Andromeda Council: Eye of the Storm

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomIn milieu of astonishing phenomena occurring globally in your world the disinformation flowing freely in various channels of communication have established a rapport of causing ill effects of such transmissions. And so, in milieu of various global upheavals which your ethers are filling with as we speak, we ask you to stay centered and see the grand scheme of things.

Stay centered in the NOW moment of your reality bypassing the misinformation, which is being spread in your ethers for all to remain in the three dimensional reality structure which is breaking rapidly as we speak.

For in truth the information that is flowing freely through all the channelers stationed in your ethers is of such nature as to adhere to the true principles of BEing, and in so doing, the information that is being presented to you through your media shall have no effect on the outcome of that which has indeed been predestined eons into the past.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds, is that the time to remain in balance, the time to put on your “2020 vision glasses” as you say, and see things for that which they are has arrived, and the time to “read between the lines” as you say is indeed here in the NOW.

And so it is imperative for you to listen to the guidance that you are receiving and stay in the zone, in your own zone, stay in the center of it all, stay in the “eye of the storm” as you say, and move through this time period with the storm by staying in its center, by staying centered, by being in the NOW.

Keeping your vibrations high is of utter importance, and removing the energetic signatures that are being enforced upon you by those who try to keep your world trapped in the veil of forgetfulness is necessary, for in truth the power that you have within you can transform this world into the heaven that you seek to experience, the power is within you, the power to envision your reality as you wish to see it without being influenced by the external factors being imposed upon you through various fear tactics that have prevailed in your ethers for a very long time.

Many messages have we sent through all the various channelers in your world, many message which are all calling you to one thing and one thing only and that is to look deep within and to remain in balance, remain in the zero point of creation, remain still, and observe all that occurs in your world, observe without engaging into anything that is not of the highest good of all involved.

For by your engagement in the various “political schemes” as you say you begin to lose your own powers, for you give your energies away to those who wish to absorb them into the masses to upkeep the veil of forgetfulness.

Yet, that is not to be, for the increasing tenderness from within each stationed therein, shall break through the veil for all to partake of the deeper truth of all that is. For indeed, no matter the hurdles that lay ahead for all of humanity, the truth, benevolence and might shall persevere and a new reality shall indeed blossom in your ethers in due time, and yet for all to go as smoothly and as diligently and as fastly as possible, we ask you to remain in balance, mind not the information that is triggering various negativity to arise within you, mind not that which you see in your news for all that you see is but the fear tactics and fear based programming which is so very necessary to  keep all locked down and buried underneath false layers of misinformation.

For in “keeping your eyes on the prize” so to speak, we ask you to step into you powers to step into your divinity and allow your vehicles of time and space to experience true bliss, and so and thus, we ask you to stop indulging in the negative news readings, we ask you to stop listening to your nearest and dearest who communicate to you all the seeming disasters that are happening in the world, and tune into your very own channels of communication with the divine and see the truth of any given situation, look deeper than the headline that you see in your news, use your power and conjure up the energies necessary in order to break through the coded message and see what really is being said to you, are you being influenced to act in a way that shall prove harmful to you? Are you being asked to give your power to that which shall not be of highest good for all involved? If the answer is yes, then you should move away from said information, release it into the light and return to balance.

Act from your heart, listen to your own divine voice, to your own voice of divine truth, and you shall be able to maneuver through the coming of times with ease and benevolence, ease and peace, peace and harmony, harmony and light, light and love, understanding and surrender to the divinity that is YOU.

Heed our words with care and might, call upon your very own higher selves and remain in balance, intuitively knowing that all is well, all is well beloved masters of the heavenly abodes, for with your thoughts you create your realities, with your energies you can break the veil of forgetfulness, with your energies you an create that which you wish to experience, put your energies into positivity and shine your beautiful light for all to see.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

» Source » Channel: Anna Merkaba