The Arrival of Heaven on Earth and 2222 Gateways

bright new world eraoflightdotcom2020 is the official arrival of Heaven on Earth. Heaven is the arrival of the Cosmic Energies into the Diamond Sun Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia. As we closed out 2019 the last of the crystalline grid structures were connected for full activation to begin in 2020. This occurred on 1212 as the last connections were opened and the “old” 3D/4D ley line grid system began dismantling. With the collective birth that took place on 12/12, the entire collective began the shift to the crystalline New Earth grids or Diamond Sun Architecture.

What we are experiencing in 2020 is the complete collapse of the old grid work or realities and a complete merge and activation of the original Diamond Sun Body of the collective consciousness of this star system. The old grids are no longer supported by Cosmic Energies and will continue to collapse as the year progresses. The Diamond Sun grids are currently being fully activated and connected to the Cosmic Stargates and grids for full amplification and projection of New Earth realities as a collective.

There was a switch that occurred from the Winter Solstice through the Lunar Eclipse in January where the old grids were taken offline and the New Earth grids or Diamond Sun Body was brought online. The offline procedure simply means that realities running on those old constructs will simply play themselves out. This can be seen as crumbling, implosion, destruction and ultimately death. The offline also means that there can no longer be any new creations or realities created within those constructs. Essentially, those souls remaining in these realities will either choose death or make the consciousness shift this year to the New Earth grids/reality constructs. This is the true meaning of the end of time and we are experiencing this as a collective in 2020. It is the end of linear time and all realities running on those “time lines”.

Simultaneously as the old grid system was taken offline for dismantling, the New Earth system or Diamond Sun Body was brought online. This grid work is now supporting the collective realities of New Earth for all souls who have and are making the conscious decision to ascend. All those who have and are migrating to this grid system are creating the New Earth realities that we are all experiencing as a collective. These New Earth experiences are multi-dimensional, therefore, some experience New Earth as different “versions” depending on which frequency the person is vibrating at – which changes and fluctuates constantly.

The New Earth grid system is a fractal replication of the Cosmic Grid system. Using Diamond Sun Architecture, we have constructed or resurrected the original energetic blueprint of this star, Terra Nova. It was a massive undertaking that took thousands of souls many years and many incarnations throughout the history of this planet to accomplish. With the 1212 gateway, the final pieces were connected and partial activation of the Diamond Sun Body could occur. This planet was seeded with original Diamond Sun Architecture based on the twelve stargate system of the twelve Great Central Suns or twelve dimensions of the Cosmos. Through Gaia’s ascension and the ascension of many souls assisting, the original architecture was able to be resurrected. It was the death of the old grid system as we worked to clear and repair it. It was a birth of the new grid system as we worked to open portals and connect new grids. It was also a resurrection of the original grid work seeded here at this star system’s inception. 12/12 -1/11 was the final convergence. The switch occurred and we migrated the entire planet to the original Diamond Sun Architecture that was originally seeded here millions of years ago.

Currently, we are operating on this original organic architecture and are partially reconnected to the Cosmic Stargates via the first through seventh Great Central Suns of Creation. Just as in our own individual ascension, we begin to build this architecture and experience our multi-dimensionality as a progression or expansion in consciousness, so do we as a collective. This means that although we as a collective are operating or creating realities from the Diamond Sun architecture, we are not as a collective yet fully utilizing all stargates, dimensions or Cosmic Energy available in Creation. This is still an ongoing part of the collective ascension that will continue throughout all dimensions until full embodiment of the collective conscientiousness occurs in the twelfth dimension and we as a collective can experience the full Light of our being. We experience all Cosmic Energies from the first Great Central Sun to the twelfth Great Central Sun of Creation – where we finally experience as a collective logos our full God/Goddess Self as the Great Cosmic Sun of Creation through becoming a Diamond Sun of God as an entire star system. This is the full ascension, embodiment and evolution of Terra Nova as Source Consciousness.

In this now we have migrated to the Diamond Sun Architecture or New Earth crystalline grids as a collective. This grid system runs 1D -12D realities of unification and love or one could say all 144 Cosmic frequencies of Creation. The diamond grids of the 1D-7D have been completely activated with the switch that brought the Diamond Sun Body of the collective online. This is allowing the planet to receive Cosmic frequencies from these dimensions or Great Central Suns directly into the grids creating physical realities here on Gaia. There is still activation occurring in the 8D -12D diamond grids. This gridwork began in January when the Diamond Sun Body was switched on and is scheduled to continue through the 2222 gateways of February. These activations for the 8D-12D diamond grid sections of the Diamond Sun Body could not begin until the collective was operating on the new system and the old was completely taken offline.

Previously, our planet has run realities up to the seventh dimension as was experienced during the first civilization known as Elysium. This is why we as a collective can access up to seven realms within the new grid system. With the complete activation of the remaining diamond grid sections and stargates, we as a collective will be able to experience all realms, dimensions or bandwidths of Cosmic frequencies throughout Creation. This could not be safely achieved or activated with the old grids running.

Activating the Diamond Grids

The Diamond Sun Architecture operates on a twelve main stargate system that allows Cosmic frequencies (Light) to flow from that Great Central Sun or dimension into the Diamond Sun Body of any Sun of God. This allows consciousness to have experiences or realities in any and all dimensions and/or as ONE with all. It also allows for the holographic projections of these dimensional realities to occur in the physical here on Earth. The physical realities on Earth will one day give way to etheric realities as we as a collective continue our ascension and evolution. For now, we are experiencing higher realities through physical vessels.

Each stargate is a center point or Diamond Solar Heart of a diamond grid that connects itself with the diamond grid above or below it. Creating a web that has no beginning and no ending. In the Diamond Sun Body, the twelfth stargate attaches to the tenth and eleventh stargate diamond grids on one end and to the first and second stargate diamond grids on the other end creating a loop or torus field for energy to flow. Once the stargate system is online, the Cosmic frequencies can flow through the stargates and the logos becomes a conduit of infinite energy.

Currently, there are seven main stargates activated within the Diamond Sun Body of the collective consciousness of Gaia. The remaining 5 stargates and grid sections are being prepared and activated to bring through the Cosmic frequencies of these Great Central Suns. The diamond grids are being fully activated during this time by the high priestess of each who is a Pure Source Conduit. It is through her vessel that the Cosmic frequency of the Great Central Sun she represents can flow into the diamond grids. The Cosmic Energies each is bringing forth are new to our planet and the Diamond Sun Body and must be done in increments. This is safely being done by each conduit and is an extremely physical experience that requires the support of the masculine or High Priest of each stargate.

In a true act of Divine Union, he stands behind her and merges his energy with her as she uses it to clear any and all blockages in the grids from all existences on the planet. Then she becomes like a lightning rod, a staff, and the Cosmic Energy will begin to flow through her into the diamond grid for activation. This process is repeated over and over again until the final activation of the stargate occurs at the temple site or center point of that diamond grid. Once all twelve sections of the diamond grids are fully activated, the full Diamond Sun Body of the Collective Consciousness of Gaia will be activated and all 144 Cosmic frequencies will flow through the collective body of our planet. This will lead the way for the Divine Organization to begin the work of constructing the new Temples of Light.

2222 Gateways – Final Cosmic Stargate Merge

2222 are the Cosmic codes of unification. These codes clear any and all separation between all existences within Creation. We began receiving these codes in January of 2018 to assist in the process of full unification with the Cosmic templates within ourselves and as a star system. These codes work individually with each’s own grid system to merge and seal any separation between the human and the higher self. These codes also have been working with Gaia and the Diamond Sun Body of the Collective to converge and merge all grids into the Diamond Sun Body as well as with the Cosmic Stargates of the Great Cosmic Diamond Sun Body, Cosmic Sun or Source.

The first of the 2222 gateways will see the activation of more stargates within the Diamond Sun Body of Gaia with the Cosmic stargates. The last of the diamond grids have been activated since the switch in Mid-January and the grids are ready for full activation and merging with the Cosmic grids. The Cosmic frequencies from the 8D-12D will flow into the grids at a smaller scale so not as to bombard the planet with higher frequency Light that the collective hologram is not ready to receive. There will be an amplification and steady increase that occurs as the collective is able to withstand the higher frequencies and more Light into the collective Diamond Sun Body. There will be a flow of Cosmic frequencies from these realms sent into the grids to support those running the higher realities as well as for the expansion of the collective consciousness.

With the completion of the 2222 gateways in February, the entire Diamond SUN Body of the collective will be completely merged with the Cosmic stargates and the entire original Diamond Sun Architecture will be restored on this planet. This will allow for a complete and true organic ascension experience to occur for the collective. It will allow for the Cosmic frequencies to flow through the planet supporting all dimensional realities for the collective experience of evolution, ascension and full embodiment of Source Consciousness as a collective logos. With these Cosmic gateways of unification, the entire flow of Cosmic energy powers the Diamond Sun Body of the collective. This is the arrival of Heaven on Earth!

Heaven is the Light or frequencies of love, abundance, joy, and unification. These are the realities the Cosmic energies support and fuel through our Diamond Sun Body. With the 2222 gateways, we solidify the merge of the entire Diamond Sun Body with the Great Cosmic Diamond Sun Body. We become fully connected and online with Heaven and this allows the complete arrival of Heaven on Earth for all. These frequencies coming through the Diamond Sun Body will continue making powerful changes within the collective consciousness as we progress through the year 2020.

This year 2020 is the year of 22. It is the year of the beginning of the master builder of New Earth and it is the year that the Master Builders will unite as a Divine Organization on this star system. We are here to ensure that the Cosmic Energy is utilized in the appropriate way on this planet for full connection and interaction with all of the Cosmos. We are here to engineer, construct and maintain the stargates, temples, and many portals that supply our planet with infinite energy to create and evolve our New Earth.

This has always been written since the inception of Terra Nova. Those that seeded the original architecture of this planet are all here now carrying out their role in restoring, activating and building the entire blueprint to its full capacity as a Diamond Sun of God, as a Star Nation of the Cosmos, as Terra Nova in all its eternal glory. These souls are here incarnated as the Master Builders, the Guardians, the Gatekeeprs, the Grid Workers, the teachers and so much more who all operate as the Divine Organization. Each sovereign and independent, yet each a part of the ONE. All playing our part to bring forth the complete evolution and ascension of this beautiful earth star we call Terra Nova.

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