Sananda Council of Light: The Thrill

sananda image eraoflightdotcomWe are of the Sananda Council of Light. Many of you walk stagnantly through your life doing what you needs to be done, saying what needs to be said, all without attachment. It is all so mundane, as if you’re reading from a script not allowing yourself to become fully part of life. You feel less buoyant and denser. Everyday you collect more stress and confusion allowing it to gather in the body anchoring you like a rusty weight from a freighter that has been sunk.

You blindly walk through the passageways of your life entering each door, and each situation with little to no expectations. ‘The thrill is gone’ and all of life shows the stress lines. How much of your day is bringing you any joy or laughter? Even those that your heart belongs to, do not bring you the joy that you once knew. You feel null and void of energy and purpose. You can blame life, or them or you can take credit for that yourself. As a child you were told you must grow up and be responsible for your actions, your words, and your bills. Taking that responsibility to heart you have been stifled, choking on what you are supposed to be, gasping for air.

Many of you sit on the merry go round of past injustices changing horses but never getting off. You walk slowly through the labyrinth of your mind trying to figure out why someone said this, why someone did that. For too long, humanity has sat licking the wounds of the past. Not allowing that area of hurt to ever be healed. The human soul is starving for nourishment.

The neuro pathways of your brain have many cul-de-sacs dead-ends and new streets. When you have an intuitive thought, electrical impulses are released in your brain. A passion runs through your body Adrenaline spurts in the blood and you feel alive. Usually passions are short lived. Sometimes it is you that aborts the passion other times it is just one word from another that stops you dead in your tracks. Your spirits are dampened, the passion is extinguished, the lights go out, and you give up on what once brought you joy and a reason to live.

How many times have you given up on an idea, an invention, a new home, a new friend, because you aborted it before it could be birthed? Your brain has a file cabinet of disappointments. You keep a photocopied molecular file of these same disappointments in your heart. Everything and everyone that ever disappointed or hurt you is kept spinning around and around in the neural synapses of the brain and the heart. You base your future experiences on these disappointments.

Imagine a very old machine that has sat there and never been used. Then one day someone decides to use it. The machine sputters and chokes on this new electrical connection not knowing what it is to do. Your brain is now receiving new electrical connections and input in order to activate it into firing up sections of the inner environment that have been dormant for eons of time.

Each day instead of thinking about what you did not achieve, think about what you did achieve. You succeeded in waking this day, many did not. You succeeded in going to work and many do not have a job. You succeeded in driving to work; many had to take the bus. You succeed on many levels throughout the day but you do not see that success as important. You reference the places that you have failed, the places where you were disappointed. Your future is based on a ‘labyrinth of failures’ and disappointments. Each failure is an opportunity to shift the future into a place you desire to be.

Each and everyday remind others about their success instead of their failures. As this re-patterning of the brain is occurring, a doorway within your crown is making itself available to higher levels of light. There will be an issuance of new light beings, masters, angels, and guides. They come forth to give you a lift into the next level of your light contract and instructs that lives within your heart.

Each of you tends to sabotage yourself. It is this continual sabotaging that keeps you less than and running in circles of difficulty. When you feel like destroying something that you have worked on or worked for or worked toward –that is a sign that there is a need to press harder, to do more, to go past previous boundaries. It also represents that you are at the edge of succeeding. The edge of succeeding is booby-trapped. At the very edge of succeeding and success, there is an ‘initiation via potential sabotage’. You watch yourself do this and you wonder what is wrong with me? Why do I try to sabotage success? Many times the human being does not want to succeed. Many are comfortable in succeeding a little bit, but not totally.

We the Sananda Council have come to explain that it is important that you walk in peace in all of your actions and re-actions. You all come from the body of Earth. Your flesh is from her flesh. You process what she processes. That is part of your journey. When you make peace within self, when you feed your own starving child, – then your world receives the same blessing. You must fight your own war and achieve internal peace inside. Then and only then have done your part.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –

5 Replies to “Sananda Council of Light: The Thrill”

  1. flazak

    I think he is saying we should live in the moment, instead we get stuck in the past and worry about the future and letting that past/future ruin the moment. I have had this trouble and still have this trouble, you need to figure a way out of it. The best way out is meditation and exercise, anything to get you to live in the moment and de-stress and then perhaps you can begin to live again like a child who lives only in the moment without a care in the world.

  2. Daedalus

    The resolution of humanity’s problems isnt a one way road …

    Its two ways , two roads that unite . One is a mental and emotional liberation , the other is technological ( “outer” liberation ) . Both roads go in same point of reunion , the point of the Event , with same speed paralelly – one cannot go faster than the other …

    So , its easy to point out the finger to humanity for its mistakes and loops ( which is only , truthfully , a part of the experience ) , but it is also understandable what needs to be done .

    The mental and emotional liberation is already underway and visible to many ( and felt to many within , yes ) . The technological , however … its visible to smaller extent , but not yet on their lives . Millions are with drone mentality , mentality of greed and highly dependent on current systems . Yet – theyre not happy ( vast vast majority arent ) because their life is a continous loop as their mental and physical state deteriorates under stress .

    NOW , thats the situation you need to ask about … thats the road that needs to catch up with the mental and emotional liberation . Because , with financial reset and lesser pressure upon the populations , with more and more free time for themselves and others … the humanity will change rapidly . Mentalities of those who are greedy wont be capable to go further than this old system … but mentalities of those who are ready , are eagerly awaiting this moment when their lives will stop being a pointless chore .

    For this to happen , we need responsibility , and responsibility brings advanced technologies , and advanced technologies bring self-sufficiency .

    I have a feeling were not far at all anymore from technological disclosure – the maturing of mentality of many was awaited , so they could join in and contribute with their work and effort . Wouldnt you rather work for 2-3 years intensely with passion and clear insight and vision , knowing that you will have far easier life afterwards , and your children’s future will be secured and safe … than working like a drone for 30-40 years non-stop , and while your body deteriorates from stress – many not even making up to their pension ?

    1. Doodie Cee

      I agree, Maureen. Not very helpful for anyone. We need ways to deal with our issues, not be criticized for them.
      Blessed be.