Love’s Beginning: Return To Innocence

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomEgo always lies, and ego leads inexorably toward experiencing death as a reality. Remember this handy tip. When you feel something is amiss, when you feel anything other than the deep peace of joy, you are believing a lie. The feeling you are feeling is an indicator, a warning, that you are believing a lie from ego. Waking up is about finding your willingness to have all lies swept away so you can finally see what is Real.

You might want to remember that you can’t die, and that you are not a body. Ego depends on your belief that you are a body headed for death. Imagine these lies you have been believing surfacing in your mind, being swept away. Imagine the light of clarity dawning. Feel the deep peace and joy there, beyond all concept or separate identity.

What you are is life itself, and if you are life itself, so is everyone else. Life itself cannot be anything other than innocent. It is impossible to be anything other than innocent, and this goes for everyone. Whenever you perceive guilt or wrongdoing, you are caught up in the dream you have been dreaming in order to avoid Love. You have the power, always, to see the innocence alive in all, to see that spark of light at the heart of everyone and allow it to expand. In doing this for those you call other, you do this for yourself. You look past all lies and illusions and return to your own innocence. See them truly so you can see your Self.

If you believe one among you is not innocent, it means that you believe you are not innocent. What you see in others is always reflecting back what you believe about your separate self but are afraid to see. This is why you think thoughts that result in your seeing the things you deem as undesirable outside of yourself. Innocence is not a label we give to those who are good enough. Innocence is shared, always, and you are here to see innocence in all.

Bask in the innocence of life itself, prior to any dream, prior to any plot. Bask in the innocence you are, the innocence they are, prior to any concept or event, and invite them back into the eternal joy that has always been theirs. What you do for others, you do for yourself. It can never be any other way, since there is only one of us.

We abide with you because there is no other place to be, and we remain in joy because you are joy itself.

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