’s swirling in a circle, sometimes it’s a wave. What that’s indicating is that these higher light dimensions merge together, each supporting the other, and each becoming a part of the whole.

This is why as we’re looking at everyone within the All That Is this is giving you the opportunity, to not only expand your vibration in which you create in your life, but also to expand you. To expand your consciousness. To expand your opportunities. To expand everything. When you seek to clear the past or old energies you come to this space and it’s easier to clear. You can do that in your everyday life or you can do it within your Higher Self.

So here we are in what you refer to as 2020; two thousand and twenty. We have spoken many times in the past about how different times over your time line, over the linear timeline, there have been influxes, surges and transitions. But I invite you to take a moment and take a look at the last year. As you just allow your consciousness to open and see this; see it first howsoever it comes to you. Some set images, like flashes. Some feel the energy.

If you take this moment, and as I perceive the majority of you, where you were at the beginning of 2019 and where you are now is a huge change. Your everyday life may not have changed dramatically, but it does mean that your vibration and the transition of your own energy has changed dramatically in this past year. Shelly has spoken frequently about the problems with her computer and the programs that is one indication about how the technology is trying to keep up with the energy.

When you look at your life and things don’t make sense, or what you always wanted is still not happening now is the time to just let it go. There is something within the lack of what is manifested that is not in your best interest. You may analytically say no way, no way, but at this point with this huge transformation taking place I would offer you the suggestion to let go of all those disappointments. You can still want what you want, but if it hasn’t worked. Let’s just let it go and clear everything out so that what is new and different can manifest for you.

So, I invite you to begin by considering what was it… Okay, I’m going to rephrase that. Do you have everything in your life that you have always wanted? Awesome, I can see how there are number of people there that is saying, yep I’m right where I want to be, so that is fantastic. For those individuals I’m going to shift you over and you will have your own particular journey and we will catch up with you in a short time.

Is it your ego? Is it the human consciousness that tends to create in people that sense of frustration, anxiety, anger or depression? Those things that cause you to think this is not the life I want. Why can’t I manifest what I want? Where am I in my life? As I look at that I see it as just part of the human process.

So, I invite you at the beginning of this year to take a moment and look back at your life and truly, truly, those things that have been a disappointment to you let them come up in this now moment, and then let them go. ~whew~ In almost 100% of you, with that clearing out, I could still see chords. So, ask yourself what is it within you that is causing you to have this deep emotional or mental connection for something that hasn’t manifested?

Allow that answer to flow within you. For many of you it is this blank space and you’re not getting an answer. In part that’s the answer. There’s no real reason for why it hasn’t happened, it just hasn’t.

I’m not talking about those things you’ve wanted for the last month. I’m talking about those things that you’ve wanted year after year after year. It’s time, it’s time to truly acknowledge whatever that may be. It’s time to look at the human that you are in this lifetime. If perhaps there is something that was an intention before you were born, something that was a part of this energy, acknowledge it now.

What I’m feeling in many of you is this open flow of anxiety. As you consider your life, and as you consider these things that haven’t manifested or thing; why you are anxious? As you consider your life, as you consider this anxiety, I invite you to just feel the flow of love from I the Goddess and from your own Divinity. Just feel the flow of love move into you and through you. As that happens allow it to clear out the anxiety, the frustration, the pain.

For that question, I don’t know how many times we have cleared this, and even right now, there is something in many, many, many of you that just says, “I just want what I want”. What this is doing is causing you to hold even tighter to what’s not working and if it’s a disappointment, an ongoing disappointment, you just keep strangling what you want with this intense desire, sadness or frustration. It’s just pulling it and wrapping it up so it is simply not available to you. Again, allow love to come in.

Ahh very interesting. So many of you, the ones that I really tapped into that are strangling it, you’re not even allowing love to come in to you. This is perhaps a part of why you’re in the cycle that’s never clearing and never releasing. Therefore, I invite you to simply place yourself here within the All That Is which is love. I invite you to place yourself in a space where love is all around you, because it is. Then take a deep breath; breathe deeply, deeply, within you and just let go, just relax. As you relax that warm compassionate love is immediately there to rush within you.

There are a certain number of people that are simply never letting in that love and I would say we’ve done this before, and I saw Archangel Michael walked up and he reminds you that you do have that Sword of Light. You can use that Sword of Light to cut through this energy. It is a crystalline vibration and as it cuts through love immediately comes in.

I see way more than half of you have now shifted into love and there is still that segment that is remaining stubborn and so I say to you then that is your place to be at this time. Just as when we communicate with people that have crossed over, and some of those go into that cocoon and they may be there for 20 – 30 years of earth time, so too you are choosing at this moment to stay within the anger, the frustration and the pain. You are choosing that, because you are not allowing for love to come in. Therefore, that must be your journey.

Love is always available. You can make a choice to cut through that energy and then love will naturally flow within you and create a transformation. You do have a choice and those that again are remaining within that anger, pain, suffering, tightness, that is all wrapped up and we shift them to the vibration that is associated with that.

As that shifted out of this space could you feel how everyone else just kind of levitated moving into a higher vibration. At this point everyone, and that group that went off at the beginning, come back in. So now for everyone that is present here within, revel, celebrate, acknowledge here you are. You are inviting love to be the foundation of your life. You are inviting love to interpret whatever thoughts may come into your thoughts during the day. You are inviting love to fill up all of your energy bodies and as you do so I see some that are dancing and flying around and expanding as they are filled with joy.

Now, look towards the future. Look towards this year coming up for you. Some of you may already be in the midst of something that you are working with and you can take this moment to infuse all the energy into that moment. This is also a wonderful time for you to just ask what do I need to know about this year. As you close your eyes you’re floating on love. There may be certain things that come into you as a feeling. You may again see those images. What do I need to know about this year 2020?

There is a greater flow of movement through time space reality that you will notice at this time. How many of you have gone into past lives to create changes and then those changes affect this lifetime? Let us flip that around. Let us invite an aspect of you that is from your future life, a 100 years, a 1000 years, a point in the future that will dramatically support you in this now moment. So, as you allow your vibration to just relax and open up ask for an aspect of your future self to come in here and give you this message. Be open to receive what that message is.

I am hearing snippets. One is ‘it doesn’t serve you to be in such pain, it doesn’t serve your life or your soul’. Another thing I heard is’ you are so much more than what you realize’. Allow yourself to be your full self. Another snippet I heard was ‘it’s going to be fabulous when you teleport. I teleport all the time now. Teleporting is no not so far into the future’. Another snippet I heard was, I can’t even describe it, but what I saw is mathematical equations going through and several people saying that’s how that works. So, it’s a way of bringing into the physical reality the change that comes with that crystalline energy. And of course, there are many, many, many more things than that.

As I look at each one of you I see that you are lifted up. I see that you excited. I see that you are anticipating what may come. I just heard another one go through saying; ‘remind them that cancer is a temporary experience. There is a cure and the cure is here’. I heard another one ‘remind people that that deep-seated control and manipulation is broken. It’s not that it’s going to break and is going away. It is broken and you’ll begin to see more and more ways in which that will be cleared’.

I heard someone asking will there be another mediaeval days or dark days like there were cycles in history? Are there more of those coming up? For those people that we mentioned, that are stuck in that low vibration, it is as if these parallel pathways that have always been there, but they are more noticeable for people; that those parallel pathways; no there will not be there any more of that unless you stick in that vibration. Then the time will come in which those people will no longer come to the Earth, because the Earth itself will have a minimum vibration that is much higher than that intense suffering.

So, as you look at this year is there any one, two, several things that you would like to amplify at this moment. Take it up into your hands right now and as if you are opening up see this transition. Put forth from your heart, in this flow of love, that what you seek flows through your year. As you consider your life and this upcoming year, specifically create an energy or a ball of light that says ‘there may be things that are unconscious to me and I would like them to flow into my consciousness, so that I may understand and so that I may transform with greater ease’. Put that intention into this little ball and then send it out. Send it out into the pathway of your timeline for this year and perhaps feel how it might mix with some others if you are working with other people.

There is so much, we could go on and on and on. The key I have for you is that you live with your heart open all the time. As I say that I can see some of you, when you are in tough situations, and you had your heart open it would be as if it was ripping it out or painful for you. I understand that completely and that you need to kind of pull your energy in. However, when you get home and you are doing your meditation, and you’re setting up focus for the day, your heart is open. Your heart is in the flow. Your heart is guiding the opportunities that come to you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group. As you gather, I invite you to consciously look at those various dimensions that stretched from here going out into the Universe and down into the Earth. We’ve worked with the Hologram for many, many, years and at this point we want to clear out and release the Hologram that has been intrinsically a part of this group so that we may shift into another form of energy. This form of energy is a ball of light. It is not limited to the Hologram. It is instead much more expressive.

As you send that ball of light so that it may stream through the Universe it is activating an anchoring within you in other lifetimes out there and your Divinity. Then as you stand in this flow, and as you look in the other direction, it moves down and here is where it does clear out the Collective Consciousness. It does anchor living from the heart. It does somewhat create that greater discrepancy of those stuck in pain and those that are moving on.

I do this for the greater good. Those people are surrounded by love, and angels and light, and when they are ready, they will open up to this. With this focus we are infusing an even greater amount of the love centered vibration. It all flows in and out. You can look at it with your linear eyes of looking at it like a big pathway. However, it goes in and out, up, down and in every direction.

So as if you; I’m seeing people just kind of jumping into this pathway! Allow for all of your consciousness to flow back within you. As it flows back you are consciously coming back through your Higher Self. You are consciously bringing this energy into you the human and you are immediately sending that down into the Earth. That ball of light or consciousness that was already sent in, rather than it anchoring inside the Earth and moving outwards, there is just a natural pulsation and flow that it is automatically moving through every human, every animal. It is just moving through all that is present. Feel the flow. Feel the love and anchor it within you.

So, as we are coming back together and as we are completing this time together this evening, I invite you to once again tap into your own energies, and whether it is various times or just once a day, really truly be in the flow of love.

Consciously open your heart to love. Not with a distinction of pointing it there, pointing it there, fixing this, fixing that, be in the open flow of love. And just as we did at the completion of the journey instead of working with a specific Hologram there was just a stream of love consciousness that went out into the Universe and down into the Earth and into you each one of you. That was amplifying that flow of love that is available to you.

Take the opportunity to tap into it. Allow it to support you and be the joy and the magnificent person that you are in this year.

Know that I am always available and within you.



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