22 Replies to “No More Writing”

  1. EraOfLight Post author

    Greetings and gratitude to all of you for your support and uplifting messages.

  2. divsy

    Dear KejRaj,
    As the winds/storms of this journey take a toll on us, remember that we are always protected by the forces of Light as they reiterate our volunteer status.
    In oneness and love from heart to heart we stay connected/committed.
    Blessings .

  3. Finn

    Dear KejRaj, you’re indeed far from the only one exposed to the current fatigue; here is just one other (important) example :

    https://www.veritasgalacticsweden.net/ :

    “Blog Break 25th January 2020 – I really need a break! For once in my life there will be no explanations!
    I am taking a break and will be back to share with you again around February 17th
    Take care of yourself well ~ that’s what I will be doing”.

    Indeed; take good care of yourself now; and please resume your good work whenever appropriate. – The world is in deep need of Lightwarriors like yourself. – Best wishes to you, and to Everyone; from over here in Norway.

  4. Liz

    So sorry to hear you have decided to stop writing for now but I
    Think I know how you feel. The energies at the moment are so
    strong and I feel very down and struggling to lift my energies.
    Sometimes we just have to stop and let it all go on regardless.
    All will be well. In love and Light 🕊🌟✨

  5. Mark

    Totally get it….I have had to stop, or move on or do whatever I needed to do for myself….And it’s even OK if you never do this again. It has been an immense help to many of us. Thank You so much for your time, your efforts and your light and love. Be well, be at peace…and most of all ‘Just Be You’ !

  6. Emily

    Sending lotsenlotsa Xs & Os, dearest Kejraj….
    You are sooo very loved! We will miss you dearly, but what is MOST important is for you to REST UP. . . Praying that you’re not ill (just tired)…. Hydrate and rest, as you have often told us. Come back soon!
    ~ 😘🙏🏼 ❤️☮️🖱

  7. Beth

    Rest Dear Heart Rest, Relax, Recharge! WE have got your back. No worries!
    Peace Be With You! xo

  8. Eduardo Marbella

    We’re going to miss you…. until you’re able. When people aren’t ready to accept realities of who you are, they will bombarded you with all negative thought and feeling. My loving thought of protection be with you.

  9. patriciaeckton

    Dear Kejraj…Sending you healing and comforting love and strengthening light energies✨💚🙏🏼💚✨ The energies coming in are draining. I’m feeling it big time too. Please nurture yourself and hope you will be back stronger than ever. I share your heartfelt postings on FB and they are truly loved by so many. I want you to know you are loved by myself and so many other souls that you touch with your generous and loving spirit. Thank you and take loving care of yourself✨💕✨

  10. Scott Hilsen

    Not sure what happened, but know that you have our love, gratitude and support. Scott

  11. Doug James

    Love and Light! Your updates are amazing please resume as soon as you can KejRaj!! Take care brother

  12. gswan

    Aww, such nice comments to K ! I agree with and express the same, and, K, call upon that Galactic DNA in you -you have that to support you and our Divine care. G, California

  13. Deborah Pina

    When things become too much, repeat this high vibration mantra as many times as you like. I AM THE LIGHT, I AM THE LOVE, I AM! It will lift your vibration and you will feel better. Also, extreme self care, rest, relax, sleep more, slow down…..be very gentle with yourself. Drink EXTRA pure clean water, eat light and smile to raise vibration also. These Energies are causing accelerated dehydration. Will miss you a lot.

  14. Michael

    Take care, stay in the light, live in the NOW and Thank You for everything that you do!
    Love sent to You and all.

  15. Diana

    Our loss!

    You might Want to consider supplementing with nascent iodine and magnesium chloride oil. Body is most likely deficient In these minerals.

    Take care and be well always…